There is an opinion that teeth can not be cleaned - can you follow this advice? !

Mouth with lightning If teeth are cleaned irregularly, or not cleaned at all, they will sooner or later deteriorate.

According to dentists, cleansing of the oral cavity should occur not only with the help of toothpaste and brush, but also with the use of floss and rinse.


  • What is the danger of lack of proper oral hygiene?
  • Someone can be lucky - but you?
  • Another point of view is the place to be
  • If you like the modern approach of

What is the danger of lack of proper oral hygiene?

The most durable fabric in the human body is tooth enamel. Nevertheless, it is also susceptible to degradation due to acidic effects. But sour food is not to blame. Food types of acids - acetic, lactic or citric, are not detrimental to the teeth. And others are dangerous - oily, propionic and ant.

They arise in the oral cavity due to the bacteria that they inhabit, absorb food residues and form a soft coating. These bacteria are a source of carbohydrate fermentation, which is the reason for the i

solation of these acids. Sweets are a great danger in this regard.

In case a person does not regularly brush his teeth, then in addition to the plaque in the form of microorganisms and bacteria that constantly multiply on the surface of the teeth, tongue and cheeks, this sooner or later can lead to the following consequences:

  1. Unpleasant odor from the mouth of the .In principle, each of us should have a feeling that without a regular cleansing of the Smell from the mouth of the oral cavity, an unpleasant odor will emerge from it. And if you "score" on hygiene for a very long time, - just putrid. But this is not respect, first of all, to yourself, and to others. After all, fresh breath - makes understanding easier. Or not?
  2. Appearance of tartar .Food plaque is transformed into it. And afterwards this stone will gradually destroy both enamel and teeth. And to eliminate this trouble can only be in the chair of the dentist.
  3. The appearance of caries .With prolonged absence of hygienic procedures, dental tissues are destroyed due to pathogenic microflora and again a growing number of bacteria. An easy degree of this phenomenon is caries, and the maximum is pulpitis and inevitable removal.
  4. Periodontal disease .Unclean teeth can provoke the inflammatory process of the tissues that are around them. Periodontal disease causes extremely unpleasant symptoms - bleeding gums, discharge of pus, smell from the mouth, loosening. Treatment in this case is only surgical.

Someone can be lucky - but you?

Narrowish teeth

Unclean teeth - it's terrible. ..

Do all the evil "uncleaners" touch this fate? The majority. There are, of course, people who do not have oral hygiene, but the condition of the teeth is excellent.

The reason for this may be a good heredity, a strong enamel, which was able to absorb in due time enough calcium, salivary composition and other factors.

But such lucky ones are a big exception to the general rules.

Another point of view is the place to be

There is another opinion about the regular maintenance of teeth, or rather its classical understanding: toothpaste can not

Well-groomed teeth

. .. and well-groomed

is worthy to clean from the remains of food and microorganisms. But the use of an apple or carrots - can. Dental health, therefore, is related to the quality of what we eat.

And they say, the brush and paste were missing from our ancestors and somehow they lived. After all, a person did not appear immediately, together with numerous nowadays hygiene products.

Unpleasant smell coming from the mouth, even the best hygiene does not eliminate. It appears, if:

  • in the hollow of teeth there are holes;
  • in case of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

In any case, only odor deodorization with toothpaste occurs, and not its removal. Freshness remains for a short time. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of food.

If you like the modern approach of

If you still decided that you need to clean your teeth, then the proper choice of hygiene products is very important. It is believed that the basic role is played by the type of brush used. Correctly selected gives the opportunity for high-quality and gentle cleaning of enamel.

This is the case when it is worth choosing in favor of an artificial product that lasts longer in shape and does not contribute to the reproduction of bacteria.

When choosing a toothpaste, be sure to consult a specialist for the best option for you. This is especially true for fans of pasta with the effect of whitening. The teeth become brighter with a couple of tones, but the enamel can suffer greatly.

So, there is no single opinion about whether it is worth brushing your teeth, but most modern professionals and ordinary people agree that if you do not, the consequences will be deplorable. One thing is certain: oral hygiene is a daily useful habit. The same as the habit of visiting a dentist at least once a year.