Ideal weight

Ideal weight

Ideal weight

Thanks to modern tools, we can force to discard any number of kilograms of any person!- says the largest French endocrinologist Professor Jean Pierre Luton.

The only thing that holds us back is an immortal will to Hippocrates doctors - "Do no harm!".Our task is to preserve the health and treatment of a person, and not to create conditions under which he will live for two days in the guise of a model, and then for the rest of his life he will suffer from incurable complications. The same Hippocrates spoke( or the legend ascribes to him these words) that quickly lost weight is dialed with even greater speed.

"A real epidemic of weight loss has begun," Professor Luton said.- French endocrinologists are much more concerned about the complications of fighting excess, according to many young women, weight than treating real obesity. A terrible pathological condition that can even lead to a fatal outcome - anorexia( refusal of food) - suffers to varying degrees, every third Frenc

h woman aged 15 to 25 years!

Bulimia - wolfish appetite - torments every second woman of middle age. The late Princess Diana found the strength to publicly confess that she was suffering from this disease, thanks to her courage, women with bulimiae were more likely to address this problem to doctors, and we manage to help them in time. "

According to French doctors, the main role was played by US insurance companies. Several decades ago, they developed indicators of the so-called ideal weight. If your weight exceeds ideal, then you are more likely to die at an early age from cardiovascular and even cancer, they told their clients.

For increased risk, customers had to pay accordingly. The people quickly calculated that if there is less and more to run, then the savings will turn out to be significant. As it sometimes happens, when it comes to money, reasonable ideas often turn into insane!"It came to this, continues Professor Luton, - that the French doctors began to actively speak in the press against the violence of" zeal-like "mannequins. To some extent, this has worked, large firms are increasingly inviting to represent their models of women with almost normal forms. For example, L'Oreal Paris signed a contract with Claudia Schiffer, who does not suffer from anorexia.

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