The best one-day lenses

Daytime Lenses

A sufficient number of people have vision problems.

Disorders are painless, but even they can cause discomfort and inconvenience to a person.

In order for a patient to feel comfortable knowing the world around him, he can be assigned to wear glasses.

But this accessory is not always convenient, and many suffer from the fact that you do not want to wear glasses, and your vision fails.

But there is always an opportunity to solve this issue. Contact lenses are special small lenses that are worn directly on the eye itself.

Outwardly no one will notice, and the picture will be clear and bright. In this article, we will figure out which one-day lenses are the best.

    • 1. What you should know when buying
    • 2. Lens characteristics, the best representatives of
    • 3. Conclusion

What you should know when buying

Lenses can be those that are worn every day and those that can be worn only24 hours - one-day.

One-day contact lenses themselves represent soft

optics that can correct vision correctly. You can use them only for a day, and not a drop more.

They have a huge number of advantages that make them the best and most in demand. The only negative is the high cost.

It is this type of lens that allows you to save energy, nerves. You will not need to buy a separate container for their storage, special fluids. It is enough to apply them simply: bought, opened, put on your eyes, defied 24 hours, took it off and threw it away.

Such lenses have their advantages:

Preserve eye health

It is possible to minimize the risk of various eye problems, namely inflammation / redness, corneal manifestation. This is due to the fact that their wearing time is only 24 hours.

Statistics show that the majority of people who previously preferred reusable lenses do not use them due to the fact that the general condition of the eye worsens( it's not that the vision falls).

But here it is worth understanding that eye problems can arise if the patient does not remove the lenses before bedtime( due to laziness, forgetfulness)

Lack of contact with chemicals

Again, the lenses that we carry constantly, every evening need to be stacked incontainer with a special liquid. Despite daily disinfection, different deposits form on the surface of the contact lens, which, in turn, are formed when the eye first contacts.

People who wear everyday lenses often face corneal diseases, namely: allergies that are caused by deposits, redness. If the patient opts for a one-day-type lens, this problem does not arise.

Low probability of infection

The use of such lenses( one-day) allows the patient to get rid of possible infections. The whole point is that when using this type of lens there is no need to put them in a special liquid for the night.

It is this container that is the source of infection. As practice shows, when a patient consults a doctor with problems of the cornea, they bring a container for lenses to the examination. It was there that all sorts of bacteria were found that caused eye problems with

. A clearer image and simplicity of using Many people argue that when wearing simple lenses, they feel the presence of a foreign body. Lenses - one-day lenses are easy and convenient, they do not interfere with the eye and the person in principle, despite the fact that the visual acuity does not fall over time( which can not be said about permanent wearing lenses).
. The ease and ease of use of . Their advantage is that they are sufficientsimply remove and discard, there is no need to add them to the container with a certain liquid

People who wear lenses for a long time may face another problem - dry eyes. And to solve such a problem, you need to approach the issue in a comprehensive manner.

In this case, you need to use special drops and eye gels. They advise you either the doctor himself or the pharmacist.

One-day lenses can be assigned in certain cases:

  • for vision correction;The
  • physician may advise the patient to wear such lenses if he has been drenched with special drops to dilate the pupil. This is necessary so that a person can normally get home, without any incidents;
  • can offer them to those who need to overcome the psychological barrier - fear of wearing lenses. A person will be able to try and understand the mechanism of wearing lenses;
  • is a very good way to help those who have a problem such as dry eyes, which was caused by means of disinfection;
  • lenses-one-day can be well suited for sports: climbing, running, swimming. This type of lens can provide comfortable wearing, which can not be said about everyday. They easily fall into different kinds of pollution.

Specifications of lenses, the best representatives of

Any items, goods have their characteristics and lenses are no exception to that. In the market of medical devices, you can meet a large number of manufacturers who offer their products, differing in quality and price.

To correctly choose one-day lenses, pay attention to such characteristics:

  1. Material. One-day lenses can be made of different materials: from hydrogel, from silicone and hydrogel.
  2. Oxygen Permeability. This indicator shows exactly what percentage of oxygen goes to the cornea.
  3. Moisture content. Obviously, the higher this parameter, the more comfortable the patient, but as practice has shown, this indicator is not constant, it can vary.
  4. The direct coefficient of friction.
  5. Properties that block UV rays.
  6. Wetability.
  7. Biocompatibility.
  8. Design.

Obviously, the higher the performance of all these parameters, the better the lens. Of course, after hitting the pharmacy, we pay attention to the manufacturer, so let's say it's advanced.

Below are the companies that offer quality and reliable lenses.

From Johson &Johson Vision Care

The company is ready to offer patients several options for contact lenses.

Most popular - 1-Day Acuvue Moist. They have excellent characteristics and parameters that should be present in one-day hydrogel lenses.

Speaking about the level of oxygen permeability, its rate is 33.3%.This indicator indicates that you do not need to sleep in these lenses( in the afternoon), or doze off.

Lenses also have special components that moisturize the eye.58% of them are water. Has the ability to protect from UV rays.

For ease of use, there is a mark on the lens to correctly apply the lens( do not confuse the sides).

From OKVision

Model One Touch 1Day is made in Korea. These lenses are one-day hydrogel.

The oxygen permeability index, in this case, is 33%.

The lens has a certain thickness - 0.075 mm. Unfortunately, they do not protect against UV rays, they have one radius of curvature.

Components that moisturize the eye are absent.

From Focus Dailies

Lenses are manufactured in the USA.They have a clear difference from all - the water content is 69%.Oxygen permeability is 0.26%.There is a small minus thickness of 0.1mm. There are important components for moisturizing. Color, bluish, for convenience of finding them in a container.

Zeiss Contact Day one Easy Wear

Manufactured in Germany. Data, quality lenses have a permeability factor of 24%, a sufficient amount of water - 55%.The advantage of lenses for one day is that they are made of a material that retains moisture.

Sufficiently comfortable and comfortable thickness, 0.08mm. Unfortunately, it is not possible to protect the eye from UV rays. The shape is spherical, which makes it possible to wear such a lens without any problems.

Maxima 1-Day

Manufacturer Europe. These lenses are considered convenient and qualitative. The coefficient of oxygen permeability is 25.8%.The lens consists of 58% water. The thickness is quite adequate - 0.09mm.

Clear 1-day

Manufactured in England. In this case, the oxygen permeability index is 22%.

Lenses contain enough water - 58%.The thickness is 0.09mm.

The optical device is made of a special material that is able to retain moisture.

The advantages of such a lens is that it has a spherical shape, this indicates that there will be a good clearness of vision.

From SofLens daily disposable

The American company offers lenses with an oxygen permeability of 24%.The thickness is permissible 0.09mm, the moisture is retained due to the fact that it is made of a certain material.

Form - the atmosphere. This means that the lens is easy to put on. The sharpness of the image is high. Do not protect from UV rays.


Price policy for lenses varies depending on the manufacturer, but in any case it is quite adequate.

Of course, if you buy them every day, then a round sum runs in a month, which could well hit your wallet. Doctors recommend, though sometimes to change everyday lenses for one-day.


There are situations when lenses interfere with life. To do this, it is necessary to pass a survey to understand and identify the cause.

If you feel dryness in the eyes, or if you have reddening, do not delay, immediately contact an ophthalmologist.

Often, the patient simply needs to describe the problem, and the medic offers options for solving it. It is worthwhile to understand that if you do not pay attention to such problems, it is possible to develop an ailment that can ultimately undermine the vision.

Lenses for every day, have a huge number of advantages, based on which it is worth choosing them:

  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • safety( does not harm the eye);
  • high indicators of the required parameters.

Such lenses can be purchased at the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. There are many manufacturers that are ready to offer their products to the patient. It is important to choose the ones that suit you.

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