How to properly watch TV

How to properly watch TV

How to properly watch TV

No one can watch a movie or a television program if the eyes do not move. Thus, both of these exercises can be very useful for the eyes, if you look correctly. Moreover, with these exercises you can improve your vision.

Notice how you sit, what your position is and how far away from the screen you are when watching TV.You should sit straight, with your head on one straight line with your spine. Most people do not pay any attention to the distance to the TV screen and sits down where the furniture is already set. If, for example, a couch is placed at the far end of the room, they will sit there, although a convenient distance for a better vision in their case might be a distance of 3 meters. Or if a chair is placed far away from the TV screen, they sit down on it and for several minutes, and sometimes they mow clock-wise in the direction of the screen to see what is being shown.

Children are generally allowed to take any pose, stretching, for example, on the flo

or or other horizontal place and gawping at an angle that causes stress for a long period of time.

The eyes when watching television programs should be given the same attention that is given to them when watching movies in theaters. There, the backs of the armchairs are arranged vertically, where the long-sighted person sits not in the second row, but goes back where his eyes are more comfortable. Conversely, myopic in the cinema do not sit down in the last row, but close enough to see without tension. So consider your TV as a home theater and arrange home according to their vision.

Eyes should be given rest at the slightest opportunity, for example, whenever someone on the screen utters his monologue. In this case, you can look at the image on the screen, remembering it, then close your eyes or, even better, make a palming while listening to the TV.It would not hurt your feelings. Then the eyes would not tire and were ready for the next program.

Fresh air is needed for your vision. The eyes must receive oxygen. Many families and their guests crowd in living rooms, paying no attention to ventilation, and in winter they are generally sealed in a warm apartment. Try when watching TV to provide the same good ventilation, whatever you provide your customers for business in your office or what you can get while visiting a movie theater.

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