The advantages of diet

Advantages of the

The advantages of diet

diet The advantages of this system are obvious. First of all, such a diet allows you to quickly "unwind" the metabolism, and, adaptation to a certain caloric value does not occur. In addition, you constantly maintain a sufficiently high physical tone and can from time to time carry out intensive physical training. By the way, about "shock" training. The famous Bill Phillips advises to conduct such training in days of high consumption of carbohydrates. I consider this position incorrect.

If after 2 days of carbohydrate exhaustion you eat a carbohydrate-rich breakfast and go to workout, then you are unlikely to experience a noticeable burst of energy due to the fact that glycogen stores in muscles and liver replenish slowly enough. It seems that even in the evening of a high-carb day you will not be in good shape. In my opinion, the ideal time for such a training is the morning of the 4th day of the microcycle. However, experimenting, you yourself will understand this.

In addition, regular "podkidyvanie" carbohydrates in the diet does not allow the body to use muscles as a fuel, which is extremely important, because excessive loss of muscle mass turns into a "sleeping" metabolism, so you seem to completely stop eating and still not lose weight.

Another plus of the diet of carbohydrate alternation is that it allows you to maintain a high mental tone. When you go on a diet and know that you will be deprived of certain products for 2-3 months, horror is embracing you. And quite another thing, when you just plan your menu and eat certain foods on certain days. In the end, those who are already hard "diet" know that they often "pull" something forbidden not because they really want it, but because you can not afford it.

Well, the third plus of this diet is that it works! And it works "for 100"!Below is an approximate power plan for all 4 days of the microcycle. At the same time, I want to note that the selection of foods, calorie intake, frequency of meals is strictly individual and dictated by such circumstances as sex, age, personal preferences, finally.

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