Bleeding gums - what can I do at home?

bleed gums Most likely, many people have seen an unpleasant metallic taste in their mouths. He appears most often after brushing his teeth with a brush or with biting off solid food.

If you spit a bit of saliva at this point, then it will show an admixture of blood or it will turn out to be painted in scarlet color.

This fact is a clear signal that a person suffers from bleeding gums. Such a problem requires immediate action. In fact very soon it can essentially be aggravated and lead to more serious troubles.

For example, to weaken the gums and form the mobility of teeth with subsequent loss.

In addition, through the bleeding gums in the human body can freely penetrate a variety of bacteria and infections. Not to mention the emergence of a bright predisposition to dental diseases.


  • What causes bleeding?
  • What can I do at home?
    • Rinse aid
    • Gum for gums
  • Traditional medicine
  • Choose toothpaste, toothbrush and rinse aid
  • Recommended diet

What causes bleeding?

Treatment of almost any disease should begin with the identification and elimination of the underlying cause. Bleeding gums are no exception.

Factors provocateurs:

  1. The most common cause of bleeding gums is , an incorrect implementation of oral hygiene .This can be the use of an unsuitable toothbrush, insufficiently thorough or incorrect brushing of teeth, the use of toothpicks and the like.
  2. Formation of tartar .Without carrying out preventive measures over time, it grows and begins to separate the gum from the teeth, thereby causing bleeding.
  3. The lack of vitamins in the body .Undoubtedly, vitamin deficiency affects all human organs, without excluding gums;
  4. Incorrect installation of dental crowns and implants.
  5. Gum diseases : periodontitis, periodontitis, gingivitis and others.

There are other possible reasons for this problem. Identify the nature of such a disease only by the dentist.

About the causes of bleeding gums and the solution of the problem the dentist will tell:

What can be done at home?

Undoubtedly, for a severe form of the disease, treatment should only be prescribed by a specialist. But in the initial stages, with mild bleeding, you can try to strengthen the gums at home.

For the treatment at home, you can use rinses, both professional means and self-made decoctions. And also special gels for gums.

Rinse aid

Rinsing the oral cavity with clean water is usually included in the daily oral hygiene and is performed at least twice a day. But it is recommended to resort to it not only in the morning and in the evening while brushing your teeth, but every time after eating. How to rinse mouth properly If for these purposes to use not simple water, but special broths and solutions, then the procedure will acquire a curative character.

Rinse not only cleans the teeth of the remaining pieces of food, but also has a strengthening effect on the gums, reduces redness, irritation and pain.

For the treatment of bleeding gums, solutions available on a free sale in almost any pharmacy can be used. All of them are divided into anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

The first action is aimed at reducing inflammation of the gums, reducing swelling, redness and pain. These include the following:

  • Fresh dentifit;
  • Wood balm;
  • Alfix;
  • Perio-Aid, etc.

Oral rinse solution Miramistin The second ones are designed to prevent the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria and their destruction. And this prevents further deterioration and prevents a more severe course of the disease. Such means are:

  • Miramistin;
  • Chlorhexidine;
  • Korsodil;
  • Salvin;
  • Furacilin;
  • Iodinol, etc.

Unlike solutions designed to reduce inflammation, antiseptics should be applied to certain courses( from 10 days to a month).It is impossible to abuse them, as they destroy not only pathogenic bacteria, but also useful ones. And this breaks the normal microflora in the oral cavity.

Gums for gums

If bleeding is caused by an inflammatory or infectious gum disease, in this case, the use of special dental gels is recommended:

  • Helicol gel Dental;
  • Холисал;
  • Parodium;
  • Metrogil Denta et al.

If the problem arises from improper oral hygiene and the use of a toothbrush with a very stiff bristle, the prophylactic toothpastes

  • Wood balsam;
  • Lakalut;
  • Silk.

Traditional medicine

In the treatment of gingival hemorrhage, folk methods are widely used. On the effectiveness, they are almost inferior to special dentistry for rinsing.

But unlike them are completely natural, safe and can be used for quite a long time.

Traditional medicine recommends rinsing the oral cavity with decoctions or tinctures of medicinal plants. The list of them is quite wide, of the most common one can be called:

  • decoction chamomile;
  • sage;
  • calendula;
  • yarrow;
  • oak bark.

A decoction prepared from the oak bark is very popular in the treatment of bleeding.

This tool has an astringent effect, it can strengthen the gums and relieve bleeding.

To prepare a medicinal broth 1 tablespoon of bark, you need to pour 200 ml of boiling water. Then mass boil over low heat for 5-7 minutes. The resulting broth to infuse for 2-3 hours, drain. It should be used to rinse twice a day for at least 10-14 days( maybe longer).

Calendula Decoctions of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, calendula, sage, yarrow are manufactured using the same technology. A tablespoon of herbs should be filled with a glass( 200 ml) of hot water.

Cover the container and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. The received product needs to rinse the oral cavity as possible after each meal, but at least 2 times a day.

The choice of toothpaste, toothbrush and rinse aid

The most common cause of gum bleeding is improper cleaning of the teeth. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the means used in this.

In any pharmacy you can find specialized pastes aimed at strengthening the gums. Most of them contain extracts and extracts of medicinal herbs. They have a soothing and healing effect. There are means of import and domestic manufacturers:

  • Lakalut asset;
  • SPLAT Professional Active;
  • PresiDENT Active;
  • Parodontax Classic;
  • Wood balm.
Important point: inflammation and bleeding gums are contraindicated tooth whitening tooth whitening effect. They can only exacerbate the situation by increasing irritation.

prevention of gum disease If the gums bleed, then hard toothbrushes should be discarded. But using brushes with soft bristles is also not recommended, because they are not able to clean teeth and holes between them in the right degree.

It is better to get a medium-hard toothbrush. It will help to prevent trauma to soft tissues and copes well with the resulting bloom.

In combination with special toothpastes it is recommended to use mouth rinses based on medicinal herbs. They have an additional anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing effect.

Recommended Diet

With bleeding gums, the body needs to be saturated with missing vitamins and substances. You should carefully review your diet. Try to exclude harmful, fatty, spicy food. It is necessary to eat foods rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals.

diet food Important role in the strengthening process is played by phosphorus, they are very rich in leguminous plants. In addition, the body needs vitamins C, B, PP, E, K. And they are found in vegetables, fruits, various cereals, nuts, fish, lean meat.

Consuming vegetables, especially fresh, not only enriches the body with the necessary vitamins, but also provides additional stimulation of the gums and cleaning of the teeth.

All these methods of treatment are only able to alleviate the condition and reduce bleeding. But to identify the true cause of the problem is only a specialist.

Depending on the problem, the forecast will differ. With a lack of vitamins and gingivitis, complete recovery after the course of treatment is possible. If the cause is periodontitis or periodontitis, then it will not be possible to completely cure bleeding. You can only stabilize( slow down) the process.

Therefore, at the first opportunity, you need to visit the dentist to make a diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.