Bleeding gums: causes and methods of treatment

the gum bleeds Such a phenomenon as bleeding gums, in no case can not be ignored, in this case it is desirable to visit a specialist as soon as possible, which will help to correctly identify the causes of the pathological process and develop a treatment regimen.

Otherwise, the situation can quickly deteriorate, provoking not only a strong inflammation of the gums, but also a violation of the integrity of the dentition.

Contents of

  • The causes of the pathology of
  • The reasons for the pathology of
  • The treatment methods used
    • In the dental office
    • Therapy with medical products
  • Traditional medicine
    • Herbal decoctions
    • Other methods
    • Correcting food
  • Preventive measures

The main reason why the gum bleeds, experts consider insufficient oral hygienecavity, resulting in the formation of a soft plaque, containing inflammatory pathogenicmicroorganisms.

After a day, soft deposits become a firm tartar, which can only be removed by professional cleaning.

It is under the patina and there are fragile processes accompanied by fragile vessels in the gums, which manifests itself in the form of bleeding.

Other provoking factors can also be noted:

  • when the teeth are cleaned gums bleed when using the most rigid brush;when cleaning teeth gums bleed
  • the presence of concomitant diseases , - along with gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontitis and periodontitis, characterized by the localization of inflammation directly in the oral cavity, bleeding can occur in diabetes mellitus, SARS, hemophilia or blood cancer;
  • taking medications that dilute the blood of , for example, Aspirin;
  • unbalanced diet , lack of vitamins E, K, B, C, P in the body;
  • poor quality installation of crowns or dental implants ;
  • professional cleaning of teeth ( in this case, uncomfortable sensations pass after a couple of days).
In childhood, in addition to these factors, bleeding gums can also cause a common stomatitis among children, which often develops against a fungal or other infection.

Used methods of treatment

It is only the specialist who has carefully diagnosed the treatment that can be used to correct the bleeding of the gums.

In general, three main methods of treatment are distinguished:

  • special dental procedures;
  • Drug Therapy;
  • traditional medicine.

To achieve maximum effect, all activities are carried out in a complex.

In the dental office

scaling First of all, the doctor evaluates the amount of hard dental deposits and conducts a procedure for their removal. To do this, an ultrasonic tip is used that transfers the vibrational vibrational wave directly to the plaque. As a result, the connection between the tooth stone and the tooth is broken, the surface of which is effectively cleaned.

Additional procedures are performed if the dentist diagnoses the development of periodontitis. In this case, it is required to wash the periodontal pockets and put in them an antiseptic and healing medication.

Therapy with medical products

Drug therapy is prescribed immediately after professional cleaning of teeth or during procedures when repeated visits to a doctor are required.

This is an anti-inflammatory treatment lasting about 10 days using the following drugs:

  1. Chlorhexidine .For rinses, a 0.05% solution of the agent is used at least twice a day. Chlorhexidine
  2. Holisal-gel .Apply for applications twice a day in the morning after brushing your teeth and before going to bed. Preliminary rinse with Chlorhexidine, after which a small amount of gel is applied around the marginal parts of the gums around the teeth. For three hours, you should exclude food intake, only use of liquids is allowed. The gel provides not only anti-inflammatory, but also analgesic effect.
  3. Asepta .It is designed for rinsing the oral cavity in order to reduce the sensitivity of the gums, eliminate the unpleasant odor and remove the soft plaque.
  4. Metrogil Denta .At the same time is an antiseptic and antibiotic. It works only on the surface of the gums, without affecting the internal tissues. The effect is noticeable after a day.
  5. Kamistad .The active substance of the drug is lidocaine, which ensures the elimination of inflammation and the regeneration of gum tissues. Contraindications include children under 12 years of age, lactation and pregnancy.

Traditional medicine

Treatment of bleeding gums at home is possible with the help of traditional medicine.

Decoctions of herbs

For rinses the following herbal decoctions are prepared:

  1. Combine in equal amounts the oak bark, sage, chamomile, brewing herbs in 250 ml of water .Use a decoction in the gum blood warm form. If the herbs are used separately, a glass of water is taken 100 grams of oak bark or a couple of teaspoons of sage. The infusion time is about half an hour.
  2. A good effect is also given by the bloodlet, mountain arnica, derbennik ivolistny or grass-grass, straight-leafed cinquefoil, blood-red geranium, sand sedge and gravelite city.
  3. Can insist the herb of St. John's wort , pouring 20 g of dry leaves with 200 grams of vodka. After a week of infusion, the remedy is used to rinse and lubricate the gums, previously diluted with water.
  4. Blueberries .Use both leaves and berries. To prepare a curative bilberry broth in 500 grams of boiling water put 20 berries of blueberries and boil for 10 minutes. Leaves are used to make infusion, pouring 15 grams of dried vegetable raw materials with two glasses of boiling water. Infusion filter through an hour and rinse.
  5. Water Pepper .To effectively stop bleeding and provide an astringent effect, experts recommend using an infusion or extract of water pepper, which helps increase blood coagulability, increase the density of the walls of blood vessels. The product is used for rinsing a couple of times a day.

Other ways of

Other means for bleeding gums - black radish juice, horseradish juice with wine, procedures with sea salt.

Black radish juice helps to remove tartar, a couple of teaspoons of horseradish juice, diluted in a glass of red wine, help improve the condition of the gums( ingested in small portions).

Salt is used to clean gums, pouring on a soft brush a small number of small granules and conducting a gentle gum massage, excluding injuring inflamed tissues.

You can supplement the chewing gum therapy, which you need to chew after eating for 15 minutes.

Correcting the food

If you find the first signs that the gum bleeds, you should immediately think about your diet. To eliminate the problem of carrot juice, the body must receive a full complex of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. Particularly prone to unpleasant pathology are people whose diet lacks vitamins P and C.

To restore the condition of the gums should regularly eat carrot juice. It is enough to drink a glass of delicious medicine once a day before breakfast, and after a couple of days the positive effect will become obvious.

In addition, you need to ensure the presence in the diet of seasonal vegetables and fruits in fresh form.

Help combat the unpleasant phenomenon of spices and spices in the form of ginger, wasabi, sesame, sea salt. Such ingredients help to strengthen the teeth, prevent the development of inflammation, prevent the formation of plaque and propagation of pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity.

Preventive measures

To prevent bleeding gums, the following measures help:

  1. Regular and high-quality tooth cleaning at least twice a day. Effective home sanitation helps to eliminate teeth cleaning bacterial plaque and prevent inflammation.
  2. Use of medium-hardness brush , which does not damage the gums and at the same time removes soft dental deposits well.
  3. Rinses after each meal .It is enough ordinary clean water to wash off the after-meal.
  4. Using dental floss .They help to solve tasks beyond the power of the toothbrush, namely, to clean the interdental spaces and hard-to-reach areas in which the maximum number of bacteria accumulates.
  5. Quality nutrition e with the constant presence in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits, products rich in vitamins B, C and R.

Certainly, bleeding gums - an unpleasant phenomenon, causing significant discomfort, it is important to know what to do in such cases, so that quicklycope with the disease.

We must immediately take the necessary actions, excluding delaying the process with the development of dangerous complications.