Correctly balanced nutrition

Properly balanced nutrition

Correctly balanced nutrition

This type of food should be changed after cleansing. To maintain normal life processes in the body, he needs a certain amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats. Unfortunately, all these products leave in the body by-products of acid as a result of metabolism in tissues. This means that if a person lives mainly at the expense of this type of food - which happens almost to everyone nowadays, since the vast majority eats large quantities of white bread, white sugar, boiled potatoes and meat - then the body accumulates over timescum with acid reaction and thus the soil is prepared for excess acidity of blood and tissues, which is the first and the main cause of diseases.

Before the normal operation of the body, the blood and secretions must be alkaloid. Therefore, with the appointment of a diet, the doctor's first task is to restore the lost alkaloidity of blood and the body as a whole, destroyed by improper nutrition.

He achieves this by the fact that at least 75% of

the food consumed shows a certain alkaloid reaction in the body and only about 25% is acidic. It is for this reason that the bulk of the diet prescribed by it is made up of fruits and vegetables, especially raw ones. This is the main natural food with a certain alkaline reaction. This is the secret of all diets of natural healing and the reason for its surprising success. As for food with acid reaction, then, given that the degree of such a reaction in different products is different, one should choose such food from this group, which, giving the body the maximum of proteins, carbohydrates or fats, would form in it a minimum of acid waste.

In this part, meat in addition to the fact that it can quickly begin to rot in the intestines and as a result is highly toxic, has a pronounced acid reaction compared with the amount of protein substances coming with it in the body. From the point of view of naturopathy, meat is harmfulfood. Therefore, in a balanced diet, the amount of meat is reduced to a minimum, and is often excluded. Other food products - sugar, bread, cereals - are very active form acids, if they are used in the purified state in the form of white bread, white sugar, refined rice, etc., or there is a potato in the usual way, i.e.,clean it before cooking. But all these products are much less acidic if they are used in a natural way, for example: dark sugar, whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc., or eat potatoes cooked in a uniform or baked. In addition, no less important, such food, if it is in its natural state, retains all the valuable mineral salts and other vital substances.

As far as possible, sugar should be replaced with dried fruits and honey, because they contain much more suitable types of sugar for the body. Natural fats, most suitable for humans, butter, sour cream and olive oil. The best sources of proteins are milk and dairy products, eggs, nuts.

Your food should be rich in vitamins and potassium:

1. Vitamin C( ascorbic acid) contributes to the general resistance of the body. The most rich in vitamin C: rose hips, black currant, citrus fruits, onions, leafy vegetables. Vitamin A is very important, which is necessary for normal metabolism, the removal of toxins.

2. Vitamin A is formed from carotene, which comes with food, contained in carrots, lettuce, in green parts of plants, fish oil, egg yolk and caviar.

3. B vitamins affect the nutrition of nerve tissues. Vitamin B2 is essential for oxygen metabolism. With its lack, blood vessels burst, eyes are filled with blood. Sources of vitamin B2: green leaves of vegetables, apples, dark rice, brewer's yeast. Vitamin B6 is a natural soothing. With his lack of eyes suffer from fatigue. Sources of vitamin B6 - cabbage, bread, egg yolk, fish of all kinds.

Vitamin B12 helps maintain a rich red healthy blood. Sources of vitamin B12 - grapes and grape juices, parsley, egg yolk, prunes, apricots, black currant. Honey has a restorative effect and positively affects the organ of vision: eye adaptation in the darkness improves, visual acuity, color vision and the field of view widens.

Efficiency in this case increases if you use blueberries and ashberry red with honey, carrot cocktail with honey, lemongrass chinese with honey, sea buckthorn juice with honey, and also salad from raw carrots with walnuts and honey, etc.

4. Potassium- the most important mineral for maintaining youth and strength of the eyes. Potassium is found in apples, apple cider vinegar and honey. The daily potassium diet can consist of a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar on a glass of water.

But one should not make a special emphasis on vitamins, since the main task of proper nutrition is to restore the organism to its lost alkaloidity. Vitamins only play their true role when they enter the body with a variety of organic mineral salts.

And all this set of chemical compounds necessary for life, is just contained in the natural food that nature gives.

It is clear that products such as cakes, cakes, puddings and patties, cookies, etc. are not included in the diet. All kinds of seasoning, sauces are also excluded. Such drinks as tea, coffee, are stimulants, similar only to a low degree of alcohol. Therefore, they are also rejected. This, of course, does not mean that you can not drink a glass of not strong tea.

Yu. Saveleva "Methods of vision improvement"

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