Because of what there are edemas before monthly and how to get rid of them?

Premenstrual syndrome - a set of signs that occur in women in the second phase of the menstrual cycle. The changes are caused by fluctuations in the hormonal background. As a rule, all manifestations do not bring particular joy, but, on the contrary, hinder active life activity and worsen overall well-being. Swelling before menstruation is familiar to almost every woman. Most often poured and worried about the mammary glands, but excess fluid can accumulate throughout the body. Why is this happening and how to get rid of the problem?


  • 1 Causes of
    • 1.1 excess
    • 1.2 estrogen Lack of progesterone
    • 1.3 Prolactin
    • 1.4 Other
  • 2 mechanisms As shown
  • 3 Getting rid
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    • 3.2 Traditional methods
  • 4 prevents swelling before menstruation
    • 4.1 Lifestyleand nutrition
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    • 4.3 Folk remedies

Reasons for the appearance of

The edema of the premenstru

al syndrome( PMS) is one andthe most common. In some women, it occurs in conjunction with other species( cephalic, neuropsychiatric and others).There are many theories about the causes of such conditions on the eve of menstruation, but they are only approximate and presumptive. Proceeding from this, the treatment of such disorders is also effective only at the time of taking medications, and when the condition is canceled, the condition repeats.

Excess estrogen

The most common theory concerns the excess of female sex hormones in a girl's body. It is the imbalance of such active substances that plays the main role in the development and progression of edema and other manifestations of PMS.Its essence is as follows. It is believed that estrogens can stop sodium in the body of a woman. This entails the accumulation of fluid in the tissues, hence the swelling of the breast before menstruation or even the entire body.

Excess estrogens cause an even more vivid clinical picture and pronounced changes on the eve of critical days, when there is swelling of the face before the monthly, abdomen, etc.

Deficiency of progesterone

A significant role for progesterone deficiency is also given. It is believed that it has sodium diuretic( diuretic) effect. As a rule, excess estrogen is accompanied by a deficiency of progesterone, and both processes are synergists of each other. The result of such interaction brings considerable discomfort to a woman.


It has also been shown in studies that prolactin is capable of retaining sodium in the body, which entails additional fluid retention. But even at a normal value of this hormone in tissues there can be an increased sensitivity to it. As a result, the effect of prolactin will be more pronounced with normal analyzes in women.

Other mechanisms

Against the backdrop of stresses, psycho-emotional overloads there is a disruption of the interconnections at the level of the brain, which leads to excess production of ACTH - the hormone of the pituitary gland. And he through a certain system contributes to the enhanced reverse absorption of fluid in the kidneys. Also an important role is played by imbalance and deficiency of vitamins, especially group B, A, E and microelement of zinc. In most cases they act indirectly, influencing the production of prostaglandins, biologically active substances.

So, why swelling before menstruation appear in a large number of women, has not been fully studied. But clearly identified groups of girls who are prone to a pronounced clinical picture of premenstrual syndrome. These include women with the following conditions:

  • with overweight, which is due to the fact that fatty tissue is a source of estrogens;
  • are those who have chronic kidney disease, liver and cardiovascular disease;
  • after 40 years and during the period of menstrual function.

How the

manifests As a rule, in women before the monthly, the whole body or parts of it are swollen. In the first case, even on the scales, an increase of 2 to 3 kilograms is noticeable. This body seems heavy and pasty.

With swelling of individual parts, a woman feels uncomfortable in this area. Most often, complaints are made for pain and breast enlargement. Also in parallel with this, the waist often grows up. And it is caused not only by an oedemas, but, probably, and a swelling of an intestine.

If the eye swelling before the menstruation, arms, legs, etc., is worried, there is a high likelihood of concomitant pathology, for example, kidney problems. Then the clinical picture can become even brighter.

Symptoms of PMS

How to get rid of

Knowing about the body's predilection for such changes, it is better to try to prevent premenstrual syndrome. The most adequate and effective treatment can be prescribed only by a doctor. But often it is necessary to struggle with that is. For this, there are several tips for reducing swelling on the eve of critical days.


It is recommended to take easy diuretics, for example, veroshpirona. The drug will promote increased release of fluid from the body, thereby removing puffiness from the tissues. You can also use various diuretic herbs. These include cranberries, cranberries and others.

Folk methods

It is recommended to use various lotions, baths on certain areas of the body. Popular methods:

  • For swellings of eyelids and the area under the eyes, you can apply chilled, water-soaked tea bags with green tea.
  • It is recommended to take cotton pads and moisten in milk, where ice cubes should be placed first. Cold minicompressions must be applied to the eyelids.
  • Also in these cases, egg white is good. It must be shaken and applied to the place of puffiness on the face.
  • Sometimes fresh or frozen parsley is effective. To do this, it should be crushed and mixed with a few spoons of sour cream. The resulting mixture should be used as a face mask.
  • If the day before the swelling of your legs, you can prepare cubes from the solution of chamomile and coffee. And then lubricate the skin of the limbs daily. It is useful to wash your feet with a solution of salt, soda with the addition of a drop of iodine. You can also make baths from it.
  • It is also recommended to drink infusions from rose hips, chamomile, cowberry leaves.
  • There is an interesting recipe with a laurel leaf. To do this, you need to take it three or four pieces, pour a glass of boiling water and insist for several hours. And then take 100 ml three times a day. It is useful to drink it, even if the hands swell before menstruation.

Prevent edema before menstruation

But it is most effective to combat the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome in advance. It is necessary to undergo examination with specialists, as for normal edema can be a serious pathology, for example, kidney failure.

All methods of therapy can be divided into several groups: changing lifestyle and nutrition, medicines, traditional medicine.

Each has its own shortcomings and advantages, but more effectively use complex treatment. How to get rid of edema before menstruation, will prompt one more advice, time-tested.

Lifestyle and Nutrition

No matter how corny it may sound, but proper nutrition enriched with fresh fruits and vegetables helps to fight a woman with edema including. Particular attention should be paid to vitamins of group B, A, C and zinc. A lot of them are contained in lettuce, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, meat and dairy products. Therefore, the diet of any woman should always contain these ingredients.

Dosed physical activity will also help to remove excess fluid from the body. But in no case should you limit your drinking regimen, otherwise you can earn dehydration. Any physical exercises stimulate diuresis and intestinal motility in any woman, therefore, as a rule, after training, there is always a speed in the urge to go to the toilet.

Also sports balances the nervous system, and this establishes connections between tissues and organs, balances the hormonal profile of a woman. After all, the excess of estrogen and the lack of gestagens are the main cause of edema development.

A woman should adjust her body weight. It is known that fatty tissue is a source of estrogens. The more extra pounds, the more pronounced edema and other manifestations of premenstrual syndrome.

It should also be understood that in the presence of concomitant pathology in a woman can exacerbate manifestations of PMS.For example, the swelling of the legs before menstruation will be brighter for those who have varicose veins of the lower extremities. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the treatment, sometimes even on the operational, in order to improve the quality of your life.

Pain in the legs as a sign of PMS

We recommend reading an article on leg pain as a sign of PMS.From it you will learn about the causes of discomfort before the monthly in adolescents and women, leg problems with menopause, as well as ways to get rid of the pain.

Medical treatment

In the fight against premenstrual syndrome, and edema in particular, use a large number of drugs, usually hormonal.

Oral contraceptives

These are the most effective means. But correctly to pick up a medicine the gynecologist in view of age, health of the woman can only. Modern contraceptives often include hormones that have a diuretic effect. For example, "Jess".As a result, there is a significant decrease in the engorgement of the mammary glands, the pastosity of the tissues and even the swelling of the abdomen are gone before the menses.

But conventional contraceptives, creating an artificial hormonal background in women, can minimize manifestations of PMS.

Sometimes it is possible to administer only gestagens to the second phase. Often used "Dufaston" or "Norkolut".Take it should be from 16 to 25 days of the menstrual cycle.

Prolactin correction

If the analysis determines an increase in the level of prolactin, its correction often leads to a decrease in the degree of swelling, including. The most effective are such drugs as "Dostinex" or "Parlodel".

Vitamin preparations

Given that the role of deficiencies in certain vitamins plays a role in the pathogenesis of edema, regular intake of complexes will also help reduce the severity of PMS.Especially effective are special formulations for hormonal background correction. For example, "Time factor" and the like. Often they help remove the swelling of the breast before menstruation and its soreness.


Taking diuretics with the onset of the second phase helps women also effectively combat swelling. The most suitable for the mechanism of action is "Veroshpiron."

Food supplements and homeopathic remedies

One can not ignore the effect of patented non-traditional medicine. As a rule, at the time of taking dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies, all symptoms of PMS, including swelling, are minimal or not at all disturbing the woman.

One of the popular and effective is "Cyclodinon", "Mastodinon" and others. But often with the withdrawal of drugs there is a return of all symptoms.

Folk remedies

Many women still prefer the use of plants for treatment and prevention, so they are interested in how to relieve swelling before menstruation, using them. The following herbs proved to be effective in these situations:

  • melissa,
  • acacia,
  • mint,
  • calendula,
  • ayr,
  • cornflower and others.
For the preparation of ordinary infusions, about 2 to 3 table spoons of leaves or flowers are needed, they should be poured with 400-500 ml of hot water. Take should be 20 - 30 ml several times a day. You can use one kind of plant, it is also useful and a combination of several, for example, valerian, mint and chamomile or cornflower, lemon balm and calendula.

If there is swelling before menstruation, how to deal with them effectively tells the doctor. Of course, a woman should be examined and examined by a specialist for the detection of diseases that can aggravate or provoke such conditions. Since the main cause of the appearance of puffiness lies in the violation of the hormonal background, the most effective way is hormonal correction in combination with vitamin and phytotherapy. But the most suitable scheme will be able to pick up only a qualified specialist after examining and determining the level of health of a woman.