Is only when you feel hunger( I)

Only when hunger is felt( I)

Is only when you feel hunger( I)

You should always strive to eat in such conditions that provide better assimilation of food. Some circumstances increase digestion, while others delay it.

In doing so, we eat with the sole purpose - to cover the needs of the body. If we follow this principle, the current three meals a day will be stopped. Also, the practice of snacking between the main meals and the evening before going to bed will stop.

Let's get acquainted in general with what appetite and hunger are, which are considered important signals of the body's need for food.

Appetite is primarily caused by the need for tissues to replenish the nutrient material. This need in a healthy person is transmitted to the brain, as in a resonator, and from the brain to the digestive organs, causing secretion of the digestive glands( gastric juice).All this gives peculiar sensations, which further strengthen the feeling of hunger and appetite;the latter is most often associated with certain specific f

oods( apparently, in some cases, the insufficiency of certain foods in the body).

Appetite can thus correspond to individual needs of the organism in these or other nutrients;hunger is most often associated with the requirement of the body in general for nutrients, regardless of the nature of the latter, just as a sense of thirst is revealed in the requirement of fluid in general, regardless of the nature of the latter.

Appetite can vary depending on a number of external influences: the state of the mouth, tongue, irritation of the taste buds;it can be caused by a certain smell, the accumulation of gastric juice in the stomach;it can vary depending on mental and physical work( the effect of fatigue on the loss of appetite, etc.).Everyone knows that appetite can appear without hunger when presenting the pleasure that a person receives from taking one or another food, one or another dish. .. more

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