Sometimes even the most seemingly innocuous diseases can lead to serious consequences, for the treatment of which you will have to use serious drugs or surgery. The exception is not a runny nose, which can develop into a hyperplastic rhinitis. This pathological process brings a number of unpleasant symptoms to the patient, so it is so important to perform effective treatment.


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hyperplastic rhinitis

It pronounced clinical picture allows you to recognize the disease and begin treatment. At the initial stage of hyperplastic rhinitis, the patient is concerned about the following symptoms:

  • breathing becomes very hard and difficult, sometimes breathing may be completely absent;
  • dry mouth;
  • during sleep the patient snores, and this condition lasts longer than a month;
  • poor appetite and memory impairment;
  • feeling of nasal congestion, even when the cavity is empty;
  • feeling of pressure and the presence of a foreign object in the nose;
  • pain in the head, which is aching;
  • bleeding from the nose;
  • mucus is formed from the nose, which can not be eliminated with the help of vasoconstrictive drops;
  • hearing impairment;
  • formation of prolonged inflammation, which can take a wavy course;
  • weakened immunity;
  • development of bacterial microflora in the nose;
  • acute shortage of oxygen due to proliferation of mucosal tissues.

On video hyperplastic rhinitis:

Treatment of

Therapy of the examined pathological process can occur with the help of medicines, surgery or folk recipes.


To cure hyperplastic rhinitis and improve health, you need to use the following medicines and tips:

  1. The patient must change his lifestyle and change the work of .This must be done without fail, if the pathology is at a late stage of development.
  2. Vasoconstrictors. This includes Ximplin and Nazivin. But they can not be used for more than 7 days, as this will lead to addiction, and how many days you can drip Nazivin to a child, you can read in this article.
  3. Topical glucocorticosteroids - Nazonex and Avamis. Learn more about this nasal spray, instructions for its use will help.

    Spray Nazonex

  4. Nasal shell massage with Splenin ointment and Protagol solution.


  5. In the nasal passages introduce corticosteroids, glycerin and glucose. The duration of therapy will be 7-10 manipulations.
  6. If the pathological process is at an average severity of the course, then cauterization of the nasal concha areas is applied using trichloroacetic acid.


With the help of physiotherapy it is possible to alleviate the symptoms and improve the influence of medications. But they can not act as separate methods of treatment. Another nasal cavity can be treated with such techniques as laser, ultrasound or cryotherapy.


Carrying out the physiotherapy procedure

With the help of the manipulations under consideration, the edematous tissues are removed. Perform them with local anesthesia. Thanks to them, the inflammation will be stopped, and the volume of the submucosa will decrease. But how to do physioprocedures with vasomotor rhinitis, will help understand this information.

treatment of chronic catarrhal rhinitis And here is how the treatment of chronic catarrhal rhinitis is performed and by what means, this article will help to understand.

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But how an operation is performed on hypertrophic rhinitis and how complicated this operation is, is described in detail in this article.


If the pathological process is difficult, the doctor decides on the appointment of the operation. For these purposes, use a medical scissors or a special loop. This operation is called a concotomy. Currently, doctors practice both full and submucosal conchotomy. The purpose of this surgery is that it removes the inflamed parts of the nasal concha, but this does not affect the healthy tissues of the nose.

TUI oil

This product has now been used for complex therapy of hyperplastic rhinitis. Apply it can both adults and small patients. The drug on the basis of thuya refers to serious immunomodulators, so that in folk medicine, decoctions from the leaves of this plant were widely spread. In addition, doctors allow the use of ether, which has many useful qualities. But whether it is worth using tuya oil for a cold and what kind of feedback exists on this subject is described in detail in this article.

tuya oil

Oil of thuja

In the treatment of hyperplastic rhinitis, the oily solution can only be used after a doctor's permission. The purpose of this application is to restore the defenses of the body and reduce the severity of inflammation. Before using the oil, you need to make sure that there is no allergy. To do this, treat the skin on the wrist and assess its condition in 15-20 minutes. If redness and itching are absent, then oil can be used.

Clean oil product can be used only for carrying out aroma procedures. But to drip clean oil in the nose is prohibited. For therapy involve the washing of the nasal passages of the oil solution or acquire a homeopathic remedy in the form of drops to relieve the symptoms of the inflammatory process.


Inhalation remains an effective method of therapy of hyperplastic rhinitis. They have many advantages:

  • has a local effect on the nasal mucosa, which can not be said for tablets;inhalation for adults
  • has a longer lasting effect than that of drops or sprays;
  • is deeper than ointments;
  • is a gentle and gentle action, compared to injections.

It is allowed to use a special glass inhaler, the name of which is Maholda. An ultrasonic nebulizer is also suitable for the procedure. When there are no such devices in the house, it is possible to inhale the medical vapors over the reservoir, having covered themselves with a towel. But how inhalations are done with tracheitis and by what means, is described in great detail in this article.

For carrying out steam inhalations it is necessary to use:

  • mashed potatoes, cooked in the skin;
  • herbal decoction;
  • hot( not above 85⁰) water with the addition of essential oils: eucalyptus, menthol, fir( 5-6 drops per 1 liter).

If you use an inhaler, you can use saline solutions:

  • 1 g of sea salt dissolved in 100 ml of hot water;inhalation in the clinic
  • saline solution( 10 g with table salt per 200 ml of water), you can add 15 drops of sea buckthorn oil, heated to 70-90 °;
  • saline with the room of the Kalanchoe juice, while the solution temperature should not exceed 50 °.

If a nebulizer is used, it is possible to add to it such solutions:

  • solutions from salt and alkalis;
  • tincture on alcohol with the addition of calendula, propolis;
  • Ethers, although this is only possible on certain models of the device;
  • antibacterial agents.

Hyperplastic rhinitis is a pathological process that can affect any person, regardless of age. The main thing in this case is to recognize the symptoms in time and begin adequate therapy. It must necessarily be complex and aimed at reducing inflammation and eliminating the cause of the disease.