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Among the most unpleasant signs of critical days, most women suffer the most painful sensations. Some they accompany the whole period, other lucky ones suffer this only a few hours. But in each case, women tend to get rid of them as soon as possible. Therefore, tablets with monthly are often the same need as hygiene products. Which of the drugs will help quickly and with a minimum of adverse events? Will there be effective folk recipes for menstrual pain? To understand this and choose your option, you should consider all possible.


  • 1 What happens
  • 2 pain Where does it come
  • 3 How to prevent menstrual cramps
  • 4 First aid for menstrual pain
  • 5 Medicines relieve pain during menstruation
    • 5.1 Nonsteroidal means
    • 5.2 antispasmodics
    • 5.3 Analgesics
    • 5.4 Dicynone
    • 5.5 Hormonepain treatment
  • 6 Medicinal herbs for menstruation pain
    • 6.1 Nettle-based products
    • 6.2 Water pepper for painful menstruation

What happens pain

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It would seem that it may be more natural for menstruation in a young and healthy woman? But for some reason, it almost always accompanies pain. It can have a different character: aching, pulling, cramping or constant. It is not surprising that women are concerned with the question: how to get rid of pain with menstruation?

Specialists share it on the strength of sensations on several degrees:

  • The first is characterized by insignificance, practically does not interfere with existence. Such menstrual pain can completely pass after childbirth;
  • The second is to enhance sensations, complement their dizziness, nausea, chills. The working capacity of a woman decreases, the psychological and emotional state worsens. Here you can not do without pills during menstruation and in the premenstrual period;
  • The third degree does not allow to forget about itself intensive pains not only in the bottom triangle of a stomach, but also a sacrum, rising of temperature, vomiting, tachycardia, weakness. If a woman has to experience such feelings monthly, this can lead her to a depressive state, but not only. Severe menstrual pain is most often a symptom of a gynecological disease.

There are several signs that should not only make a woman think what to drink with menstruation, but without delay, seek medical advice from a gynecologist:

  • Pain that interferes with going to school, work;
  • Associated with her nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headache;
  • Intensive and prolonged bleeding, especially with clots;
  • Severe painful manifestations in a woman taking oral contraceptives;
  • Suddenly developed spasms in middle age, if previously menstruation was not accompanied by anything like this;
  • Absence of an anesthetic effect at reception of medicines.

Where does it come from

Doctors believe that the wine of the appearance of abdominal pain on critical days mostly becomes hormonal disorders. Progesterone and estrogen, as well as FSH and others, that are produced by the body regulate the process of menstruation in general. This is a reasonably innocuous reason when it comes to a small malfunction. More serious ailments provoking severe spasms during menstruation are:

  • Urinary tract problems;
  • Bend or underdevelopment of the uterus;
  • Inflammatory gynecological diseases, adhesions;
  • Tumors, cysts of female organs;
  • Endometriosis.

In some cases, pills from stomach pain with menstruation even help. But in the next cycle, the sensations come back, because the cause has not disappeared anywhere.

How to prevent menstrual pain

what to drink with menstruation

This is possible in the absence of pathological causes for its occurrence. Of great importance is the food ration. There are other methods that reduce abdominal pain:

  • Reduction or better exclusion of meat and dairy products before the onset of menstruation;
  • Drinking fresh vegetable juices, especially beet and carrot, as well as parsley;
  • Reception of calcium, magnesium, vitamins B and E;
  • Moderate and adequate physical activity. This can be a morning exercise, stretching exercises, yoga;
  • No stress.

If you adhere to these elementary rules, then you may not have to think about how to relieve pain with menstruation. In the absence of serious diseases, the normalization of the way of life will completely cope with it. The best, if it will not be a one-time measure before menstruation on pain of pain, but a constant habit.

First aid for menstrual pains

If a problem arises, a woman needs to decide what to do if her stomach hurts with menstruation. Is it possible to immediately swallow a handful of pills? If the sensations are tolerable, do not rush. After all, drugs inevitably affect not only the uterus, but also other organs that do not need it at all. It is worth trying other methods of getting rid of the pain:

  • Warmer on the bottom of the stomach. The drug will relieve spasm, relax the muscles;
  • Exercises from yoga to relaxation. For example, the "cobra posture" with a slow slope to the floor and the same lifting, first the head, then the chest, etc. You can try the "bow posture" when, lying on your stomach, you need to bend back, holding your ankles. Or breath with a belly from the book put on it;
  • Acupressure. The impact on the area under the knee from the inside is able to relieve the pain. This massage will also help massage the loins of tennis balls, if you lie on them.

Medicines for pain relief during menstruation

tablets for pain with menstruation

Most of the employed women do not have time and opportunities to normalize their way of life and thus get rid of the unpleasant manifestations of critical days. And the problem of how to relieve pain with menstruation, it is necessary to solve with the use of additional tools and methods. Not only are modern pharmaceutical preparations capable of this. Sometimes the best option is decoctions, elixirs and infusions of medicinal plants. The great-grandmother's recipes in the absence of allergy help not less effectively, and side effects are less. But in each case, your own choice should be checked with the opinion of a specialist.

Nonsteroidal drugs

These tablets are painfully effective against menstruation due to their pronounced anti-inflammatory properties. They should be taken 2-3 days before the calendar period of menstruation, so that the effect is most complete. Among the drugs of this group are:

  • Ibuprofen. Dosage - 6 tablets per day;
  • Naproxen. Do not take more than 4 tablets a day;
  • Ketoprofen. Enough 6 pieces per day;
  • Diclofenac. Enough 3 pieces per day;
  • Indomethacin. At day time 3 tablets;
  • Piroxicam. A day is enough for 3 tablets.
The usual form of the last three mentioned drugs will successfully replace the candles. Their action is more effective if there are such manifestations as nausea and vomiting, and the tablets simply do not linger in the stomach, the active substances do not have time to assimilate.

Candles during menstruation will give the same result of anesthesia if you apply them 2 times a day for one piece with a large time interval. Tablets are also taken at intervals, washed down with water, and not with juices, milk or tea. Usually it is 3-4 times a day after meals to protect the stomach mucosa.

These drugs have contraindications that exclude their use:

  • Allergy to components;
  • Exacerbations of gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Bleeding, other than menstrual;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Renal, hepatic and congestive heart failure.


The common cause of menstrual pain is the uterine contractions. The body seeks to expel the endometrium layer that has served its end. Hence the convulsive contraction of smooth muscles and painful sensations. Cope with them is possible, using antispasmodics:

  • But the spine with monthly relaxes the squeezed muscles of the uterus. Neutralizing the action of prostaglandin, the drug allows for more intensive excretion of excreta. Pads will have to be changed more often, but the pain will pass and the menstruation will end sooner. For the most effectiveness, the drug is often combined with analgin. For a day it is acceptable to take 6 tablets of both drugs. But the spawn is easily replaced by a cheaper analogue called drotaverin;
  • Papaverine. In a day you can take up to 5 tablets with the same result of relaxing the smooth muscles of the uterus and analgesic effect;
  • Galidor. To achieve the effect, 3 pieces per day are sufficient. This drug will also have a calming effect, since it has weak tranquilizing properties;
  • Spasmalgon with monthly effective pain relieves pain and relieves inflammation, thanks to the available in the composition of analgin. Its other component, the hydrochloride of the pitophenone, reduces the tone of the uterus, removing the spasm of smooth muscles. Bromide fenpiverinia actively fights with the strain of the muscular layer of the urinary organs. You can take no more than 6 tablets a day;
  • Buskopan. Save from pain when taken up to 5 times a day, also relieve spastic contractions of the uterus during menstruation;
  • Spasgan with monthly, thanks to the presence of anesthetic and antispasmodic components, acts similar to previous drugs. For a day allowed to drink 6 tablets.
All mentioned preparations can be administered and intramuscularly. The effect of anesthesia will come faster. Tablets are divided into 3-4 reception. Replace them with other drugs will have to those who have been diagnosed with:
  • Renal or hepatic insufficiency;
  • Allergy;
  • Arterial hypotension;
  • Glaucoma.


These tablets for pain with menstruation effectively relieve not only of them, but also of the fever and weakness they provoked. Among readily available:

  • Analgin;
  • Baralgin;
  • Minalgin;
  • Piretin;
  • Novalgin;
  • Ronaldin.

All preparations are taken in an amount not exceeding 6 tablets per day. You can not use them when:

  • Problems with the functioning of the liver and kidneys;
  • Individual intolerance to drug components;
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Diseases of the hematopoietic organs.


Pain during menstruation may be accompanied by duration and by the abundance of excreta. Then, after consulting with a gynecologist, you can use the blood-restoring drug dicinone. Instructions for use with the monthly are as follows:

  • Use 250 mg per day for prolonged and painful menstruation before it ends, but not longer than 10 days;
  • Take the same dose, but already 3 or 4 times a day, starting from the 3rd day of the month, for a week. This will help normalize the process next month.
Dicynin is usually prescribed not so much as an anesthetic for a month, but for the sake of preventing these sensations. Especially if a woman has fibroma or fibroids.
Do not use the drug with a tendency to thrombosis, increased blood viscosity.

But in the absence of contraindications in excessive dosage it is capable of provoking:

  • Increased blood pressure;
  • Rashes on the skin;
  • Nausea;
  • Heartburn.

Hormonal pain treatment

Sometimes the causes of pain lie in this part. Hormones belong to the menstrual cycle of great importance, and their imbalance can manifest itself including unpleasant sensations in the abdomen and lower back. Directly pain with monthly tablets, intended for protection from pregnancy, do not treat. But their reception can have a beneficial effect on the hormonal background, and therefore, reduce the manifestations caused by its malfunction.

The following preparations are able to help in this:

  • Antiovin;
  • Diane-35;
  • Ovidon;
  • Triziston;
  • Jarina.

The choice of the right drug is done with the doctor to avoid mistakes and get the opposite result.

Medicinal herbs from menstruation pain

pain reliever with monthly

The problem of how to reduce pain with menstruation can be solved without medication. There are many people's ways and means to reduce feelings. They will be effective in those cases when the cause of the pain is a malfunction in the urinary system, problems with the intestines, which usually worsen during critical days. Herbs also have antibacterial, soothing nerves, antispasmodic properties. Great-grandmothers, who also had painful periods, what to do with them, they knew well. Therefore, old recipes can be trusted:

  • Oregano during menstruation will relieve the severity of the lower abdomen.2 tablespoonsthe herbs are kept in 400 ml of boiling water for 30 minutes. To drink it is necessary in 3 receptions for half an hour before meal all volume of a liquid;
  • The calf bark will have a similar effect if poured 4 tsp.200 ml of water and leave for 30 minutes. Stretching the broth, it is added to the previous amount, and take 1 tablespoon.before meals 3 times a day;
  • A mixture of mint, chamomile and valerian root, if the herbs are taken in a 2: 2: 1 ratio, they will relieve pain and nervousness. From 1 tsp.collection and 200 ml of boiling water make infusion( hold 30 minutes), filter and drink 2 tablespoons.three times a day.

Nettle-based products

Nettle with monthly help to get rid of pain, due to the high content of vitamin K. It promotes healing of the mucous, so the means based on the plant normalize the volume of secretions. Nettles will give strength, save from anemia, will favorably affect the entire cycle. More its impact on the body with the monthly can be described as follows:

  • Blood coagulates faster;
  • The lost iron is replaced, hemoglobin normalizes;
  • The amount of vitamin C is restored.

What to do when the stomach hurts with menstruation:

  • 1 tbsp.l. Leave the leaves for 10 minutes in a glass of water. Strain broth, divide into 4 doses, take before eating;
  • Take the nettle extract purchased in the pharmacy and, dissolving in a glass of water, take 30-40 drops before meals for half an hour;
  • Add the bag and leaves of the field horsetail to the nettles in the same proportions.1 tspmixture pour 200 ml of water and infuse 8 hours. The filtered liquid should be drunk before breakfast and dinner in half a cup.

You can start taking nettle-based funds shortly before the onset of critical days, if there are no contraindications:

  • Excessive blood clotting;
  • Varicose;
  • Thrombophlebitis;Atherosclerosis and hypertension;
  • Allergies.

Water pepper for painful menstruation

Water pepper with monthly was used in ancient Greece. It also has a large amount of vitamin K, as well as glycosides, which stop bleeding. Routine contained in it, prevents damage to blood vessels, reducing their permeability. And the tannins included in the composition, apart from the blood-restoring effect, affect the state of the intestines, reducing gas formation and feeling of bursting. Than greatly contribute to reducing its pressure on the uterus, and hence, and pain syndrome. Known and repeatedly tested 2 prescriptions:

  • 1 tbsp.plants pour 200 ml of water, warm in a water bath and insist 45 minutes. The resulting liquid is added to the original volume. The medicine is taken by 1 tbsp.3-4 times a day. This is done for 3-6 months not only during menstruation;
  • Take in equal parts a crushed plant and medical alcohol. Hold the mixture for 2 days in the dark. The extract of water pepper will help in a dosage of 35-40 drops 3 times a day.
Do not tolerate the treatment of menstrual pain by means of this plant:
  • Kidney disease;
  • Individual intolerance;
  • Inflammation of the urinary bladder.

Whatever method a woman chooses to use in the fight against pain syndrome, one should agree on her choice with a specialist. Otherwise, the use of tablets with monthly, as well as folk remedies, can at best be useless. It must also be understood that anesthesia is an emergency measure. In order to bring the condition to normal, it is necessary to know the cause of this syndrome on critical days and to direct efforts to eliminate it, and not only deal with the consequence.

Before using any medication, consult your doctor. There are contraindications.