Implantation of enamel - a modern technology for restoration of aesthetics of teeth

Beautiful smile Tooth enamel is the hardest and at the same time the most fragile tissue in the body. It is assigned the functions of a protective barrier against various tooth injuries, including caries. Its defects cause many dental diseases.

Implantation of enamel is an advanced technique that will quickly and painlessly return teeth not only to health, but also aesthetic appearance.

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    • procedure features
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    • recovery process
    • method advantages
    • destruction factors

price issue

procedure features Today, dentistry can offer several methods of tooth restoration:

  • replenishment of ions that are missing in the outer enamel layer( remineralization);
  • implantation of tooth enamel;
  • enamel restoration using amorphous calcium phosphate;
  • sealing materials.

The most effective and innovative method is implantation - technology of enamel restoration at the molecular level by means of tissue growth. Corrects any part of the destruction, regardle

ss of volume.

Implantation allows to increase the protective functions of the enamel, to improve the shade, to correct the bite without wearing braces, to restore any destruction of the tissue, to correct the shape.

Indications for its implementation are the following factors:

  • aesthetic damage;demineralization of teeth
  • demineralization;
  • fluorosis( enamel coating with spots of various shades);
  • crevices between teeth;
  • color change, including darkening;
  • incorrect bite;
  • mechanical or other integrity violations;
  • high tooth sensitivity;
  • prevention of tooth decay.

Implantation of enamel can cope with even the most severe damages, where other methods of restoration are ineffective.

Thus, the procedure allows:

  • to restore any damage to the enamel and tooth shape;
  • return the natural shade;
  • restore natural protection and dental health;
  • prevent many dental diseases.

How is the restoration of


Innodent Repair - this biocompatible material is done by implanting the enamel

The tooth surface is treated with a special preparation that is an analog of the protein amelogenin. This is one of the components of the organic composition of the enamel, which is necessary for its construction. After the tooth has formed, amelogenin in it is no longer detected. Therefore, during the implantation, the protein is artificially delivered to the damaged area by application of the preparation.

After ingestion of the protein into the pores of the enamel, its task is to form a crystal lattice of 3D biomatrix that is present in the saliva.

A month after the procedure, the tooth enamel is completely restored. The main feature of the implanted enamel layer is that by properties it is identical to the natural one: there is the possibility of mineralization, the shade is similar, the strength, the shine. The procedure does not cause pain, therefore it is carried out without anesthesia.

Reconstituted tissue can serve the patient throughout life.

Advantages of the method

Implantation of tooth enamel has a number of advantages:

  • return of natural protection teeth;
  • elimination of cosmetic defects;
  • correction of an incorrect occlusion;
  • longevity of materials;
  • aesthetics of a smile;The
  • method is painless and is performed without anesthesia, so there is no contraindication to its use.

Because the materials used in the procedure are almost identical in color to the natural tissue, implanted Restoration of teeth sites are absolutely imperceptible on the teeth.

Proper oral care, where hygiene is of paramount importance, will allow to maintain the implanted surface throughout life.

Because the implantation of tooth enamel method is innovative, negative feedback from patients has not been detected. Specialists also note the durability of the materials used. Therefore, we can say that the method has no drawbacks.

Abuse of cigarettes and coffee has led to the fact that my teeth are much darker. I wanted to do bleaching, but my dentist recommended implantation. Bribed that the effect is promised for life, and for teeth it is much more useful. I am happy that I still decided on this procedure.


Recently, the teeth have become very sensitive. The use of hot or cold food became a real test. When they told me that an enamel implantation could solve my problem, I was frightened by the name. As it turned out, this is a usual and painless procedure. The effect became noticeable immediately, my teeth are completely healthy.


Destruction factors

Many factors can lead to destruction of the enamel layer:

  • unsuccessful arrangement and structure, which leads to intensive deposition of food residues in gaps;
  • deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body;
  • weak immunity;
  • improper hygiene of the oral cavity;
  • various diseases;
  • abuse of citrus, whose acid is capable of corroding the enamel layer;
  • rigid brush;
  • incorrect bite or illiterate dental treatment, which leads to their stitching;
  • a sharp change in food temperature( when hot dishes are consumed by cold drinks and vice versa);
  • fluoride deficiency;
  • the wrong composition of saliva( lack of viscosity promotes the accumulation of bacteria, plaque is formed);
  • smoking.
Tooth decay due to malocclusion

Tooth decay due to malocclusion

In addition, age-related changes can contribute to damage. People who have crossed the 50-year mark are more likely to suffer from dental diseases. Also, destruction can provoke pregnancy, due to the large hormonal changes in the body.

Price question

You can find out the specific cost of the procedure only after consulting a doctor. Initially, the specialist will determine the amount of damage, select the most acceptable implant, after which an individual treatment regimen will be developed.

The cost depends on the number of teeth to be restored and the degree of damage. Today, implantation remains one of the most expensive methods, but its advantages fully justify the price.

Because enamel is a protective barrier to teeth, its damage adversely affects their condition. Initially, caries appear, and then the teeth begin to gradually break down. It is not capable of regeneration, therefore restoration is possible only with the help of dental methods. Implantation of enamel is an innovative and high-tech procedure, restoring to the teeth their health and beauty.