It is easier to prevent than cure: drugs and folk remedies for the prevention of thrombosis

profi-trombo A thrombus is a blood clot. It forms in the blood vessels, arteries, in the heart. It consists of protein. When formed completely closes the lumen of the vessel.

Is a protective function of the body, when the body itself tries to stop the bleeding.

Thrombi form in about half of the world's population, but pass quickly and do not cause inconvenience.

Thrombosis is a disease in which occludes blood vessels. Veins are affected, visible to the uninjured eye under the skin( ribbon, similar to the ducts) coming from the muscles of the legs.

Blood flow is deteriorating, vein occlusion occurs, painful sensations appear in the places of formation of thrombus. If the initial stage is not to take measures for treatment, the vessel is completely clogged.

The result is serious health consequences and a danger to human life. Occlusion of arteries is especially dangerous. The blood flow in them is much greater, and the formed thrombus can be broken by the flow of blood faster. As a result - myocardial
infarction or stroke.


  • Causes of thrombi
    • Risk groups
  • Why the disease is easier to prevent than treat
  • Prevention of the disease
    • General list of prevention goals and objectives
    • Nutrition
    • Physical activity
    • Harmful habits
    • Drugs for the prevention of thrombosis
    • Folk remedies
  • Prevention of disease after surgery
  • Prophylaxisduring pregnancy
  • Video: Prevention of venous thrombosis

Causes of thrombi

Reasons to divide intorennie and external. Internal causes are associated with processes occurring in the body itself. Affect them is not possible. There are three reasons for the .

In medicine, they are called "triad Virchova" .

  1. The first is connected to a vessel. Its wall is damaged. The reason is a viral illness, a mechanical injury to the vessel or some kind of infection.
  2. The second is associated with blood coagulability. Most often, this is a hereditary phenomenon, but in a number of cases, the reason may be accepted chemical and medicinal preparations, viruses and bacteria that live in the body, in the blood in particular.
  3. The third is associated with blood circulation. Slowed blood exchange. It can occur with heart failure, or with varicose veins.

External causes are acting from the outside, but they can be eliminated.

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This includes:

  • a sedentary or recumbent lifestyle( the flow of blood from the legs to the heart slows down);
  • heart failure( heart work slows down and again blood drain worsens);
  • consumption of products with cholesterol( it settles on the walls of the vessels, wrapped with connective tissue and eventually forms a built-up thrombus);
  • smoking( blood vessels in the body narrow, places for blood passage become smaller, that blood that does not go further is going to the clot);
  • pregnancy, overweight, cancer, extensive surgery, severe trauma, all this refers to external causes, and are associated with the difficulty of outflow of blood.

Risk groups

The risk group includes people who do not follow their diet, do not engage in sports, use drugs or alcohol. People are overweight. Those who trombo-risk spend most of the time in the sitting position, drivers, accountants, etc.

Also pregnant are pregnant. People after surgery, with various diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, suffering from varicose veins.

Men after the age of 40 and women after 50 years. People with a shattered nervous system( ejection of adrenaline into the blood, narrowing of the vessels).

Why the disease is easier to prevent than treat

The formed thrombus completely blocks the flow of blood to the main organ - the heart, the result - the lethal outcome. To avoid this, it is better to start immediately with prevention or, if the moment has already been missed, by treatment.

Treatment, a long process involves cleaning the body, individual sick organs, blood vessels.

Prevention of

The prevention of thrombosis includes many different aspects aimed at recovery of the body .Establishment of a healthy lifestyle, the practice of exercise, the use of special medicines, in periods when it is required( with overloads at work, during surgery).

General list of prevention tasks and objectives

If predisposition is determined, prevention of vascular thrombosis should be started.

Create a working environment in which the is the correct and free blood circulation of the .This is achieved through curative gymnastics, walking.

It is recommended to drink plenty of liquids, frequent changes in body position. A number of permanent causes( age, heredity), they can not be eliminated, but we should try to minimize them.

Set up blood flow with the help of medicines prescribed by a specialist. To refuse from bad habits. Monitor the weight of , by avoiding fatty and fried foods.

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Must consist of a variety of cereals, vegetables and fruits, cottage cheese, not fatty meat, milk, bread made from coarse flour, beans. To introduce into the diet products containing Omega-3 ,( fat capable of softening "growths" on the walls of blood vessels), it is found in mackerel, salmon, mullet, tuna.

Garlic and ginger contribute to the liquefaction of blood. Eliminate or minimize consumption of products that promote the deposition of "substances" on the walls of blood vessels. Salty foods, bacon, sausages, brisket. Carbonated drinks, sugar, pates, hard cheeses, chocolate.

Physical Exercise

Strong physical activity during the prevention of thrombosis of the veins of the lower limbs is not permissible.

Training equipment, sports clubs should be replaced by with easy yoga, Pilates .

At home, make circular movements of the head, hands, feet and their individual parts( a hand, a shin, knead fingers).Torso bends to the right and to the left.

Positively influenced by calm walking, for half an hour.

Harmful habits of

These include excessive use of alcohol( dilates blood vessels), smoking( narrows), narcotic substances. They negatively affect the outflow of blood in the body. If possible, it should be deleted or minimized.

Drugs for the prevention of thrombosis

trombo-aspi To prevent the prophylaxis of vascular thrombosis, doctors prescribe anticoagulants , drugs aimed at cleansing blood, restoring the walls of blood vessels, anesthesia.

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Specialist consultation is mandatory before use to avoid undesirable consequences. Their list is great.

The main are:

  • aspirin( dilutes blood);
  • ascorutin( strengthens blood vessels);
  • phlebodia - 600( purification of blood and normalization of the walls of blood vessels).

Folk remedies

Prevention of thrombosis with folk remedies is a good help to traditional medicine. Tinctures, decoctions of phytohorms will help your body during preventive treatment of thrombosis.


  1. The cranberry plant ( its fruit) is used to dilute blood. The recipe is simple. Combine the fruits with honey and use 2 teaspoons in the morning and in the evening.
  2. Decoction of ashberry bark .Spring bark gather from the tree. Grind it.10 tablespoons pour 1 liter of water and bring to a boil. Close the lid and simmer for 2 hours. Strain. Use 3 times a day before meals, 2-3 tablespoons of this broth.
  3. Infusion of mint. Pound the mint leaves into a glass, cup, pour boiling water, cover and let it brew. The filtered decoction should be consumed in the morning, during 2-3 months.
  4. To reduce cholesterol in the blood use 2-3 cloves of garlic .

Prevention of disease after surgery

If surgical intervention can not be avoided, do not forget about the prevention of thrombosis after surgery. Doctors recommend using compression therapy( elastic bandages, compression underwear). Drug therapy ( drugs aimed at vascular recovery, blood purification).

Pregnancy Pregnancy

The easiest method of preventing thrombosis during pregnancy, the use of compression stockings( compression knitwear), medical therapy , trombo-kompr appointed by the treating specialist. The patient should pay attention to their food( the exclusion of harmful food and eating "for two").

Use of multivitamins, minerals, gels containing heparin( a substance capable of actively resisting inflammation).

It is always easier to prevent a disease than to treat it. If there is a risk of getting thrombosis, a number of preventive measures should be taken, the first of which is a change in the regime of the day and lifestyle.

Do not neglect the risk of blood clots, because this disease is very dangerous and can lead to death.

Video: Prevention of venous thrombosis

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