What happens with allergies?

What happens with allergies?

What happens with allergies?

Depending on where and how an allergic reaction occurs, you can talk about allergies in the form of rhinitis, conjunctivitis, urticaria, Quincke edema, dermatitis, bronchial asthma or anaphylactic shock.

If after a meeting with an allergen you have a runny nose, sneezing, itching in the nose - this indicates that you have an allergic rhinitis.

The classic manifestations of allergic conjunctivitis are "hail tears", "sensation of a grain of sand" in the eyes, burning and photophobia.

Food allergy in children is most often manifested in the form of diathesis.

Skin manifestations of allergy are urticaria and atopic dermatitis.

The worst variant of development of an allergic reaction is anaphylactic shock( from the Greek ana - reverse and philaxis - protection).This severe and severe form of an allergic reaction most often occurs in response to taking medications or to biting insects, usually bees or wasps.

Anaphylactic shock causes a sudden itch

ing, followed immediately by difficulty breathing and shock caused by a sharp drop in blood pressure. A sign of anaphylactic shock is also a weak threadlike pulse, pallor and profuse sweat( sometimes reddening of the skin).In severe cases, anaphylactic shock can lead to pulmonary and brain edema, which can lead to death.

Various pevdoallergies may manifest similar to allergic symptoms, for example:

  • pseudo allergy caused by increased production of histamine in the body - occurs when consuming foods rich in this substance( for example, some types of cheese, sausage type "salami"), taking a number of medications, liver diseases andintestines;
  • pseudo allergies caused by abnormalities in the immune system. A typical example is the appearance of "allergic" symptoms in stress;
  • pseudo-allergy caused by metabolic disorders;The most vivid example is the intolerance of usual aspirin.

The combination of allergy and pseudoallergia manifests as aspirin bronchial asthma - bronchial asthma with intolerance to aspirin and other analgesics.

And absolutely the organism behaves quite unpredictably during pregnancy: the allergy or it can not be manifested at all, or manifest with its initial absence or with the existing allergy, you will have a period of significant improvement in your well-being.

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