Treatment of stomatitis in children at home

stomatitis in children Stomatitis is a common illness in childhood. His treatment should be prescribed by a doctor, since there is a wide variety of forms of the disease. But this does not mean that parents should stay idle until the child is prescribed medication.

There is a huge variety of effective methods available to everyone, from salt to herbal collections.


  • Causes and symptoms of the development of the disease in children
  • Tips for parents
  • Features of home treatment
  • Folk remedies come to the rescue
    • Herbs and plants
    • Food - treat mucosa at home

Causes and symptoms of the disease in children

The causes of the symptoms of stomatitis in a child are many, but the main one is reduced immunity. With low adaptability, the oral mucosa instantly reacts to the pathogen. In this regard, it is children under the age of three that are more susceptible to stomatitis of different forms, since during this period the microflora is still being formed.

thrush in the newborn

Kididosis stomatitis

Forms of pediatric stomatitis are most often found in certain age groups, for example:

  • candidiasis is more common in babies from birth to three years ;
  • herpetic manifest in children from year to three ;
  • allergic and aphthous are inherent in for schoolchildren ;
  • bacterial can appear at any age.

Other causes of stomatitis are:

  • herpes in a child

    Viral stomatitis

    viral diseases;

  • injury to the oral cavity;
  • improper hygiene;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • diseases of the digestive tract.

Depending on the form, stomatitis is manifested by different symptoms. The viral form of is characterized by a plaque on the tongue, rash on the oral mucosa, swelling. Depending on the pathogen may appear bubbles, which after a short period of time burst and form erosion on the surface of the mucosa. The child experiences weakness, lethargy, fever, nausea and headaches.

Candidiasis of is first accompanied by dry mouth, the child may complain of burning and itching. Thrush is characterized by the appearance of white curdled scurf, which is easily removed. Because of painful sensations the child often is capricious, refuses food. With complicated forms, the temperature can rise to 38 degrees.

aphthous stomatitis

Aphthous stomatitis

Aphthous stomatitis can be confused with herpes, as it also has ulcers. But with this form the sores are more pronounced, red in color, with even edges. A rare phenomenon is the increase in temperature. More often the child is simply weakened, has no appetite, is drowsy.

The allergic variant is similar to aphthous, but its cause is covered in an allergic reaction. Often, this form is not accompanied by erosive damage to the mucosa, there is a slight inflammation in the oral cavity.

Tips for Parents

At the first symptoms of the disease, parents should consult a doctor so that he can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment. The forms of stomatitis are many, and each has its own characteristics. In order not to waste time in the process of self-treatment, it is necessary to know for certain what kind of stomatitis the child has become ill. Before a visit to the dentist, it is important to follow a list of rules that prevent the spread of the disease and promote a speedy recovery.

stomatitis tableware A child suffering from stomatitis, it is necessary to allocate separate dishes , which after each meal is subjected to boiling .The towel should also be individual, as stomatitis is transmitted by direct contact. Since children are more susceptible to the disease, especially babies, it is better to temporarily protect them from communicating with a sick child.

The room in which the ill child is, should always be ventilated .It is recommended that is cleaned daily. In addition, all personal items of the child, in particular toys, must be disinfected.

When stomatitis, special attention should be paid to the diet .Baby food is not recommended to be overloaded with food. The child will have to be protected from sweet, salty, hot and cold. Ration is better to diversify with fruits and vegetables. An important aspect - abundant warm drink .

As stomatitis develops most often against the background of weakened immunity, it is recommended to conduct the course of vitamin therapy .For some types of disease, low-fat dairy products are allowed. Food should be warm, preferably in the form of mashed potatoes.

Features of home treatment

Along with the main treatment, it is necessary to constantly treat the oral cavity with antiseptics to normalize the microflora. For children, it is best to use soda .It is used in a dissolved form for rinsing and lotions to the inflamed areas. A teaspoon of homemade antiseptic is diluted in half a glass with warm boiled water. The product is absolutely harmless, so it is used to treat stomatitis in children.

soda solution The mucous membrane can be treated up to 7-8 times a day. A solution of soda is desirable to handle glasses and cups, from which the child drinks, as well as the female breast before feeding, if the baby is still breastfed.

salt has a similar property, it copes well with viral stomatitis. Rinse can be done with ordinary salt water or combine it with soda. The solution is prepared in the same proportion, a teaspoon per glass. With ulcerative and aphthous forms it is recommended to treat the oral cavity with a solution of salt, soda and iodine drops. So, erosion quickly "grasp" and heal.

For the treatment of inflamed areas of the mucosa, children are advised to use a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide .Cotton swab impregnated with antiseptic, lubricate the damaged areas, removing plaque, if any. The solution removes inflammation, promotes healing of wounds caused by ulcers.

silver water Silver water is popular among people as an excellent antimicrobial agent that helps to fight the problem. The usual filtered water is insisted in a silver container or in glassware with the addition of a silver object for two days.

Water is enriched with ions of silver, beneficial for the body. Silver water can be taken orally three glasses a day. With stomatitis in a child, a more pronounced effect is achieved when rinsing the mouth or gums.

Folk remedies come to the rescue

Traditional medicine offers a huge variety of recipes from stomatitis that can be used to treat even the smallest. They are more susceptible to the disease, so when treating the oral cavity, natural substances should be used.

Herbs and Plants

onion husk A good folk remedy for stomatitis is onion husks .The mouth cavity is rinsed with infusion of three teaspoons of chopped husks per half liter of boiled water. The product should be infused for 8 hours, rinse mouth they can be up to 5 times a day. Onion husks effectively cope with oral problems, such as stomatitis, flux and periodontitis, prevents viral diseases.

Aloe has a pronounced antimicrobial agent, normalizes the microflora in the oral cavity, promotes the healing of ulcers. It is enough to wipe the twig of the plant, mix it with olive oil and apply to the affected areas in the form of an ointment for a couple of minutes. With ulcerative and aphthous stomatitis, you can simply cut a leaf of aloe in half and cut it into sores.

aloe Flax seeds well help in the treatment of the mucous membranes of the whole body, so when stomatitis it is often used. The agent has a rapid regenerative effect, since active substances envelop the wound and promote their healing. To prepare the broth, one tablespoon is poured with water, brought to a boil and filtered. After the broth cools down, they can rinse your mouth or make a lotion with it.

Numerous herbs help fight stomatitis, so preparing decoctions and tinctures based on fees is an important part of home treatment. These herbs include:

  • sage chamomile;
  • sage;
  • yarrow;
  • calendula.

All of them have anti-inflammatory effect, relieve itching and swelling, promote the healing of sores. You can make an infusion or use them in a complex on the basis of a single herb, adding in the ratio 1: 1.A tablespoon of crushed herbs is added to 250 ml of water, brought to a boil and left to infuse for 2 hours.

Concentrated extracts from plants, for example, in the form of oils, are very effective in treating stomatitis. sea buckthorn oil or juice of plantain is very popular with the help of which it is possible to treat inflamed areas even in a child. Oil from birch buds and leaves has similar properties.

Food - we treat the mucous membrane of the house

carrot juice When treating, you can use recipes not only on herbs, but also on food. So, one of the most famous means is carrot juice .It is used at the youngest age, it increases immunity, as it is rich in microelements, and also normalizes the microflora in the oral cavity.

Since hydrogen peroxide is considered to be a pretty strong remedy for baby mucous, it is often mixed with carrot juice to soften the properties of the drug. The potato broth has a similar effect. It is enough to weld a root crop, the remaining water to cool and use for rinsing the mouth.

garlic Garlic copes well with ulcerative stomatitis, but this recipe is unlikely to appeal to young children. For its preparation, a pair of denticles are ground and mixed with a tablespoon of yogurt. Domestic ointment is treated with erosion. The product is left for ten minutes, because of the garlic there is a slight burning sensation.

The egg protein is considered a good remedy for aphthous stomatitis. It is whipped and mixed with an ampoule of 5% novocaine. It is enough to apply the obtained ointment to the affected areas a couple of times to notice the result. Within a couple of days you can get rid of all the symptoms of stomatitis.

blueberries with stomatitis Blueberries possess good anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. When stomatitis is used berries. From the raw materials are prepared infusion. For its preparation, two teaspoons are poured with boiling water and left for two hours. A strained infusion rinses the oral cavity. Juice from fresh berries can be used for the same purposes, with the effect being the same.

When treating stomatitis in children, it is necessary to adhere to the main course, so that the problem does not develop into a chronic form. At the same time, it is not recommended to exclude the use of home remedies, as it is necessary to pay due attention to oral hygiene and, as often as possible, to treat the mucous membrane. Natural components will not cause harm, but quickly remove the symptoms and will shorten the period of stomatitis.

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