The role of eye drops Taurine in the treatment of eye diseases

Description of eye remedy Taurine.

Eye drops Taurine is referred to as anti-carcass agents that have a metabolic effect.

The main active substance of this drug is a sulfur-containing amino acid, which is capable of being produced by the conversion of cysteine, stimulates regenerative and repair processes in eye diseases of a dystrophic anamnesis.

Taurine is able to stimulate the restoration of cell membrane functions, activates metabolic and energy processes, and participates in the conduction of a nerve impulse.

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The lack of taurine in the human body most negatively affects the work of certain systems and organs, especially the eyes.

The active base of this drug is widely used in the production of various energy drinks. A similar analog of taurine - taufon - has found a popular

application nowadays for ophthalmologists: when a patient has a dystrophy of the eye tissues, he is immediately prescribed drops with Taurin.

Instruction for use

This medication is used as a stimulant for repair and regeneration of damaged eye tissues.

Taurine is indicated in the following eye pathologies:

  • corneal dystrophy,
  • retinal dystrophy,
  • traumatic injury,
  • for age, diabetic, traumatic, radiation cataracts,
  • are included in the complex treatment of glaucoma,
  • corneal damage by erosion,
  • ophthalmoherpes,
  • keratites of eyes of different origin.

In addition to the above, Taurine significantly reduces eye fatigue with increased load( for example, with prolonged work on the computer, eye strain when performing long-term small work, drivers, etc.).The medicine in the process of therapy forms a qualitative scar and relieves edema.

Taurine is also used for a serious illness, such as glaucoma. This drug for the treatment of glaucoma is used in conjunction with the drops of Timolol, but the time of drug use should differ in 30-40 minutes. Individual patients note a significant decrease in intraocular pressure, which effectively acts by reducing the release of tear fluid.

In addition to the above, eye drops are able to have an antioxidant effect, because through the passage through the membrane of ionic streams free radicals are destroyed. This circumstance rejuvenates the whole system of human vision. This considered drug regulates the metabolism of proteins, hormones, carbohydrates.

Directions for use

Immediately before use, the medicine bottle is warmed in the palms of the hands and the cap is unscrewed. Then slightly lower the lower eyelid, instill a few drops of Taurine into the conjunctival sac according to the instructions.

With cataract disease, the course of treatment lasts about 3 months, then make a one-month break. Also, this drug is instillation up to 4 times a day, for which several drops of Taurine solution are used.

In cases of eye injuries, instillations similar to cataract injuries are performed, but the treatment course is shorter. It is established by the ophthalmologist.

In case of a dystrophic disease, the injection form of the preparation can be used.

Warning! Before using Taurine drops, the cap of the vial with the medicinal liquid must not be screwed tightly. However, immediately before use, the cap on the tube is screwed as much as possible. On the inside of the cap is a spike, it easily pierces the soft tissue of the vial.

Side effects of the drug

Taurine is low-toxic, in rare cases, allergic reactions to auxiliary substances are noted.


The drug under consideration is contraindicated under the following circumstances:

  • in the presence of individual intolerance of substances that make up the Taurine,
  • children( up to 18 years of age).

To be used during pregnancy and lactation, it is recommended for the doctor's prescription in cases where the effect expected from the use of drops is much higher than the risk for the child.

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Taurine does not interact with other drugs.

Apply eye drops locally, so it does not have a system-wide effect on the body. That is why this drug is not contraindicated during the entire period of pregnancy and during the lactation period, and for this reason, the drops are not contraindicated to persons working drivers and managing complex mechanisms.

Interesting facts about the use of the drug

The existence of data for Japanese eye drops should be known to those who constantly and regularly experiencing high eye strain. This substance, in contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes, restores the eye tissues, improves the delivery of nutrients, and also removes the clouding of the lens and activates the metabolic processes. Also, drops perfectly remove eye fatigue, have the property of restoring the natural regeneration processes.

If you notice some discomfort in the eye area after a busy day, or if you use contact lenses for a long time, you want to eliminate red eyes or a feeling of dryness in them, - Taurine eye drops will effectively help you.

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The structural preparations of Taurin in terms of the content and action of the main substance are the following preparations:

  • Taufon solution( eye drops),
  • Dibikor,
  • Quinaks,
  • Catalin,
  • Crystalline,
  • Catachrome et al

Average price

The price of this medicine varies in the range:

  • in Russia - 30 rubles,
  • in Ukraine - 39 hryvnia.

Reviews of the drug Taurin

From the reviews of patients who have eye diseases: the drug has a tangible effect in the vast majority of cases.

Store drops after use in a dark cool place with a closed cap for no more than 2 months.

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