Fortune-telling for monthly

Everything that has been associated with menstruation since ancient times was given to people of magical significance. And women in critical days were considered endowed with special power, dangerous, "unclean", close to the devil. It is not surprising that divination by monthly was called one of the correct ways to know the future. After all, female intuition is one of the most accurate life barometers. And on critical days, all feelings are particularly acute.


  • 1 How to correctly guess the monthly
    • 1.1 Time prediction
    • 1.2 How to find destiny by the days of the week
    • 1.3 What is the day of the month
  • 2 Signs for the monthly

How to guess the monthly

fortune telling on monthly for love

Divination by monthly, 2 variants of which are known andare used today( by hours and days), implies compliance with certain rules:

  • Predict events only for the current month;
  • For accuracy it is better to use a combination of methods of divination;
  • Guessing can be done once in a cycle, on the first day of menstruation;
  • If the monthly prompts something favorable, you can not share it with anyone, otherwise a good event may not happen because of extraneous interference or someone else's thoughts.

The women who perform these nuances note the accuracy of the results when using divination by monthly. Feng Shui, who in our time is given more importance, also takes as a basis this way to find out personal destiny and considers it very serious.

Predicting by time

fortune telling on monthly for love

This is the beginning of the first of the critical days. The result depends on the time of day of arrival of menstruation:

  • Early morning hours. They are the most successful for the beginning of menstruation. Their owner in this cycle is waiting for a new love that will not interfere with harmony with other close people. It is favorable for the restoration of contacts with the present misunderstanding throughout the whole month. And with those with whom a good relationship has developed, they will remain so. It's not just about your favorite, but also friends, parents, colleagues;
  • Daytime, from 11 to 13 hours. At the beginning of menstruation during this period, there is also no need to worry. Divination by critical days predicts in this case a lot of joyous events in the month, luck in business;
  • Afternoon, from 14 to 17 hours. For those who have started monthly from this time of the day, there is a danger of major troubles, failures that lie in wait in the near future. You have to be careful and trust only yourself;
  • Evening from 18 to 21 hours. This time of the beginning of critical days does not promise great troubles, but events that will cause longing or feeling of loneliness are possible for a long time;
  • Night. This period for the arrival of menstruation is the most unfortunate. A woman should expect separation from her dear people. Probably, it will be caused by deception on their part or dishonesty. There are other unpleasant surprises.

How to find out the fate of the days of the week

It is important what day of the week the monthly starts. Divination by the female cycle in this case will be more accurate if you combine it with the previous method. The values ​​of the days of the week of arrival of menstruation look like this:

  • Monday. Almost always means a lot of trouble and excitement. They will be pleasant or not very pleasant, it depends not on the monthly. Probably both, and another development of events. Menstruation on Monday can portend also the receipt of an expensive gift from a loved one. It is worth accepting it or not, the woman has to decide herself;
  • Tuesday. The onset of menstruation, which occurred on the second day of the week, indicates an imminent meeting with an old friend or acquaintance who has not been in a woman's life for a long time. Sometimes it heralds acquaintance with a person who will soon take the main place in her life. Even rarer, but nevertheless, the onset of menstruation on Tuesday means a life change;
  • Wednesday. The onset of critical days in the middle of the week is unfavorable. Predictions on the menstrual cycle indicate impending troubles that will take up all the time and thoughts in the next month. But none of them is fatal, and if efforts are made, the problems are solvable. This is a kind of signal and a warning of fate, a sign that you do not have to give up;
  • Thursday. The most controversial day for the onset of menstruation. This can be a sign of the subsequent stormy celebration in a large company. Perhaps all will be a guest, or a woman will have to take people at home. It is important that the meeting can be both joyful and cause big trouble. In any case, you should be on your guard;
  • Friday. A very good day to start critical. Fortune-telling on monthly predicts pleasant but unexpected news that can completely change the life of a woman. But for this she will have to make some efforts;
  • Saturday. Also a very favorable day for the arrival of menstruation. Means a string of good events in life. Many blessings seem to fall from the sky, do not require any effort on the part of the woman, difficulties will be eliminated in exactly the same way. Probably an unexpected declaration of love or the fulfillment of a desire that has long been forgotten. How to treat these events, decide the woman herself;
  • Sunday. The results of fortune telling on the monthly, come on the last day of the week, like active and cheerful girls. They testify to the onset of time of carelessness and joy. Still it will be possible to solve many problems of a personal nature, as well as contradictions with a loved one.

What is the day of the month

fortune telling on moonlit days

This is also an important indicator. A horoscope on critical days will not do without the magic of numbers. The values ​​of the arrival of menstruation by the number of the month:

  • 1. Means pleasant events that give an incentive to life, even euphoria;
  • 2. They threaten with disappointment in relatives or their actions;
  • 3. They can portend a quarrel that can develop into enmity or soon be forgotten;
  • 4. It is expected to fulfill the desire;
  • 5. Means a pleasant surprise from a loved one;
  • 6. Presents a stream of gossip and slander, it is likely that the enemies are going to do muck;
  • 7. On this day, divination by month for love predicts the appearance of a man for whom a woman will become the meaning of life;
  • 8. Do not wait long for yourself to jealousy of the beloved. Probably, he himself will give her a real reason;
  • 9. Menstruation predicts the appearance in a woman's life of people who will want to upset her personal happiness. Perhaps they were all along;
  • 10. Critical days let you know about the imminent love or renaissance of a relationship with the former boyfriend;
  • 11. There may be manifestations of unreasonable jealousy and suspicion on the part of a woman or her lover in relation to her. There is a danger of losing everything because of the invented nonsense;
  • 12. There will be a chance to meet love, but also the danger that a woman will want to bewitch;
  • 13. Menstruation, which began on this day, foreshadows serious difficulties;
  • 14. Means the possibility of pleasant news;
  • 15. A woman should wait for unpleasant surprises from a friend and lover;
  • 16. Monthly on this day warn against excessive chatter and gossip. They can turn into a big scandal;
  • 17. Anticipation of separation from the beloved, long or short. In the latter case, a quarrel can play a role;
  • 18. Divination by month for marriage unmarried will let know about the imminent offer, and for a family woman mean a new turn in the relationship;
  • 19. A new love is likely to come, but most likely without reciprocity and with the expectation of a man;
  • 20. Menstruation can indicate an impending deceit from friends and loved one. Perhaps they believe that this is a lie for good;
  • 21. Cautions about a serious deception that can end a relationship or destroy a family;
  • 22. Presents financial well-being;
  • 23. Menstruation in these days will bring pleasant events that will become suddenly of great importance in the life of a woman, can make her happy;
  • 24. Monthly predict the holiday with the arrival of a large number of guests in the house;
  • 25. A new acquaintance, which can remain simply pleasant or become fateful;
  • 26. Meeting with a person who will become a reliable and understanding friend;
  • 27. Monthly promises of fulfillment of desires with the help of an unexpectedly arisen person in life;
  • 28. Presents a lull in your personal life, but success in work and financial profit;
  • 29. Probably a chain of events that will lead to much chagrin, tears. It is not necessary to hide them from loved ones, help will come from them;
  • 30. Menstruation predicts the appearance in life of a new person and a long relationship with him;
  • 31. Soon the woman is waiting for changes in the form of travel. It is possible that it will be caused by the need to leave because of her unseemly act.

Signs for monthly

Signs on monthly

The day and time of the onset of menstruation can not only predict a personal destiny. Signs on the monthly concern many aspects of life and often coincide with the requirements of hygiene, are useful for maintaining health:

  • It was forbidden to swim in the river and go to church;
  • In critical days, the woman was not allowed to cook food, household chores;
  • With monthly it was impossible to plant plants, this is a threat to harvest;
  • Menstruation, which began with the girl on her wedding day, foreshadowed her children a hard life. To avoid this, she needed to read the plot;
  • A woman whose critical days began on a full moon was considered a witch. She could not look at people and livestock in order to avoid the evil eye;
  • Menstruating woman was endowed with the ability to protect houses from fire. To do this, she spent 3 times burning a building, and the fire did not pass to others;
  • In a month's blood they sprinkled their own house to protect it.

For the most certainty, experienced women use fortune telling on monthly moonlit days. In the 1st, 12th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 23rd, 26th, 29th day, this makes no sense. If the onset of menstruation occurred on all other lunar days, the results will be accurate.