Cipromed are ear drops, which are intended for external use. Have a pronounced antimicrobial effect. Produced in the format of a solution for instillation. It is very popular in ENT-practice. With its help, you can stop painful sensations in the ear and relieve the inflammatory effect.

Thus, it is possible to prevent the development of complications and the transition of the disease into a chronic form. Cipromed has a number of contraindications and features of use, so before using drops, you should consult your doctor.


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cipromed Cyprodome is a medicinal product that successfully combats pathogens, suppresses their vital functions, and increases protective forces. The drug has an antibacterial effect, while not affecting the viruses. So it's just useless to apply it to an infectious process that has a viral etiology.

Assign drops Cipromed can

be used for both self and complex therapy to eliminate such diseases:

  • otitis media of the middle, inner and outer ear that occur in acute and chronic form;
  • complications that arose on the background of infection in the postoperative period;
  • preventive therapy when eliminating foreign bodies from the ears;
  • for various injuries and damage to the auditory canal and tympanic membrane;
  • prevention of otitis relapse.

Instruction for use

cipromed for the ears

The duration of application of the preparation in question should not exceed 7-10 days. If there is no positive dynamics after 5 days, the doctor can mark the medicine and adjust the treatment. There are a number of bacteria and viruses that have a strong immunity to the drug in question.

In vain not to waste time on useless application of Cypromed, before its appointment it is necessary to take a crop from the ear, as well as to determine the strain of microorganisms-pathogens, as well as their sensitivity to the effect of ciprofloxacin.

It is forbidden to revoke the drug on its own, even if there is relief. The therapeutic effect should be fixed, so continue the instillation during the time that was determined by the doctor.

Before pouring in the preparation, it is necessary to remove pus and sulfur from the auditory canal, using a cotton swab. If you can not remove the dirt with a dry swab, you can moisten it in a solution of furacilin.

After the performed actions, the ear canal is dried. Use Cipromed by several methods:

  • by instillation into the affected or both ears;
  • application of turunda, moistened with the drug.

Before sending the drops into the ear, they must be heated to the body temperature, otherwise during the procedure the patient will experience unpleasant sensations. To do this, you need to dial the drug into the pipette, and then hold it in the palms. The patient is laid on one side, he is instilled drops into the auditory canal. After this, it is impossible to stand up sharply, as the drug will immediately come out. Lie down for a couple of minutes, pulling the lobe up and back. Thus, the tortuosity of the auditory canal is leveled, which prevents the appearance of an airlock, and the active components of the drug will penetrate deeply into the focus of inflammation.

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Some people experience discomfort during instillation. And children are especially sensitive to this procedure. You can get out of the situation if you make a flagellum from a cotton wool, soak it with a solution and insert it into the ear canal.

With regard to dosage, adults and children after 15 years of age use the drug 5 drops 3 times a day. But children of younger age - 2-3 drops 3 times a day. During pregnancy, you can not use Cyproed.


If for some reason you can not get ear drops of Tsipromed, you can use the following analogs:

  • Betaciprol;
  • Ciprofloxacin;


  • Ciloxane;


  • Cypropharm;
    drops Tsiprofarm

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Buy the drug you can in any pharmacy and without a prescription. The cost of one bottle is 144 rubles.

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  • Marina, 25 years old: "With the otitis media, my doctor prescribed a drop of Zipromed. I did not think that this drug is so effective. With his help, I managed to stop severe pain, which prevented me from sleeping, working and resting normally. In addition to pain, my head ached badly, my ear was stuffy. Dripped drops for a week. But after 4 days, the first positive results were noted. My pains have decreased, the stagnation has left. I began to sleep normally, because there was no discomfort. I did not put the cotton turuns soaked in the drug, but immediately dripped it into my ear. Of course, the sensations are not pleasant, but when you want to recover, you can endure and not like that. "
  • Oleg, 43 years old: "When my ear started to hurt, I decided at first that it was just a sulfur plug. I bought special drops in the pharmacy, but they did not help me. When the pain was already unbearable, I visited the doctor. I was diagnosed with otitis media of the inner ear. The doctor appointed a whole list of drugs, among which was Tsipromed. I decided to use it a little differently. I took a cotton wool, I made a pipe from it. I impregnated it in solution and placed it in the ear canal. I laid a clean fleece on top. So I walked for 2 hours. Similar events were done 3 times a day. After 5 days, the first improvements began to appear, and within 10 days I was completely healthy. "
  • Natalia, 36 years old: "This drug is very effective in treating Otitis. But only he did not come up to me. The matter is that the doctor assigned it to me, not taking into account that I have an allergy to its active substance. After application I had a terrible itch, in the ear passage, there was a rash and discomfort. I had to cancel the drug and designate another. But my niece, he really helped when the otitis she had against the background of the flu. She was able to cope with the pathological process within 5 days. "

Cipromed are drops for the ears, which have a powerful antimicrobial effect. It is used in the treatment of otitis of different forms and stages. Use drops can be no more than 10 days, as there is a risk of bacteria getting used to the main components. In this case, the necessary therapeutic effect will not be achieved.