Description of a frequent phenomenon - bleeding in the eye

Harmless hemorrhages in the eye do not happen

Hemorrhage in the eye - a fairly common phenomenon, which is caused by violation of the vascular wall of the eyes.

Hemorrhage in the eye is the accumulation of blood in the nearby tissues of the eye. Blood appears as a result of damage to the walls of the eye vessels.

Looks like a bleeding in the eye as a bright red spot on the surface of the eye. As a rule, pain is absent. Sometimes the victim feels a pain in the eye( it may seem that a foreign body has entered the eye), complains of reduced visual acuity.

    • 1. Harmless hemorrhages in the eye do not happen
    • 2. Localization of the hemorrhage and its symptoms
    • 3. Causes of eye hemorrhage: from injuries to illnesses
    • 4. Treatment by the doctor, not the injured
    • 5. Prophylaxissimple as twice two
    • 6. Briefly about the important

If the hemorrhage is small, it is likely a minor injury or excessive physical exertion. In this case, bleeding into the e

ye is not dangerous and goes by itself.

If hemorrhages in the eye, even small ones, are frequent, one should take care of the condition of the blood vessels.

In all other cases, when the hemorrhage in the eye is extensive, and the causes of its occurrence are serious, you should consult a doctor without hesitation.

Localization of hemorrhage and its symptoms

Depending on the location, the following eye hemorrhages are distinguished:

  • Blood accumulates in the retina of the eye.
  • Blood is poured into the anterior chamber of the eye( hyphema).
  • Hemorrhage in the vitreous( hemophthalmus).
  • Hemorrhage in the orbit.

If the blood accumulates in the retina of the eye, the victim will have difficulty in recognizing familiar objects due to the effect of the blurriness of the contours of the .

Hemorrhage in the retina can be accompanied by severe headaches in the temporal region from the side of the affected eye. Before my eyes there is a bloody shroud, flies flashing.

Record of the program "On the most important", the story of the eye hemorrhage

With the emergence of a hyphema, the formation of a red color with smooth contours, the blood either spreads throughout the cavity of the eye chamber if the person is lying down) or settles to the bottom( if the person is in thestanding or sitting position).As a rule, a person does not suffer from loss of vision, and blood clots quickly resolve.

Hemophthalmus is a brownish formation located behind the lens.

The cause of hemophthalmus damage to the vessels of the eye. Complete hemophthalmus leads to total loss of vision, partial causes a decrease in visual acuity as a result of various complications:

  1. Retinal detachment.
  2. Atrophy of the eyeball.
causes of redness of the eyes

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Hemorrhage in the orbit cavity is a consequence of the contusion of the eye's orbit .To such a hemorrhage can lead to blood diseases and vasculitis. Hemorrhage into the orbit cavity is accompanied by a glaucoma, the eyeball is shifted forward, the mobility of the eyeball is limited, it is possible to reduce vision. If the hemorrhage into the cavity of the orbit resembles its outlines "glasses", this indicates a fracture of the base of the skull.

Hemorrhage in the eye most often occurs when the walls of the eye vessels are thin or brittle, and the elasticity of the tissues of the vessels is lost.

Causes of hemorrhages in the eye: from injuries to diseases

The causes of hemorrhage in the eye are different: from injuries and contusions to pathological diseases.

  • Contusion or blunt trauma to directly to the eye or other parts of the body( damage to the skull, chest).Injuries can be of varying severity. From mild( intact structure of the eye tissues, restoration of vision) and medium( damage to the eye tissues, possible loss of vision) to severe( irreversible damage to the eye tissues, loss of vision).
  • Pathological changes in the vascular system .Hemorrhage in the eye in this case occurs gradually: the development of atherosclerotic lesions of the vascular walls, increased blood pressure, a decrease in the level of collagen protein, a break in the capillaries at the next jump in blood pressure.
  • Various blood diseases , diabetes, hypertension, retinal diseases can also become causes of hemorrhage in the eye.
  • Inflammatory processes of occurring in the eye tissues. eye tumors. Hemorrhage is the result of squeezing the tumor formed by the vessels of the eye, as a result of which they burst, and the blood is poured into nearby tissues.
  • Excessive physical activity ( labor of women in labor, prolonged coughing, sharp crying, cardio-loading, vomiting can lead to bleeding in the eye).
  • Loads of the eye muscles ( for example, a long sitting in front of the computer screen can also trigger a single bleeding in the eye).

Treatment by the doctor, not by the injured person

Various causes of hemorrhage in the eye, localization of hemorrhage and its severity, adverse effects, the worst of which is loss of vision, suggests that first aid is a referral to a specialist doctor.

In case of any hemorrhage, the main task of the doctor is to stop the bleeding.

After bleeding is stopped, you need to make a general blood test that indicates the disease( eg, poor coagulation, anemia, circulatory disorders), which can lead to repeated bleeding later on.

Places of accumulation of blood clots do not touch. If the bleeding is stopped, the blood clots dissolve by themselves within a few days.

The doctor can prescribe special medications that will promote the prompt resolution of blood clots.

In the treatment of hyphema, an eye specialist can prescribe eye drops( potassium iodide).Hyphema is a contraindication to the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and anticoagulants.

In the event that the patient continues to complain about a loss of vision, the sight before the eyes, after 10 days, the place may have complications. Surgery may be required.

With a single hemorrhage, the victim first of all needs rest and peace, unloading of strained eye muscles.

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In case of a bleeding in the retina of the eye, the victim should be hospitalized as soon as possible, the patient should be provided with immediate medical care.

Prevention is simple as twice as many

Preventive measures of hemorrhages in the eye are different, but they all boil down to strengthening immunity in general, as the condition of the vessels and various diseases, such as hypertension or diabetes, are the consequences of an incorrect lifestyle.

To avoid hemorrhages, it is also recommended to take vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, as well as increases the elasticity of the vascular walls.

Persons at risk should avoid sharp body slopes and sudden head movements.

To relieve the symptoms of hemorrhage in the eye, you can resort to folk remedies( for example, chicory or arnica decoction).

If the hemorrhage is accompanied by a tumor, cold can be applied to the sore spot to reduce swelling and pain. Cold should be applied for a short time.

The use of folk remedies is permissible only after consulting a doctor and consulting with him.

Briefly about the important

1. Hemorrhage in the eye, even small, may indicate a pathology of the vascular walls. It is necessary to consult a doctor in any case.

2. Causes, localization and severity of hemorrhages in the eye are different. Timely contact with a doctor can save you from serious consequences, such as loss of vision.

3. The physician must first stop the bleeding and prescribe an overall blood test.

4. Hemorrhage in the eye is fraught with complications that are surgically removed.

5. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, preventive examinations, taking vitamins, reducing visual loads will help to avoid hemorrhage.

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