How to take good care of glasses for vision

Care of glasses

Young people are often complaining about poor eyesight. This is not surprising, because the constant environment of a person with mobile devices with small screens, monitors and displays cause eye fatigue.

It is said that we are approaching the age of myopia, when practically all will have irregularities in the normal functioning of the muscles of the eyes.

In the modern world, glasses, contact lenses or surgical procedures are used for vision correction to correct the ailment.

Both glasses and lenses need to be taken care of properly so that they do not deteriorate until the end of the expiry date and do not bring discomfort to their owner.

In this article, we will look into the care of the glasses, as well as what the consequences can be if negligently treated with them.

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    • 1. Features of different types of glasses
    • 2. Consequences of improper care
    • 3. How to extend the service life of points?
    • 4. Common means of
    • 5. Frequent errors when leavin
    • 6. Reminder for glasses

Features of different types of glasses

It is known that glasses can be made from different materials, which, in turn, affects the methods of care for them. From this perspective, the lens lenses can be divided into two types:

Glass optics

It is considered the most durable and stable. Are often often cheaper than plastic analogs. Very often because of the massiveness and weight of this type of glasses is not always convenient.

It all depends on the shape and size of the lens. Very resistant to cracks and scratches, and also collect less on themselves divorces.

Plastic glasses This is a more expensive option. Their indisputable advantage is lightness and subtlety. Care for them is required more careful and cautious. These lenses are more "soft".

If you do not take into account the lens, then the frame itself can also be different: metal, plastic, etc.

For both the first and second lens types, never use aggressive cleaning solutions. This applies to various alcohols, vinegar, ammonia and similar substances.

All glasses now have protective coatings that extend their life and protect them from environmental influences.

If the above substances are used, this coating will be damaged or completely gone. This, in turn, affects visual acuity.

Consequences of improper care

Let's find out what will happen if you do not wipe your glasses:

  1. The appearance of fatty stains that are difficult to clean.
  2. Visual impairment.
  3. Glasses of glasses can easily be scratched.
  4. Points will wear out more quickly.

Many people are indifferent to the care of glasses. Wipe them with their clothes, do not wipe the stains and stains. Careless storage also reduces the life of your glasses.

How can I extend the life of my glasses?

Let's discuss how to avoid all this. After all, I think each of you wants his glasses to look as good as possible for a long time.

For glass lenses

If the lenses in your glasses are glass, then you can purchase special fluids and wipes for rubbing optics. All this is available in pharmacies.

If the lenses have additional properties, such as an anti-reflective, protective layer, etc., then with such optics it is necessary to handle even more carefully. Wipe it every day.

The care for these glasses is also separate. Do not use household chemicals as a cleaner, it will quickly ruin your glasses.

For plastic lenses

With such a material a little more difficult. They scratch more quickly, wear out and become unusable. The principles of care are similar to glass glasses, and it is worth treating them more carefully and carefully.


For protection of glasses the case is suitable. This is an excellent option for people who use glasses for sight not on an ongoing basis, but for example, when driving a car or while working at a computer.

Cases are not particularly expensive, but can significantly prolong the life of your accessory.

If you purchased the case, you must constantly monitor and its condition.

After all, if there is a lot of different sand grains and dust, then your glasses will quickly deteriorate during transportation.

Daily Care

You need to wash your glasses every day. During the day, your glasses collect various fatty stains, prints and small particles of all dust. Because of this, by the evening the effectiveness of points is reduced. At the end of the day, you arrange water procedures.

After all, the better the state in which you hold the glasses, the longer they will serve you. As a cleaner, dishwashing detergent is suitable.

You can clean your glasses with a normal soapy solution. It is necessary to do this, wrapping your fingers with pieces of soft tissue.

After all, no matter how much you wash your hands, there is still a little fat on them, just like prints. It should be washed on both sides without pressing on the lenses.

Water should be approximately room temperature or at least not higher than the temperature of the human body.

Finger movements should be side-to-side, not circular. Otherwise there will be soap stains. After the procedure, flush your glasses from both sides.

Then, wipe them dry. Do not leave them just to dry. When the water dries, the water will leave the stains and you will have to start all over again. This method is suitable for those who use special care products, because it is extremely effective and simple.

Unusual property of glasses after application of a cleaner - they first time practically do not mist.

When you care for your lenses, do not forget to wipe the rim as well. It is also recommended to do this with soft napkins. So it will be less worn and scratched, and the original novelty of the coating will last much longer.

If you have scratches on the lenses of

If you have scratches on the lenses, you can use the following method to clean them. The easiest method is to use toothpaste. It should be without particles, that is, thick, but without additives, otherwise the glass can be even more scratched.

Squeeze a little paste on each lens. Wipe with a cotton swab for several minutes without pressing it. If the scratches are small, then it is enough and one time.

Soda is still a good remedy for getting rid of scratches. It must be diluted to a density and, as in the case of toothpaste, wiped. You can use polish, but this is fraught with the fact that by negligence you can remove the protective layer.

If the weather is bad

If the window is freezing or pouring heavy rain, then your glasses can be handled by a self-made compound. Take seven parts of liquid soap, 3 parts of glycerin and several( preferably four or five) drops of turpentine.

After applying this solution, wipe the glasses dry, so that there are no stains and small droplets left.

Common means of

Let's stop more in detail on the means for the care of points. There are a lot of them on the market today. With the advent of new properties in glasses, the range of care products has also expanded:

  • Various sprays cleaners. They remove microbes from the lens surface and remove dirt. Often they have antiseptic properties.
  • Special wet wipes. They, unlike usual, do not leave a divorce.
  • Complete sets for the care of lenses. In order not to buy everything individually, in shops there are kits for clearing glasses. They are profitable to buy, if you started glasses recently. This will help you save some money.
  • Microfiber cloths. They are able to quickly clear your glasses of divorce. This is a very convenient option for a trip or in everyday life, when it is not possible to take, for example, the entire care package. It is important to remember that sometimes these wipes also need to be washed, because over time they become soiled and become less effective. Keep them are recommended inside your case, so that the napkin collects as little dirt as possible from the environment.

Today there is a wide range of cleaning products

Frequent errors when leaving

  1. If you wear glasses on a permanent basis, then you should always carry wet wipes with you. Do not use the first fabric that comes under the arm. It can scratch the lens. The perfect combination is microfiber plus a wet cloth.
  2. Do not breathe on the glasses of your glasses.
  3. Do not store eyeglasses with lenses. They will be scratched very quickly and you will have to replace them with new ones.
  4. It is not advisable to get various care products on the glass( and plastic and usual).It can be hair spray, deodorant, perfume and so on. During their use, glasses are best removed. This is due to the fact that the spots and droplets that can get on the lenses are quite difficult to output manually.

Reminder for the care of glasses

  1. Shoot them with both hands. This will help keep the mounts and temples of your glasses.
  2. Do not wear glasses by lifting them on your hair. The screws that secure the glasses can gradually get out, and the glasses themselves can bend.
  3. Do not leave glasses under direct sunlight. At temperatures over eighty degrees, the lenses can be badly damaged.
  4. When cleaning the glasses, do not allow hot steam to enter. This can damage the properties of the lens.
  5. If outdoor weather is bad, then use the appropriate means to preserve the integrity of the lens.
  6. If scratches on the lens is worth paying particular attention to their cleaning.
  7. A suitable case will help you travel without worrying about accidentally breaking your glasses.
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