What to do if the flies "flashed" before your eyes?

Why flies appear before the eyes

Visual effect in the form of flies before the eyes can appear for various reasons and at different ages. Especially they are noticeable when looking at a white uniform surface or bright light. This pathology is often observed in myopic, as well as elderly people.

It happens that these manifestations decrease. But if the number and intensity of flies increases, the question arises what to do about it. There are some therapeutic measures that give a definite positive effect.

But, unfortunately, for the time being there are absolutely no proven, effective and safe methods of getting rid of flies.

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    • 4. Are there any methods of treating this pathology?
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Therefore, people have to deal with this independently. But in order to exclude a serious illness( which may or may not be a

ssociated with the eyes), consultation with the doctor is required.

The causes of flickering flies

The destruction of the vitreous body

The cavity between the retina of the eye and its lens is filled with a gel-like substance - the vitreous. It consists of 99% water and 1% of various substances( hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc.).In the normal state, the vitreous humor is completely transparent due to the strict composition and structure of the molecules of the incoming substances.

Under the influence of different factors, the molecules break down into fragments, which qualitatively changes the composition and volume of the vitreous. In its structure, particles are formed that do not have optical transparency.

This phenomenon is known in medicine as the destruction of the vitreous humor. These particles are perceived by sight as flying flies.

If a blood, medicine or other substance has entered the vitreous body( which should not be in it), then a visual effect appears, as in the case of destruction.

The destruction can develop due to the natural physiological aging of the body. Since the age of 40 many people notice the occurrence of flying flies in varying degrees. But the age limit is relative. Flies can be observed at a young age.

The vitreous humor

A pathology with flies can occur when the vitreous body moves away from the back of the eye. After such a move, periodic flashes and flickering occur with an increase in the number of floating flies. These images appear due to flow around the ring by the vitreous body of the optic nerve.


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With age, the vitreous humor decreases, and this connection is weaker. The body moves freely in the inner space of the eye. It happens that it goes beyond the edges of the field of view.

Flies as a symptom of other diseases

A certain category of people risks "catching" floating flies before their eyes regardless of age.

They can occur with:

  • mechanical eye injuries,
  • myopia,
  • inflammatory processes in the eyes,
  • disorders in metabolic processes( especially diabetes),
  • internal bleeding,
  • changes in blood pressure,
  • anemia( due to decreased levels of red blood cells andhemoglobin),
  • cervical osteochondrosis( blood flow in the arteries of the spine that feed the brain),
  • of some poisoning,
  • traumatic brain injury.

Therapeutic activities

Since swimming in front of the eyes of flies often serves as a symptom of a number of diseases, first of all, reliable diagnosis is necessary with subsequent treatment of the detected disease.

Very rarely flies go by themselves. In most cases, opacities inside the vitreous body move from the visible zone, but do not physically disappear. The doctor may not detect any visual problems. Then treatment is not required, only psychological adaptation is needed. But often, in addition to the psychological discomfort, people simply lose sight.

Are there any treatments for this pathology?

Drug Therapy

To date, there is no information on medicines that would prove effective in eliminating existing flies or preventing new ones.

Some manufacturers of dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals speculate on this problem, stating their effectiveness in solving this problem.

Meanwhile, certain medicinal preparations activate metabolic processes, which leads to resorption of flies. These include, for example,

  • eye drops "Emoxipin 1%",
  • "Wobenzym", an enzyme preparation for internal use.

Scheme of resorptive therapy assumes:

  • for the day, three times instillation into the affected eye drops per drop within a month;
  • for a day three times taking "Vobenzima" for 5 tablets. The course is 2-4 weeks.

This therapy is supplemented with vitamin-mineral complexes for vision containing lutein.

If the retina is damaged

When the cause of the flies reveals damage to the retina, this is eliminated by a laser beam or by freezing tissues. The operation is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. By eliminating tears, detachment of the retina is prevented.

Combating flies surgically

There are some surgical methods for eliminating the destruction of the vitreous:

  1. The procedure "vitreolysis" is performed by a neodymium VAG laser. The process consists in targeting the opaque areas and crushing them into small particles that do not interfere with sight. This method has not been widely used due to serious side effects and little study of the results.
  2. Vitrectomy, or removal of the vitreous humor, of all or part, with which flies are also removed. Place a saline solution in the place of the vitreous humor. This procedure is a risky surgical intervention. It can cause serious consequences of :
  • cataract,
  • hemorrhage in the eye,
  • detached retina.

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Meanwhile vitrectomy efficiency is very high, and many patients are satisfied with the result. But, since the procedure is unsafe, it is performed in exceptional cases.

Thus, ophthalmology has not yet "grown" to the level of an effective and simultaneously safe solution to the problem with flies. It occurs in many people. But today there is no single tactic of treatment and measures to prevent this phenomenon.

What to do

Since you have not come up with a reliable means of flies yet, you can try to deal with them yourself.

The first step

The quality of the vitreous humor is often interrelated with the general state of the body. Therefore, you can start with the simplest and most obvious: the transition to a healthy lifestyle. If the pathology does not go far, then this recommendation is enough to solve the problem.

Restructuring for a healthy life is carried out according to the standard rules available to any person:

  • competent nutrition,
  • physical activity,
  • rejection of bad habits( smoking and alcohol).

When a visit to a doctor is mandatory

In certain situations, doctor visits should not be postponed:

  • when a whole swarm of flies appears in front of the eyes with a vague perception or obscuration of any part of the field of view;
  • if the flies arose after injuring the head or eye.

Simple independent receptions of

When flies appear, you can resort to simple methods of getting rid of them:

  • Sit on a chair, straighten your back, head straight, look forward. Sharp movement to look to the left and immediately to the right. Just move your eyes from top to bottom quickly. This gymnastics redistributes liquid in the eyeball, after which the flies are removed beyond the edges of the field of vision.
  • If anything is in your eyes, you can not rub them. You just need to clean them with clean water.

So, when flies appear in front of your eyes, you should:

  1. Consult an ophthalmologist, and even better, with a retinologist - an expert on the fundus. The appearance of flies can be a sign of a disease requiring treatment. For example, vitreous hemorrhage, detachment and rupture of the retina.
  2. Use drops only for the doctor's prescription.
  3. To lead a banal, but very effective healthy life.
  4. Try not to touch, do not rub or scratch your eyes.
  5. Perform eye exercises.
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