Where to treat the basal cell?

Where to treat the basaloma?

Where to treat the basal cell?

One of the varieties of skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma. For example, unlike melanoma, this disease is much easier to treat. Specialists in the field of medicine leave the basalioma an intermediate position just between dangerous malignant and almost harmless benign tumors. Although leaving the disease at all without treatment, of course, it is impossible.

Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment Methods for Basilioma

The name of the disease is derived from the name of the type of cells that are susceptible to change when the disease occurs. No one can name the exact causes of basal cell development. In general, this applies to all cancers in general. Of course, it contributes to the development of all types of skin cancer, a long uncontrolled stay in the sun, exposure to dangerous poisons on the human body and other pathogenic factors. It can be noted that it occurs in most cases in the elderly. Symptoms of the disease are more than eloquent.

In the open areas of the skin there are spots that change over time their appearance and shape.

Of course, with the first manifestations of the disease, even if you have no idea what it is, you should visit a specialist. The tumor is relatively easy to treat because of the fact that cancer cells are concentrated in only one place, do not spread through the blood and lymph throughout the body. Simply put, education in most cases does not metastasize. Identify the disease and make an accurate diagnosis can only an oncologist after a thorough and comprehensive examination. For these purposes, a number of tests are performed, a biopsy, after which the isolated affected area of ​​the skin is sent for histology.

After the picture of the course of the disease is somewhat clear, it is possible to start direct treatment. During this period, the most modern and progressive methods of combating the disease are used. This is also radiation therapy, which at the moment is the most effective method of treating such tumors, and surgical removal of the formation only within healthy tissues, and electrocoagulation, and even exposure to nitrogen.

Treatment of basal cell carcinoma in the Russian Federation

As mentioned above, basilioma treatment is performed on the basis of oncological clinics. In Russia, such institutions function everywhere. But in order to obtain an excellent result of treatment, it is better to contact large centers that cooperate with leading specialists around the world.

Specialized clinic of oncology, oncoimmunology and cytokinotherapy
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Hot line telephone: +7( 499) 579-84-84.

Russian Cancer Research Center. NN Blokhin RAMS
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Phone: +7( 495) 324 43 18.

Treatment of basal cell carcinoma in the world of

For each patient it is important not just to get rid of the disease. The aesthetic component of the whole result of the process is no less important. In many European clinics, care is taken to ensure that in the course of surgical intervention and removal of the basal cell, reconstructive plastic surgery is also performed.

The Wellington Hospital is a clinic located in the UK
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Phone: 020 7586 5959.

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