Why dream monthly?

To date, there are hundreds of dream books, each of which treats the same dream in its own way. This makes it difficult to make the right choice of this or that interpretation. Therefore, it is important to consider under what circumstances you dreamed about a month's sleep. The person's personality and sleep time also affect the meaning of sleep. Quite often, a dream about a month can be a "physiological" dream, which foreshadows women with an irregular cycle about the approaching changes in the body. It is believed that the most favorable such a dream is for pregnant women - it portends a light and painless birth.

what does the blood dream about?


  • 1 brief dream interpretation Deliz Lynn
  • 2 Oriental Dream Book
  • 3 Old Persian Dream Book Taflisi
  • 4 other value gives us Erotic Dream Book Danilova:
  • 5 Female sonnik
  • 6 Esoteric Dream Book
  • 7 What dreamed monthly - sonnik Longo
  • 8 Dream interpretation of the XXI century
  • 9 English dream book
  • 10 Everyday sonnik

brief dream interpretationDeliz Linn

Says that if the dreams are monthly, then this is evidence of the coming sharp changes: getting rid of old unnecessary things in life and new beginnings. Often this dream warns a woman about possible health problems. So, after seeing a dream about the monthly, you need to be extremely attentive to your inner sensations.

East Dream Book

Serious problems can bring a dream, where you see blood-stained clothing.

Ancient Persian dream book of Taflisi

One must be very careful about changes and beware of misconduct in life if they saw a month's sleep in their dreams. Also, if you have seen a dream with monthly blood, a modern dream book warns about possible dangers and exacerbation of chronic diseases, so if possible, conduct medical diagnostics and watch your health.

Another value is given to us by Danilova's Erotic dream book:

  • in the near future a dreamer can lose something very important without even noticing it. Seeking to hold on to something in life, a person simply loses strength and energy. Learn to accept losses and take them as a step to something bigger.
  • menstruation in a dream can talk about some kind of forced and necessary victim. But it is the awareness of this necessity that gives you freedom;opens the way to a new life.

Female dream book

Blood, a month's dream, explains how to warn about possible diseases of the genitourinary system. Be extremely careful in their sexual relationships!

Esoteric Dream Book

Warns that sudden menstruation in a dream can speak not only about the disease, but also about the loss that will take a person by surprise. The abundance of blood testifies to the serious consequences of a possible incident.

If you do not wait for a month in a dream, then this indicates a temporary impossibility of solving the problem. It remains to be patient - and wait for changes for the better.

dream book blood monthly

Why dreamed a dream - dreamy Longo

If a man has dreamed of menstruation - this is evidence of his cleanliness and disgust in bed with a girl. Bedding is a place of passion and love. Do not focus on your accuracy, just think about feelings. For women, this dream book advises not to pin great hopes on a date, if a month before it.

Suffice laconically explains the monthly French dream book. If you dreamed of menstruation - wait for a meeting with relatives.

Dream of the XXI century

  1. If the girl had a dream of a monthly delay - she is promised a meeting with a rich man, and the connection between them will be short, but passionate.
  2. Menstruation, a dream of a young woman symbolizes the danger of gynecological diseases.
  3. A healthy baby is promised a monthly, dreamed woman in position.

English Dream Book

Menstruation displays a person's awkwardness in sexual matters, as well as the ability of a woman to bear a child. If in a dream you feel like blood is flowing on your legs - this is evidence of the serious consequences of your mistakes.

The everyday dream book

Menstruation in the dream book is interpreted as temporary difficulties in a woman's life, with which she will find it difficult to cope on her own. A dream dreaming a man can testify to a serious illness of his lover.

Do not be afraid if you dreamed of a month. Our nature is such that dreams should warn a person. Be attentive to your health and environment, avoid hasty decisions, and listen to your inner voice - and you easily avoid all problems.

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