Basic dietary rules

The basic rules of the diet

Basic dietary rules

First of all, do not try to achieve the ideal weight! Under the influence of the medical community, even US insurance companies now use the body mass index: the weight ratio in kilograms to the height in meters, squared.

If your PMI is less than 30, leave thoughts about diets, move more, do sports. And sports are not necessarily expensive simulators, the same Claudia, for example, tries never to use the elevator, but walks up the stairs and up and down. By the way, this will help improve the shape of the legs. If your BMI is between 30 and 40, you should consider a diet. Which one?"You just have to eat less! Smiles Professor Luton.- If your BMI is above 40, contact an endocrinologist. "

Get up early - before sunrise, as the ancients advised. If this is not possible, somewhat revise your usual menu - cut the number of meat products in favor of fish, replace the roast with cooked or baked.

Here are some tips to avoid the common dietary confusion!

People who replaced butter with vegetable, believe that they lose weight.

Vegetable oil has a beneficial effect on the increased content of "bad" blood cholesterol, but it is more caloric than creamy.

Contrary to the prevailing notions, there is nothing catastrophic in bread and pasta. Restriction of bread was invented by nutritionists, in order to reduce the amount of ham, cheese and butter consumed with it. The danger of macaroni is also only in the butter and cheese added to them.

When you are told that you can eat meat as much as you like, it's about fat-free and boiled meat, not ham and smoked sausage!

Cheese, being a product more dietetic than meat, thanks to its higher protein content and better digestibility, simultaneously supplies much more calories into the body. Also keep in mind that a handful of salted nuts by the number of calories is not inferior to a normal dinner.

It is necessary to limit the products that combine sugar and fats - creams, cakes, chocolate. However, it is not necessary to completely exclude them from the diet, they make life happier!

Each meat dish try to combine with a lot of vegetables - raw, boiled or stewed in water with a small amount of vegetable oil. And potatoes are no more dangerous, contrary to popular belief, than any other vegetable product.

Before you start a diet, count how many calories your regular menu contains. Just keep in mind that they are counted per 100 g of product. The optimal regimen of weight loss is observed when the caloric content of the daily diet is reduced by one third. No hunger strikes and skipping the usual meal! Medical starvation is possible only under the supervision of a physician.

The caloric content of a daily diet should be divided into four doses, and the first half of the day should be more abundant in this sense.

During the "active phase" of weight loss, when you have not yet reached the desired weight, it is desirable to use a monotonous menu. A variety of exciting appetite. During the "stabilizing phase", when the desired weight is reached, you just need to support it - everything is allowed, but in moderation.

Alcoholic beverages contain a large number of calories! Liquids need to consume 2-2.5 liters per day.

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