Where to treat vegetative-vascular dystonia

Where to treat vegetative-vascular dystonia

Where to treat vegetative-vascular dystonia

Sleep disturbed and worried about a constant sense of anxiety? There is a pain in the heart and there is a shortage of air? Feeling of a lump in your throat prevents you from concentrating on things? All the symptoms indicate that you have vegetative-vascular dystonia. The disease is characterized by a violation of the cardiac activity, the departments of the nervous and endocrine systems. To date, more than 70% of the population suffers from this insidious disease. It is noteworthy that with this diagnosis, many are quietly surviving to old age, without feeling any discomfort.

Nevertheless, one should know that with an exacerbation there can be heart attacks, strokes, heart attacks. People after such consequences have to behave more carefully in the future: less to strain the heart, avoid hard work and so on. The main age category of the population falling under vegetative-vascular dystonia is from 25 to 70 years. It is often enough to mask ot

her diseases under the VSD( endocrine pathology, arterial hypertension, mental disorders).It is important to know and, before starting treatment, to exclude all these cases.

For the best treatment use different methods. Among them:

  • physiotherapy;
  • massage;
  • reflexotherapy;
  • stimulation of the sense organs;
  • medication.

Prevention is mandatory since adolescence. It is necessary to perform simple procedures that strengthen the protective functions of the body. It is important to have a balanced diet, normal physical activity and a mandatory daily routine. All these simple rules will protect everyone from a possible ailment, and give soul harmony.

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Doing your health is easypay attention to yourself. And to feel fine, you need to do scheduled inspections and lead a correct lifestyle. And then, without any doubt, the body will reciprocate.

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