Tea Tree Oil for Teeth Whitening

tea tree oil The principle of teeth whitening with tea tree oil is not entirely understandable. It does not include abrasive substances that remove plaque. Components that dissolve mineralized formations are also absent.

However, tea tree oil is often used in dentistry. However, not always for the purpose of bleaching. This compound has a pronounced antifungal effect. Antiseptic properties of tea tree oil allow using it for oral cavity treatment.

The bactericidal and anesthetic effect of the drug has been noted. With the help of tea tree oil, inflammatory diseases of the gums are treated. The composition also has the following properties:

  • Staphylococcus aureus is decongestant;
  • antivirus;
  • is an anti-inflammatory;
  • cleansing;
  • wound healing.

A set of useful properties of tea tree oil makes this product unique and especially valuable in dentistry. But how does this composition work on dental deposits? The effectiveness of essential oil in the treatment of caries, gingivitis, various infections of the oral cavi

ty is proved. Eliminating the root cause of plaque formation, it is possible to clean the oral cavity qualitatively and return the natural shade to the enamel.


  • How to perform the procedure of teeth whitening?
  • Features of the procedure
  • Side effects and contraindications
  • Reviews on the use of

oil How to perform the procedure of teeth whitening?

tea tree oil whitening One of the simplest ways is to use a composition with tea tree oil instead of toothpaste. The procedure for cleaning teeth is no different from the usual daily cleansing. In addition to the fact that the essential oil has a beneficial effect on the oral cavity, it also disinfects the toothbrush, which is not always possible with conventional washing under running water. Despite the benefit of the method, it is not recommended to use it more than 2 times a month.

More gentle, but less effective way can be called gargles with the addition of essential oil. A glass of water requires 5-6 drops. Rinses can be carried out daily, but enough will resort to similar procedures 2-3 times a week.

aloe To strengthen the gums and clarify the tooth enamel use a mixture of essential oil and aloe juice. For 1 teaspoon of juice take 2 drops of oil. The resulting composition is rubbed into the gums. This procedure will be useful for pustules in the mouth, inflammatory diseases of the gums, nicotine darkening of the teeth.

For teeth whitening, a composition consisting of tea tree oil, lemon and / or orange oil is also used. The resulting mixture is cleaned teeth in the usual way. This composition is quite aggressive and is not recommended for use more than once a week. And after a month of using a mixture of oils, you need to take a break.

Features of the procedure

With the use of essential oil of tea tree, there is a slight loss of sensitivity, which is related to the anesthetic effect of the composition. Numbness usually passes quickly, and with subsequent procedures becomes less pronounced.

teeth cleaning Using tea tree oil eliminates the need for refreshing elixirs. The composition qualitatively cleans the oral cavity and eliminates the unpleasant odor.

Use tea tree oil instead of toothpaste after pre-cleaning your teeth. Only in this way will it be possible to achieve the maximum whitening effect. After the procedure, the mouth must be rinsed.

It is advisable to take food before bleaching. First, it will allow the components of the oil to continue its work after the procedure. Secondly, a sharp smell and a specific taste of the composition in combination with an anesthetic effect will change the taste perception and make the usual meal less pleasant.

If the sensitivity of the gums is high, you should avoid brushing your teeth with essential oil. You can just rinse or use a cotton swab instead of a brush, which should be carefully treated with the tooth surface, without affecting the gum.

Side effects and contraindications

Tea tree oil is a powerful allergen. Before using it for treatment, it is necessary to completely exclude allergic reactions, which can be accompanied by suffocation or asthmatic attacks.

pregnancy Pregnancy and lactation period, as well as age under 16 years are contraindications to the use of tea tree oil. Caution should be given to procedures with high gum sensitivity. The drug may cause irritation and bleeding.

Despite its high utility and relative safety, the oil composition is quite aggressive. The abuse of cleaning with tea tree oil can lead to thinning of the enamel.

Treatment procedures using tea tree oil are contraindicated for those who have suffered a craniocerebral injury. Use this composition can only be agreed with the doctor and only in case of emergency.

Make sure that the oil does not get inside. In case of ingestion, severe poisoning symptoms may occur, requiring detoxification therapy.

Reviews for the use of

oil Tea tree oil is well known as a tooth whitening agent. People who tested this tool note that the result is fairly stable with that which manifests itself quickly. In addition, this method is safer and cheaper than many existing dental methods.

I use the 100% -component of the tested series. The result is seen literally from the first application. To achieve maximum effect, I use oil for cleaning teeth with a frequency of 3 times a week. I repeat the procedures for a month. Two courses a year are enough for me to support the result and enjoy a beautiful smile.

Alena, Lipetsk

Unlike well-known methods of teeth whitening, rinsing with essential oil of tea tree is safe and pleasant. The variant with a rinse has liked me that after the procedure there is no sharp aftertaste in a mouth, and sensitivity is not broken. I use the rinse solution daily instead of a tooth elixir. Advantages of using essential oil: an unpleasant odor from the mouth disappears, much less plaque is deposited, teeth become lighter. True, it was not immediately possible to see the result. Significant changes appeared only after a month of using the composition.

Lily, Kerch

After two weeks of using tea tree oil, which she cleaned her teeth in the morning, she found that her teeth reacted to everything: cold, hot, sour, sweet. As it turned out, I just spoiled the enamel. I do not advise you to use this medication without consulting a doctor.

Svetlana, Izhevsk