What is best used for teeth whitening: means and methods

dentifrice White teeth are an advertising move of pasta producers. The teeth are naturally yellowish, so the bright white color of the teeth is not an indication of their health.

There are many causes of yellowness of the teeth. Of course, in the first place it is necessary to say about the harmful habit of drinking coffee, strong tea, and also use various soda, especially if they have dyes in their composition.

The surface of the teeth is not perfectly smooth, but has a certain texture. When a person drinks carbonated drinks, the enamel becomes porous like a sponge, you can even feel it if you just scratch it with your teeth. It is because of this porosity that the teeth fall into the substances that destroy them and form tartar.

Also the causes of yellowness of the teeth are smoking, improper lifestyle, poor or improper oral hygiene, even banal eating. Therefore, whiten your teeth, limiting yourself to something very difficult, you can only slow down the formation of yellow plaque.


  • What to do, how to be?
  • Home use White light
    • Pros and cons of using
  • Whitening tooth powder - echo of the 90s
  • Strips 3d white whitestrips
    • How to use
  • System Opalescence
  • Using folk remedies

What to do, how to be?

And yet, what if you want a snow-white smile? In the world now is full of means, goods and services that will help whiten your teeth, starting from expensive in special salons, ending with home remedies for fifty rubles.

Similar they are all in one - they can not be used all the time. If you bleach your teeth too often, there is a risk of losing them.

It's like a solarium, just for teeth. Artificial sunburn is not natural and for such daily torture the skin will take revenge by dryness, wrinkles, pimples, dermatitis and this at best.

For teeth, whitening is not natural, teeth are naturally yellowish, so this procedure does not do them good, it gradually destroys enamel. professional teeth cleaning

Therefore, if the dentist says that whitening your teeth is safe and even beneficial, know that you just want to earn as much money as you can.

The only whitening( if one can call it that) is professional cleaning at the dentist, it will not make the teeth perfectly white, but can brighten them for a couple of shades. This procedure is aimed at the health of the teeth, rather than on their aesthetic state.

So, if you still decided to whiten your teeth and the gradual destruction of the enamel does not scare, then the question arises, what are the means and ways to do it.

The top most popular bleaching methods are suggested below.

Homemade White Light

Teeth Whitener White light is a set consisting of two gels and a special light device. Invented in the US, the manufacturer is usually China. It is not so expensive, if you buy in Russia it is about 500 rubles, if you order on aliexpress, then $ 3.

The scheme is simple: brush your teeth, pour gels on the cap( light device), thrust into your mouth, bite two teeth, press the button on the device, wait 10 minutes and take it out. It works like this: the substance in the gel penetrates the smallest cracks in the teeth, fills the entire structure, and then destroys the plaque.

Pros and cons of using

White light Teeth whitening kit White light in 80 cases out of 100 makes teeth three times whiter, it looks natural and attractive. This method does not require a lot of money and time, you do not have to go anywhere.

Do not bleach more than once a week( although in severely neglected cases you need to conduct several procedures in a row).

Judging by the opinions of patients who used White light to whiten teeth, the system also has the reverse side of the medal:

  1. From the use of this system, the teeth become sensitive to , the gums are also damaged.
  2. It is very difficult to sit with the device in your mouth for 10 minutes so that saliva does not get there( otherwise there will be no effect).
  3. Taste minty , some people like it, but if there is dislike for mint, it will be hard.
  4. Also, gels themselves should not get on the skin of , as they can cause irritation, itching, and can also bleach the skin.
  5. In addition, does not help all .Some people did not see the changes at all and were disappointed. But you need to rejoice, and not upset, it just means that the teeth are not running, and there is no dental stone on them.
  6. Also after use, the teeth and gums of can hurt, but it takes place during the day.

Testimonial of the girl who experienced the system's action in practice:

Whitening tooth powder - echo of the 90's

Speaking of tooth powder, one immediately remembers the 90's. Immediately there are doubts about the quality of such a means of teeth whitening, but these are all prejudices.

Earlier, tooth powders were added with chalk, and this affected the enamel badly. Now clay, tuff, minerals are added to the tooth powder.

The main difference between tooth powder and paste is its structure. Due to the friable state, the powder cleans teeth from plaque, stones, and helps to fight caries.

But you need to use it carefully, so as not to damage the enamel: not more than twice a week.

Strips 3d white whitestrips

3d white whitestrips are whitening strips, which contain hydrogen peroxide - a whitening component. The price is from 3000 to 7000 in Moscow, on aliexpress an average of $ 19.The system is not difficult to use, but for a long time, since the process lasts 10 days for 30 minutes.

How to use

Unclip the strips from the protective film, place them on the teeth( on the inner and outer sides), with nails, correct so that all spaces between the teeth are sealed. When the procedure is complete, simply remove the streaks from the teeth.

Do not use 3d white whitestrips professional effects immediately after brushing or after eating. You need to brush your teeth, do not eat anything and apply strips in an hour.

During 10 days you can not eat or drink anything coloring( tea, coffee, soda, etc.).Also, you can not use this kind of bleaching for pregnant or lactating women, children under 16, and those who wear braces.

This bleaching is most suitable for people with sensitive teeth.

Of course, it can not be said that 3d white whitestrips does not harm tooth enamel at all, but unlike many other whitening systems does it to the least extent. Teeth become whiter 2-3 tone. Disadvantages can be called the fact that during the procedure, many feel a strong burning of the gums, but this can be avoided by carefully sticking the strip. Also during the process itself you can not eat, drink, talk much. Stripes should never be swallowed .

Opalescence System

Opalescence teeth whitening is considered the most gentle of all lightening systems. The system consists of gels( they are in special syringes, thanks to which it is convenient to apply the gel on the kappa), toothpaste, case and sometimes a container for kappas.

This bleaching method is difficult to carry out completely independently. Gels should be filled with a special form( drop by drop) and stay on the teeth for 8 hours.

Opalescence System

Before use, consult a dentist.

The fact that it is impossible to buy a ready-made kappa, which would be completely suitable for your teeth. To do this, you need to go to a doctor who will take a cast of your teeth and make an individual silicone mold.

Opalescence makes the teeth sensitive for a very long time( if not for life), so you will need to use the means for sensitive teeth. However, the teeth are no longer the same color as they were before, they can only darken a little, no more.

Whitening should be done for about a month, depending on the condition of the teeth. It also depends on which gel to take( 10%, 15%, 20%, 35%).

You should also pay attention to the fact that the teeth do not acquire unnatural whiteness, so all fans of bright white teeth this system is not suitable.

Doctors recommend to pay attention that during the procedure of Opalescence teeth can very much whine, headache, gums, it all passes after completion. The whitening itself costs about $ 200.

Use of folk remedies

This type of whitening is not as effective as whitening with a dentist or with the help of a pharmacy. However, it's possible to whiten a half tone tone, especially if there is little or no time to spend money on expensive procedures.

Use such recipes for home whitening:

  1. Bleaching soda with lemon .Soda is the universal bleach of everything. Of course, you need to use baking soda for teeth whitening. All you need is to mix the soda with the lemon juice( you can with water), apply the mixture on the toothbrush and brush your teeth for 3 minutes. You can mix the resulting gruel with toothpaste, but then the effect will be less noticeable. It should be said that the result is short-term, superficial, can cause allergy, destroys the tooth enamel, damages the gums. Of the positive facts - soda is working. So, if the teeth and gums are strong, this method is suitable.
  2. Coal .Ironically, black coal makes teeth whiter. In fact, this is not related to the chemical composition of the coal or its properties. Charcoal for teeth whitening When performing this procedure, you need to grind the coal( you can just crush it with a spoon, only gently, as it will fly in all directions), apply it to the brush and brush your teeth. Due to the fact that the coal consists of small solid particles, when cleaning his teeth, he physically scours off the plaque along with the enamel. Teeth become whiter, enamel becomes thinner. The effect is more durable than whitening with soda, but still passes. You can whiten your teeth in this way no more than once a week.
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide .You can whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide, only use a 3% solution, otherwise you can harm the entire oral cavity, not just the teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is part of most of the store's bleaching products. She can not only whiten her teeth, but also get rid of unwanted hair( for example, antennae).You can use the following method: take a cotton swab, pour a little peroxide on it, wipe the teeth. Repeat the procedure should be once a day. You can also rinse your mouth with this solution: a glass of water + a few drops of 3% peroxide. Teeth lighten a half ton, but the effect on the enamel will be minimal.

Before you bleach your teeth, you need to understand that this is not natural for your teeth, and always damages the enamel. But this effect may not be significant, especially if you approach bleaching with the mind.