How to cure a prolapse of a rectum in a hospital and home conditions

prolapse of rectum The slightest problems with the intestines in the form of prolonged constipation or diarrhea can turn into a lot of problems for a person, because most patients are rather skeptical about the help of specialists in the presented issue, because they believe that they will manage themselves successfully.

To the most dangerous complications that can be caused by constipation, experts refer to the prolapse of the rectum from the anus.

The concept of pathology and the causes of its development

  • Symptoms of violation
  • If the disease caught at home. ..
    • Medical treatment
    • Exercises for pelvic muscle tone
    • Experience of centuries
  • Extreme measures
  • The concept of pathology and the causes of its development

    Rectal prolapse is a medical term for prolapserectum. With this pathological condition, the patient has an outlet of the lower part of the rectum through the anus. The problem area can be from 1 cm to 20 cm.

    The pathology is rare, but cases of rectal prolapse h

    ave been documented even in small children, because they have not yet formed a ligamentous apparatus of the large intestine.

    In adults, prolapse of the rectum is more common in men after 20 years: 70% of cases, while in women the statistical indicator is only 30%.

    Loading. ..

    This injustice occurs due to the more frequent excessive loads of the stronger sex, which is often associated with work activity.

    Factors that provoke pathology in people of different ages include:

    • hereditary predisposition ;sit on the toilet
    • severe and late delivery ;
    • a dangerous habit for a long time to sit on the toilet in adults or a pot in children, strong attempts at bowel evacuation;
    • weakening the tone of the anal sphincter and the sprain of the ligaments supporting the large intestine, which is often found in the elderly;
    • addiction to unconventional sex , which injures the tissues of the rectum;
    • of the neurological disease , which occurs due to injuries and transferred diseases of the spinal cord;
    • painful defecation , the cause of which is represented as complications of hemorrhoids( fistulas, cracks, paraproctitis);
    • chronic constipation , forcing strong attempts;
    • physical activity , associated with lifting weights;
    • prolonged diarrhea , provoked by uncontrolled reception of laxatives, dysentery or dysbacteriosis;
    • dysfunction of the pelvic floor .
    It is important to note the fact that the cause of prolapse of the rectum can not be one particular factor - usually a number of factors are attributed to the cause of prolapse formation.

    Symptoms of violation

    The first manifestations of this pathology are gas incontinence and loose stools, as well as aching pains. Further the disease develops according to increasing, where the 4 degrees of loss are distinguished:

    1. The fall occurs during the emptying of the intestine , after which the segment is self-corrected.
    2. Falling happens during defecation , but you need to correct it yourself.
    3. The rectum begins to fall out at any pressure increase in the peritoneal region : coughing, straining, lifting of gravity.
    4. Falling happens even when walking on foot .

    Prolapse formation is characterized by a sensation of a foreign body in the anus, urges to defecation without a cause, discomfort in the rectum and growing pains.

    With the development of the disease, the pain syndrome will increase with a little effort and stress. In women, prolapse is accompanied by a violation of urination, inflammatory processes and bloody discharge.

    If the disease is found at home. ..

    Treatment of prolapse of the rectum at home is through traditional and folk medicine.

    Traditional medicine, in turn, is divided into conservative methods of treatment and surgical intervention.

    The use of medicines and other conservative methods are only accepted at the initial stage of the disease, but even in this case they may not help in the treatment. Be that as it may, in most cases, it is surgical intervention that is effective.

    Medical treatment

    Applied methods of treatment of traditional medicine depend on the degree of development of pathology. It emphasizes the use of drugs and other effective methods to get rid of the causes that led to pathology. Dufalac

    The following medicines are used:

    1. Laxatives - if the patient complains of frequent constipation. Among the popular remedies are Dufalac, Prelaxan, Gutallax, Senadé or glycerin suppositories.
    2. Antidiarrheal drugs - in case of chronic diarrhea. Here distinguish Imodium, Laremid, Smektu and other means.

    Also, the patient should abandon physical exertion, reduce the time of sitting on the toilet - it is important to review all your habits and attachments, analyze your work activities.

    Only complete disposal of the causes that provoked prolapse of the rectum will help prevent further development of the disease.

    Exercises for pelvic muscle tone

    If the cause of prolapse is in the loss of tonus and physical exertion, then the patient should pay attention to exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles. The simplest include:

    • compression of the muscles of the sphincter and perineum, fixing for a few seconds and the subsequent relaxation - do at least 10 repetitions per one session;
    • lifting of the pelvis from a position lying on the back with bent legs in the knees and arms outstretched along the trunk.

    Experience of the centuries

    Of course, the treatment of the already fallen colon with the help of traditional medicine recipes is almost impossible, but with the help of certain means it is possible to strengthen the muscular layer of the intestine.

    At the initial stage of the pathology, you can use these recipes:

    1. The roots of the ara are .Effective for strengthening the infusion based on the roots of the aura. To make it, take a teaspoon of dried collection and fill it with a glass of plain cold water. Insist the formulation for 12 hours, after which the infusion is filtered and the treatment of bowel proliferation by folk methods is heated. Drink the infusion of two sips after eating.
    2. Chamomile Pharmacy .You can make a steam bath using steam chamomile. To prepare the composition, you can take a teaspoon of dried collection and a glass of boiling water. The contents are poured into a wider vessel and stand over it on the haunches - it is important that the contents are steamed.
    3. Shepherd's bag .Periodically, you should wipe the anus with tincture from the grass of the shepherd's bag. It can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepared independently. For cooking, take the grass, rinse it well and grind it. Collect the collected in a half-liter bottle with a narrow throat and pour on ¾ of vodka. The vessel is placed in a dark place for 2 weeks for infusion, periodically it is necessary to shake the bottle. The tincture is filtered and used for wiping with a cotton swab several times a day.
    The use of traditional medicine should be approached carefully and better consult a doctor, because with improper treatment can aggravate the situation.

    Extreme measures

    For the treatment of prolapse of the rectum, surgical intervention is effective, the type and type of which is determined depending on the nature of the course of the disease, its causes.

    The following possible operations are selected here:

    • operation to remove the dropped segment;
    • plastic surgery to restore the lost tone to the muscles of the pelvis and rectum;
    • resection of the lower rectum;
    • appropriate stitching of the fallen intestine.
    Operation with prolapse of rectum

    Operation for prolapse of rectum

    Under certain circumstances, several operations are performed at once, which will help to cope with the treatment of pathology.

    Among other things, the patient is given physiotherapy, electrostimulation and rectal massage.

    Rectal prolapse is a dangerous and rather painful manifestation. The task of each person is not to start the disease. Therefore, if you have an initial symptomatology, you should consult a doctor for examination and begin effective treatment.

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