Cutting in the eyes is not a disease, but a symptom

Causes and treatment of pain in the eyes

A feeling of acute discomfort, called a cut in the eyes, a symptom that arises from many causes. Many experienced this unpleasant sensation.

Most often, carvings in the eyes are a symptom that accompanies injuries or trauma to the tissues of the eyeball. Rarely tingling in the eyes indicates a pathology of the nervous system.

Itself in the eyes in the eyes is not a disease. It shows the presence of such.

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    • 1. Multiple causes of a single symptom
    • 2. Blue screen to the eyes to the detriment of
    • 3. Eliminate pests
    • 4. Diagnosis and treatment of pain in eyes
    • 5. Clean and protected
    • 6. Folk remedies afterconsultations with an ophthalmologist

Many causes of a single symptom

There are a lot of reasons for this in the eyes.

More precisely, the cause can be established only by an ophthalmologist after a thorough examination. However, one should know the most common reasons:

  1. Inflammation. A cut in the eyes can indicate such diseases
    as conjunctivitis or keratitis, and also warn of the development of various inflammatory processes of the eyeball tissue. It should be remembered that carvings in the eyes in case of inflammation will be accompanied by reddening of the tissues, swelling of eyelids or eyelids, lacrimation. The factors causing inflammatory processes can be different, from caustic volatile chemicals( in this case, we will deal with an allergic reaction) to bacteria and viruses.
  2. The defeat of the eyelids, uveitis and blepharitis, also contribute to the development of the symptom. Diseases accompany profuse lacrimation and photophobia.
  3. Foreign bodies of the conjunctiva( mote, gnats, eyelashes, grains, microscopic fragments).
  4. Viral, infectious diseases( influenza, measles, herpes virus).
  5. Demodectic( damage to the hair sacs of eyelashes by parasites, microscopic mites).
  6. Unsuitable glasses or contact lenses, which may be obsolete, too stiff.
  7. Visual overstrain due to hard work( this often happens in those who are forced to spend a long time at the screen).
  8. Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve. The disorder can easily be distinguished by the presence of pain, not only in the eye area, but also in the face and mouth.
pterygium eyes

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Blue screen of the eyes to the detriment of

Dry eye syndrome is a scourge of our time. It affects most office workers.

The development of the syndrome is facilitated by three factors:

  1. Fluorescent lighting.
  2. Air conditioning in the room.
  3. Work at the computer.

These factors contribute to the violation of the process of moistening the eyeball.

Violation caused by:

  1. High degree of visual stress.
  2. A rare blink. The immobility of the eyeball.

With electrical, often insufficient, incorrect lighting, indoors, where the air is overdried, the reasons quickly lead to the fact that the production of tear fluid is disrupted, and the properties of the tear film covering the front part of the eyeball change.

The tear film no longer protects the eye from the effects of dry air and microscopic dust particles.

To exclude pests

In case of occurrence of rezi in eyes it is not necessary to wait for development of events, but it is obligatory to address to the doctor.

Before visiting a doctor, you should take care of your eyes and, first of all, exclude the influence of factors that can increase discomfort.

Such factors are:

  1. Cosmetics( mascara, shadows, powder).
  2. Allergens.
  3. Incorrectly selected substandard glasses or contact lenses. Excessive visual exertion.
  4. Microclimate in the working room.

Diagnosis and treatment of rubbing in the eyes of

Treatment will depend on the established cause of .Diagnostic measures to establish the cause of the resulting rezi in the eyes include:

  1. Smear from the surface of the eye in case of suspected inflammation.
  2. Specific tests that are used to identify dry eye syndrome.
  3. Scraping from the eyelids.

Having determined the cause, the oculist prescribes treatment. The treatment is different:

  1. Eye drops and ointments containing antibiotic( in case of infectious diseases, inflammations).
  2. Eye drops of a moisturizing nature( artificial tears) with the established effect of dry eyes. The purpose of such drops is to cover the front part of the eyeball with a protective moist film.
  3. Drugs that are applied on the eyelids, help to cope with demodicosis.
  4. Surgery may be required in the case of mechanical damage to the eye, as well as the detection of a foreign body.

Clean and protected by

The prevention products are simple and include the rules of hygiene and eye protection.

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  1. Protective equipment( special glasses should be worn when visiting swimming pools, while working with household chemicals, with varnishes and paints, as well as during professional activities related to eye risk).
  2. High-quality cosmetics( carcasses, shadows), any other cosmetics are better to buy in pharmacies or in proven places.
  3. Avoiding as far as possible allergens.
  4. Sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes from bright sunlight and help you avoid overwork of the eye muscles.
  5. Compliance with the rules of hygiene( eyes can not be rubbed with hands, if you need to get wet tears, use a clean disposable handkerchief).
  6. Competent wearing of contact lenses.
  7. Charging. Relevant to those who spend a lot of time at the screen. Experts recommend every hour or two to take a break for ten minutes, using this time to perform simple exercises. To lead the eyes up and down, right-left, blink, turn the eyeballs. Exercises help to relieve muscle tension, blinking contributes to the normal moistening of the eyeball.
  8. A full-fledged holiday combined with a full-fledged diet rich in vitamins A and E, and sufficient drinking.
  9. Active way of life, walking in the fresh air.

Folk remedies after consultation with an ophthalmologist

If the eyes get very tired, you can consult a doctor and take advantage of folk medicine. Since ancient times, that the sight was clear, and the eyes are clean, herbal decoctions, teas and various juices were used.

Cucumber juice has anti-edematous effect, relieves irritation and smoothes wrinkles around the eyelids. A lotion of cucumber juice helps with eye fatigue.

Honey in combination with linseed oil also returns tired exhausted eyes to life. There is an opinion that honey helps to restore vision.

Avoid vasoconstrictor drugs. Such drops can be addictive. Their use without the appointment of a doctor is unacceptable.

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