Is only when you feel hungry( II)

Only if you feel hungry( II)

Is only when you feel hungry( II)

It should be emphasized that the appetite for this or that food or dish does not indicate the utility and value of the latter for the person. Everyone knows that the processing of foodstuffs greatly affects the utilization and nutritional value of the latter.

We know that products on the market that are devalued in terms of their utility by one or the other treatment are often more readily accepted for food than the less processed ones. We observe how people eat those substances that are definitely harmful to them. In some places in Central America, blacks eat the land, which causes them great harm. We know how often people consume large amounts of alcohol and a host of severely irritating nutrients, which are also harmful.

Everyone knows that the very way of cooking and the shape of the dish affect the appetite;often people refuse meat, if it is presented to them in a chopped form, and willingly eat the same meat if it is given to them by a piece.

We observe daily, what a huge impact on the appetite has a mental affect, a bad or good mood. In short, there is no doubt that appetite is by no means always a reliable signaling device for the need of the organism in a particular food substance or in a dish.

Hunger is a much more painful feeling. Hunger is primarily due to the needs of tissues and blood in the nutritive material.

And if some of the physiologists expressed the opinion that hunger is only a muscular feeling caused by special contractions of the muscular walls of the stomach, then at the present time there is enough data that makes us consider this feeling as a more complex phenomenon and depending on the state of the whole organism.

In a number of cases we observe a perverted feeling of hunger: bulimia - a strong increase in appetite and lack of satiety, anorexia - a complete loss of appetite, sitophobia - a fear of eating;we see a desire to eat inedible substances, for example, in pregnant women.

Such a perverted attraction to unusual products is the result of a number of violations of correct metabolism, violations of the proper functions of nerve centers in the digestive tract.

Very often there is a depression of hunger. It should also be noted that the sense of hunger has a drastic effect on sexual feelings, which Teocrites drew attention to. This is observed not only in humans, but also in animals. .. more

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