Therapeutic properties of agave( radiculitis)

The healing properties of agave( radiculitis)

Therapeutic properties of agave( radiculitis)

In Mexico, stems and leaves of agave are eaten, juice is produced from sugar, molasses and alcoholic beverages( pulque and tequila).Of the agave fibers( sisal), they make strong ropes, ropes. The healing properties of this plant are also known. Most often, preparations prepared from leaves of agave are used to treat sciatica and sciatica. In addition, it is noted that agave also helps in a number of diseases of internal organs( lungs, liver, stomach, etc.).Juice from the leaves of the plant is also used as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic.

Application for various diseases

Radiculitis is a lesion of the roots of the spinal nerves. The main symptoms of the disease are severe pain along the course of the affected nerve roots.

Treatment of radiculitis should be prescribed by a doctor. In the treatment of radiculitis agave is used as an external remedy. It should be noted, however, that agave juice can cause reddening and

irritation of the skin, so treatment should be done carefully.

Recipe 1

100 g of agave leaves are washed, peeled and rubbed on a fine grater. The resulting gruel at night rubbing the lower back. The procedure is repeated every 2-3 days( depending on individual tolerability).If on the skin after the application of the product there will be itching and redness, treatment should be stopped.

Recipe 2

20 g of pulp of agave leaves are crushed, placed in a bottle of dark glass and poured 200 grams of vodka or 40% alcohol. Close the bottle with a lid and put it in a dark place for a week. After the specified time, tincture is filtered and used for grinding.

Recipe 3

200 g of honey mixed with 200 g of vegetable oil and 2 tablespoons of tincture of agave pulp. The mixture is aged for 5 days.

When taking infusions, decoctions and tinctures of agave inside, you should be careful, as they can cause irritation and even burns mucous. In no case should you use these drugs without first consulting a doctor. Marl napkin is covered with a thick layer of the obtained ointment, applied to a sore spot and bandaged. Leave for 30 minutes, after which the remnants of the ointment are removed with a moist tampon. The treatment is carried out for 5 days.

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