How to choose and buy compression tights from varicose veins

compression tights As you know, compression underwear is already an integral part in the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and many other diseases, one way or another associated with the vessels of the legs.

So, this clothing helps to prevent thrombophlebitis in the postoperative period, contributes to the treatment of complications of varicose veins and primary and secondary lymphostasis, all of this even in bedridden patients.

Most often, with varicose patients, they prefer compression tights.


  • What will the use of therapeutic t
  • Therapeutic effect on the body
  • Indications for use
  • How not to get lost and choose what you need?
    • Set the target
    • Compression class
    • Choose the size
    • Choose the material
  • The difference between the male and female tights
  • Compression tights for pregnant women
  • Not much to choose, you need to be able to wear
  • Care of the product
  • We make a specific deliberate choice

What will the use of therapeutic tights?

Pantyhose performs the same functions as all other elements of compression clothing( stockings, socks, golfs), and people need it for the same reasons:

  1. First, they, as is already clear, improve blood circulation in the legs .Tights give the walls of the vessels additional support, and due to this, the veins are unloaded - they do not interlace, they do not twist, they do not get out, because they do not overextend. A deformation of the veins leads to severe consequences: swelling, cramps, pain and even blood clots, so it is important not to let this happen.
  2. Secondly, compression tights - this is an excellent method of preventing varicose and similar diseases. Especially they will be useful to people who have a sedentary lifestyle or standing work, who are engaged in gyms or take hormonal preparations. In general, many of us. Compression pantyhose provides invaluable help to pregnant women, reducing the risk of varicose during this difficult period.

Therapeutic effect on the body

Well, compression tights are a necessary thing. But how do they act? How to create the necessary effect, how to help with various diseases?

Actually, the mechanism of action of compression linen on the human body is quite simple. graduated compression

It consists in the fact that such clothing renders calculated and dosed pressure on the walls of venous vessels( medically - graduated compression), creates a supporting effect for the valves of veins and does not allow blood to stagnate. As already mentioned, thanks to this, the walls of the vessels have additional support.

So, the veins work more efficiently, but undergo stresses and deform less.

Indications for use

Despite the fact that some diseases and unpleasant conditions, in which compression clothes are necessary, have already flashed between the lines, we will compose a more complete and detailed list that allows a person to decide whether he needs such clothes.

So, when compression tights are needed:

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  • varicose veins;
  • venous insufficiency;lymphostasis
  • lymphostasis;
  • manifestation of trophic ulcer symptoms;
  • vascular network;
  • eczema of the veins;
  • postthrombotic syndrome;
  • pain and spasms in calves;
  • edema of the legs or ankles in particular;
  • feeling of heaviness in the legs;
  • postoperative period( leg operation).

The list of those who exactly need such underwear:

  • to people leading a sedentary or standing lifestyle;
  • to people who do not follow their weight and nutrition;
  • traveling, spending a lot of time in different transport to people;
  • to athletes and tourists;
  • pregnant.

How not to get lost and choose what you need?

The stores now have a huge assortment of antivarious linen and compression tights in particular, how to choose the necessary ones, how do you know which ones are right for you?

For these purposes, there is a classification of this type of compression linen, consisting of four factors by which you can choose the right thing.

Set the goal of

Total compression tights are divided into 3 types:

  1. Preventive .Prevent the appearance and development of many diseases of the veins. Such pantyhose is recommended for pregnant women, sportsmen, tourists and people, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and also advise them to wear them during long flights and travel. From others, they differ in that the fabric in the upper part of the tights and the foot area is normal, and compression on these sites is not created. Worn often, but not always - preventive because.
  2. Therapeutic .Tights of this kind, of course, begin to be worn when the above diseases are identified and are appointed by the Therapeutic tights specialist taking into account the patient's characteristics. Determine the period of wearing and the required compression class. They are made of a dense elastic material, which has a compression effect over the entire area occupied by it, and the maximum pressure is created in the shin area. This helps to improve the outflow of blood and the removal of edema, and at the same time leaves a feeling of fatigue. They are worn constantly.
  3. Hospital .This is a special kind - it is used only in medical institutions and only in special cases: during childbirth, during and after operations.

Compression class

Compression stockings on the basis of compression are divided into classes( standard RAL-GZ 387):

  • preventive - compression 10-15 mmHg. Art.- can not be distinguished from simple clothes, they are worn without difficulties, they are allowed to buy independently;
  • therapeutic 1st degree - compression 18-22 mmHg. Art.- used in the presence of mild venous diseases, you can buy Compression class without any recommendations, but it will be better to consult a doctor;
  • therapeutic 2nd degree - compression 23-32 mm Hg. Art.- are used in cases of pronounced diseases, are appointed only by a specialist, they are worn hard, with difficulty;
  • therapeutic 3rd degree - compression 33-46 mm Hg. Art.- used in severe forms of vein diseases;
  • therapeutic super-strong compression - compression more than 49 mm Hg - are used in the treatment of elephantiasis and lymphatic edema.

Select the size of

Now you need to find out the appropriate size. To do this, it is necessary in the morning, while the feet are still calm, make measurements at certain points indicated in the picture, and record them:

  • is measured f is held at a height of about 30 cm above the knee;
  • metering d is removed at the knee joint, at its widest point;
  • is measured from the calf, also on a wide area;
  • measured b removed slightly above the ankle bone;
  • and, finally, the h is measured obliquely, through the heel and ankle joint.

Now correlate the received data with the size table.

size table

Size chart

Material selection

The strength and durability of tights depends on the material from which the tights are made. It is important that the product consisted only of high-quality materials: cotton, nylon, microfiber and lycra.

Difference between male and female tights

Compression tights are divided into male and female. Principal differences they do not have, but there is a certain difference.

Women are much more likely to suffer from varicose and similar diseases than men, so women's models are naturally dominant in the assortment. In some stores and pharmacies, men are generally absent, and all for the same reason.

Then, men are not particularly important in the appearance of compression pantyhose, they wear them under their clothes. And if female models have a huge palette of colors and even shapes, then male models, most often gray, black, white or beige.

Due to the same principle, manufacturers are oriented not to the external, but to the practical side of the issue. That is, they work precisely on the quality, on the enhancement of the therapeutic properties of male tights, which sometimes makes them more effective than women's pantyhose.

Compression pantyhose for pregnant women

Why is it so often mentioned that pregnant women need compression pantyhose? Judging by official statistics, 30% of women after the first pregnancy have varicose veins, and 60% - after the second.

Compression pantyhose for pregnant women Varicose veins appear for a variety of reasons, but the main one is high loads on the legs, which just appear during pregnancy. But not only that the disease can harm my mother - it can harm the child. And compression lingerie can prevent this.

So, we can conclude that medical tights, like the whole complex of such clothes, are undoubtedly needed for a pregnant woman.

They will help prevent future suffering for both mother and child. In addition, there is a huge selection of compression tights, made taking into account the needs of pregnant women. Find them on the shelves of shops will not be difficult.

It's not enough to choose, you need to be able to dress

You need to wear compressive underwear for treatment in the morning, because at that time your legs have not yet had time to swell. They should be worn all day, only before bedtime.

Visual instruction how to properly wear tights:

  • gently assemble the product from the top to the toe of the
  • fix on the foot of the toe and the heel of the pantyhose;
  • gently and slowly pull the product from the ankle to the knee joint;
  • straighten all the creases on the shins;
  • , distribute the product over the thigh.

How to dress tights from varicose veins

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. »

Care of the product

Is it really necessary to take care of the compression tights? If you take into account the fact that with proper care they retain their medicinal properties for 6-10 months, then yes, definitely worth it.

Care, in principle, is not difficult, and it consists, for the most part, in the correct washing.

There are some pretty simple rules for this:

  1. It is necessary to erase pantyhose by hand every day , the water temperature during washing should not exceed 30 degrees. Pantyhose after washing, rinse, and wrapped in a towel, lightly squeeze and then dry in a cool place on a dry towel.
  2. For washing you need to use liquid slightly alkaline shampoos .
  3. It is necessary to protect against water ingress of the fixing rubber from silicone , if they are available in the product.

In addition, it should be remembered:

  • is unacceptable to iron, bleach, squeeze and dry on batteries( on heating appliances, under direct sunlight) compression tights;
  • can not be washed in automatic washing machines;
  • is prohibited from using chemical solvents, as they damage the product;
  • is not recommended to store a thing for more than 36 months.

We make a specific deliberate choice

Compression stockings in Russia are produced by numerous manufacturers, but the following are rightly recognized as the best ones, which is confirmed by numerous customer reviews.

Top three leaders:

  1. MEDI( Germany) - excellent, more or less affordable tights of German quality. The only downside is the inability to dress pantyhose without special adaptation since the second class of compression.
  2. VENOTEKS® Therapy( USA) - a decent compressive underwear at a small price. Large model range. Durability is commensurate with the average price, the fabric is a bit harsh.
  3. SIGVARIS( Switzerland) are elite tights of the highest quality. But the quality is explained by a rather high price: not everyone will be able to afford this.

And the promised reviews:

I advise you to purchase Medi compression tights for people who suffer from varicose veins. Stockings also fit, but pantyhose is still more convenient. The cost of good compression linen is quite high. But it is better to prevent the disease in advance, than to pay money for the operation later.

Marina, Moscow region

Venotex stockings generally liked, to the touch and to the sight. They are nice and soft. Probably, there is better, but also much more expensive. Therefore while stopped on the given mark.

Алёна, Санкт-Петербург

I liked tights Sigvaris very much. I have varicose veins, the doctor prescribed tights of the second degree and I bought a model of this company. After a while, my edema subsided and I felt light in my legs! And the tights look durable. But the big disadvantage is the price, very high.

Anastasia, Voronezh

Compression tights really help to get rid of varicose veins and accompanying diseases if you choose and use them correctly.

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