Where to treat vasculitis

Where to treat vasculitis

Where to treat vasculitis

An unpleasant vasculitis is considered a very serious and dangerous disease. It appears due to the damage to the walls of blood vessels accompanied by an inflammatory process. Infection can occur in any organs and tissues. Vessels narrow down, thereby provoking tissue death and death.

Vasculitis is primary and secondary , depending on the cause of the occurrence. The former arise on their own, without touching the organs at the same time. Secondary are characterized with concomitant pathologies. There are many classifications and subspecies of the disease. The difference between them is only in the degree of severity, the level of localization, and the forms of etiology.

Vasculitis occurs due to the immune diseases of , various allergic reactions, and in dangerous viral infections. Shows such common symptoms - fast fatigue, pallor, loss of appetite, increased body temperature.

Treatment of vasculitis is a very delicate and painstaking work. Beca

use for him they use special therapy.

First of all, you need to find out the extent of the disease and possible affected organs. As a rule, primary vasculitis of allergic origin does not require special intervention and passes by itself. In the event that the main vital organs of ( lungs, heart, brain, kidneys) were hit by the , aggressive intensive treatment is used for the patient. Often used corticosteroids in small doses. Therapy is carried out, first of all, for the normal recovery of organs affected by vasculitis. The degree of recovery directly depends on the correct diagnosis. Timely medical intervention and prescribed therapy can yield positive results.

Specialized medical centers, institutes, clinics:

Telephone: +( 972) -3-5284791

Clinic of Phlebology
Boulevard of Ivan Lepse, 4, Kyiv city, Ukraine
Phone: + 38044599-00-03

in Russia deserve many hospitals:

State Clinical Hospital №119 FMBA Russia
Moscow, Khimki, Novogorsk Microdistrict
Phone: 8( 495) 575-60-71

Clinical Hospital No. 6.
Moscow, ul. Marshal Novikova d. 23
Telephone:( 499) 261-58-20

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