Barley: Can they get infected from another person?

Is barley contagious?

Barley. .. Not everyone had to face this disease directly.

But everyone knows how it manifests: a yellowish abscess, the size and color reminiscent of a barley seed, swells at the edge of the century.

Pain, inflammation, lacrimation, blurred vision and terrible appearance - of course, no one will want to get such a "decoration".

Therefore, after seeing a patient, many are wondering where the barley comes from and whether it is possible to catch it when it comes to contact with a person suffering from it?

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    • 1. What is barley?
    • 2. Is it possible to catch barley?
    • 3. Prevention and treatment of
    • 4. What to do if the eyelid has already begun to swell treacherously, and the eye has reddened and shed a few tears?
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What is barley?

The delicate skin of the eyelids along the line of eyelash growth is rich in sebaceous glands, which are also called Zeiss glands. If an infection gets into the cavity of one of these g

lands, then the outer barley is formed.

It is an acute inflammation accompanied by the formation of a purulent sac at the edge of the eyelid.

There is also internal barley, in which the abscess is located on the inside of the eyelid and from the outside it seems just a swelling.

Its formation is caused by the inflammatory process in the meibomian glands that release the lubricant for the cornea and conjunctiva. The mouth of these glands can be seen by slightly wrapping the edge of the lower eyelid.

When the outer barley erupts, pus appears on the skin, the inner one opens up inside the eye, contaminating the conjunctiva and the orbit with microbes, so it often causes complications.

Despite the external differences, both forms of the disease cause the same causative agent. This is Staphylococcus aureus. The carrier of Staphylococcus aureus is approximately 40% of the population, most of them women.

Not all microbes make itself felt by any unpleasant manifestations, but if personal hygiene is not observed, immunity decreases, and some concomitant diseases, the likelihood of finding a painful swelling in one's eyelids increases significantly.

Also in the risk zone are children who have not yet mastered all the rules of hygiene, and aged old people.

Can I get barley?

Staphylococcus aureus, which causes the formation of barley, is contagious, but not transmitted by airborne droplets. In order to get him from someone, you need direct contact with purulent secretions.

But since it is unlikely that someone will come to mind touching eyelids and eyeballs with a barley-suffering person.

And at the moment of breakthrough of pus there is very little, and the patient usually quickly disinfects hands, face and left after opening the inflamed gland wound, the probability of this is very low.

However, it does exist. Using common with the sick hygiene items - towels, handkerchiefs, as well as cosmetics, you can put microparticles of pus right on the mucous membrane of your eyelids.

The same is fraught with joint sleep, because most often the abscess is opened at night, during sleep. In addition, it can lead to accidental contact with dirty after opening the barley hands.

This way of infection is most likely in young children who are not able to independently decontaminate fingers contaminated with microbes and at the same time are actively in contact with peers.

Is barley contagious?

In general, do not be afraid of the possibility of infection, but it is also not worth neglecting it. In order not to endow barley around and not pick it up yourself, it is enough to observe a few simple rules:

No. Action

Do not use general hygiene items with the patient, even in the early stages of the disease, and never use shadows, mascara, eye liners alone.

If barley has appeared on your century, then do not forget to use individual towels and handkerchiefs, regularly patting and ironing them. Keep them away from hygiene items of healthy members of the family

2. If you are sick with barley, you should wash your hands with soap
3. . Do not sleep in the same bed with the sick person, let alone on the pillow
4. When the barley broke, it is necessary to wipe off the skin with pus and then wash your hands and face with any antimicrobial agent.

. Clothes, linen, towels that contain the contents of barley must be washed and ironed with a hot iron.

Prevention and treatment of

In order to prevent the appearance of barley, first of all it is necessary to maintain immunity at a sufficient level, then golden staphylococcus, even if it is present in the body on a permanent basis, can not manifest itself in any way.

For the same reason, it is better to avoid colds, hypothermia, severe stresses - all these events weaken the natural resistance to pathogens.

The importance of hygiene is not worth mentioning again. Having blocked yourself from contact with infected pus, you are most likely to save yourself from joining the host of Staphylococcus aureus.

What if the eyelid has already begun to swell treacherously, and the eye has reddened and tingled?

When barley has only started to grow, you can try to slow its development with antibiotics. Often used for this are eye ointments: Tetracycline, Levomekol, Acyclovir.

It is recommended to apply them directly to the area of ​​the inflamed sebaceous gland. Together with ointments, drops on the basis of antibacterial agents are widely used, first of all, it is Levomycetin, Albucid, Tobrex.

With the appearance of several barley in one century, a doctor can prescribe antibiotics in tablets. With the breakthrough of internal barley and infection of the conjunctiva, they often have the best effect.

There are also quite effective folk methods of treatment. Fresh tansy flowers taken internally have a harmful effect on the causative agent of the disease, and the aloe leaf helps the abscess ripen and open up faster.

As an adjunct, decoctions of anti-inflammatory herbs such as chamomile and plantain are used. The sore eyelid is wiped off with cool decoction several times a day, this reduces itching and lacrimation.

It is important to remember that barley can not be treated with lotions or compresses, they will only promote the spread of the infection to the eye and its appendages.

With favorable development of events, the abscess breaks in 2-4 days, and the remaining wound quickly heals.

Results of

At the end of the article we will say the following:

  1. Carriers of Staphylococcus aureus - a microbial causing barley - is almost half the world's population.
  2. Internal barley is much more dangerous than the outer barley, as it dissolves under the eyelid when it is opened, but does not come out.
  3. The disease is practically not contagious, but if hygiene rules are not respected, it can be transmitted from person to person.
  4. To avoid the appearance of barley, you should first of all take care of the general condition of the body.


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