Basics of nutrition treatment. Dr. Max Birkher-Benner( II)

Basics of dietary management. Dr. Max Bierher-Benner( II)

Basics of nutrition treatment. Dr. Max Birkher-Benner( II)

With regard to the digestibility and the full use of food, the undoubted advantage was on the side of animal products. The main disadvantage of plant food is that it burdens the intestines with large amounts of indigestible material and is therefore harmful and difficult for digestion.

The consumption of stimulants - meat cook, coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa was encouraged in every possible way. Alcoholic beverages were considered useful and refreshing, stimulating the internal strength of the body. Wine prescribed at dinner, beer before bed. Coffee, tea - in the morning and throughout the day, to stimulate the appetite recommended strong meat broth with the egg.

The sad consequences of this "healthy lifestyle" did not take long to wait - alcohol was used everywhere, meat and eggs burdened the stomachs of the inhabitants in the wild, from our point of view, quantities, fruits and greens were excluded from the diet as harmful and

heavy food.

Doctor Bierher-Benner had to face the disdain and coldness of the society that blindly followed the protein diet. He proposed such unusual and paradoxical things that it took several years of hard struggle in the scientific world before the doctors listened to his advice. By that time, it turned out that to maintain strength, the body needed much less protein, 40-30 g per day per adult, that is, the amount easily obtained from plant foods.

Dr. Birkher-Banner first spoke not only about the benefits of vegetables and fruits, but also about the energy value of the product.

He claimed that solar energy passes in all plants and fruits into a special electromagnetic energy: the latter is transmitted to the human body only if a person consumes these foods in raw form, as cooking completely "kills" electromagnetic energy."The idea of ​​food energy," says Bircher-Benner, "is not given by calories, but by electromagnetic force."

"The protein content can not and should not serve as a measure of nutritional value," the doctor argued, "nutrition should be understood as energy consumption. The organism, in the most significant part of its processes is not considered with proteins, carbohydrates and fats, but only with the dignity of their energy "... more

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