Privorot for monthly

People could not always explain the nature and purpose of the months, so they closely linked their appearance with the dark forces. And the woman during this period was considered to be akin to them. The menstrual secretions were attributed to miraculous possibilities in love magic. And to this day one of the strongest is considered a love spell for monthly blood, the consequences of which are assessed in different ways.


  • 1 Advantages and disadvantages of a love plot with the help of monthly
  • 2 How to make a love spell
    • 2.1 How to achieve the love of an unmarried man
    • 2.2 Is it possible to return a husband's love
  • 3 How to remove a spell with a month's blood
  • 4 Is love magic safe for menstruation?

Advantages and disadvantages of a love conspiracy with the help of monthly

love spell on monthly blood

Among the obvious advantages are:

  • Simplicity of rituals. A woman does not need complex or difficult-to-get ingredients. The magical power li
    es in her menstrual blood;
  • No money costs. A love spell can be carried out independently without resorting to sorcerers and magicians;
  • In most cases, the effect does not have to wait long.

The minuses of the spell on menstrual blood are:

  • The unpredictability of the result, including the likelihood of negative consequences for relationships and health;
  • Sometimes it's impossible to give a man a drinking drink;
  • Short-term action in case of success;
  • Translation of relations to a more primitive level.

How to make a spell

Before you implement, it's worth thinking about whether you need it. Some magicians believe that this is a very strong love spell, which is difficult to get rid of later. And if the woman's love passes, the relationship will become a torment for both. Others, on the contrary, are sure that the casting on the menstrual blood is unreliable, since it affects the low sides of the male nature, and it must be done every month. And not the fact that the relationship will be as you want. There are several ways to tie a man with menstrual blood. To do this, you need a fluid mid-monthly, in the first and last days it does not have this strength.

How to achieve the love of an unmarried man

A love spell for a month is done by adding menstrual flow to drinks or food:

  • A small drop of light cotton cloth is applied a drop of blood, wait until it dries. The material is burned, the ashes are poured into the drink, which is intended for the man. The most suitable for this is red wine;
  • Menstrual blood is added to the food with the words that a woman dreams of getting from a loved one. There is no exact text, but it must be his name;
  • Two or four drops( but only an even number) are mixed in the food, saying: "My blood has gone, I do not need it, but I need a slave( the name of a man)."The dish must be eaten by someone whom they want to charm. After that, he will feel an irresistible attraction to the woman;
  • If you add 2 drops of a month's blood to wine and say 7 times: "As my blood is in me, so you, slave( man's name) come to me", a loved one will not want to exist without this woman;
  • To bewitch a guy you love, with whom there are no relationships yet, you can use menstrual blood, sugar and a candle bought in the church. Doing the ritual is necessary late at night, but better after midnight. It is necessary to light a candle and drop blood on a piece of sugar, while saying the words: "How dear to me is my blood, so to you,( name of a man), I will road I( woman's name)."After that, you need to sit for a while, closing your eyes and imagining yourself with your beloved. Draw mentally the picture of a happy joint future is necessary until the candle burns down. A week after the ceremony, a piece of sugar, divided into three parts, is added to a drink intended for the coveted man. Do this not at once, but every day one by one. Magic begins to act with the last piece of sugar.
How to bewitch a guy with months, has been known since the great-grandmothers. It's no secret that the effect may not come out quite the way it was intended. For example, the passion will be so strong that the woman herself will be tedious and soon tired. Or the relationship is reduced more to sex, and emotional affection will remain secondary. To them, too much aggression on the part of men can be mixed up.

Is it possible to return the love of the husband

how to bewitch a guy with monthly

After many years of coexistence, family life often turns into routine, the wife ceases to be the most desired for her husband, his opinion is not so important anymore, it becomes more interesting the other.

The great-grandmothers sometimes tried to correct the situation by using the privy month:

  • To subordinate her husband to himself, the return of his respect and trust, the words were pronounced: "You drink my blood, you give your will in return. Now I'm not yours, and you are for me. "The blood was mixed into a drink intended for the husband. It is better if it is alcoholic or strong natural coffee;
  • Return to the relationship of passion can be added to the cold low-alcoholic drink of menstrual blood. Then it is heated and given a drink to a loved one. No need to say any words, just mentally wish to restore the old fervor and interest of her husband. The magical action in this case is contained in the ritual itself;
  • A love spell for a month's blood, resulting in a return to the family life of a spoiled husband, is done using not only her but also a strand of her hair, the finger nail on which the wedding ring is worn, and 500 ml of red wine. All components mix and pronounce the words: "(Name of the husband), I conjure your soul. Love me heartily, be with me forever. "After that, the drink is kept in the dark for 40 days, during this time the spell is gaining strength. At the end of the period the product is put into food on a tablespoon daily. Dishes should be your favorite unfaithful husband, so that he can eat them with pleasure. Such a love spell will help him to return his thoughts and feelings to his wife, become indifferent to the razluchnitsu;
  • To attract a husband who has already left the family, you can use a love spell on your monthly blood along with three grains of wheat, buckwheat or other cereals. They are mixed with red wine, while saying: "I'll take three grains, I will seal your soul with three drops of blood. And stand my, and I'm the mistress of you. "A spell drink should be managed to give to her husband. This can be done at a party or with the help of mutual friends;
  • With the same goals, but without the help of other people use a different ritual of her husband's return. Menstrual blood smears to itself a forehead with words: "As a blood on me, and you in me".This is done in the evening before going to bed for three consecutive days.

How to remove a spell with a month's blood

how to remove a love spell for a month

Sometimes the question of how to remove a love spell for a month is more important than anything else. Because the result of the magic ritual is not always the one the woman expects. Or her feelings cool down, and already an unnecessary man continues to experience them. A man who is fascinated can himself wish to get rid of a passion for a woman when she gives him more pain than happiness.

If the spell is made on its own, its action can be eliminated by using a 40-day fast. A woman at this time will have to:

  • Give up animal food;
  • Wake up and fall asleep with prayers;
  • To go to the Sunday church service.

There is another way to remove the plot. For this, a man who is bewitched will need an assistant. The latter with a candle should pass around bewitched counter-clockwise 32 times. All this time, the one with whom the curse is removed, reads the prayer "Our Father".

Is love magic safe for menstruation?

The question is not an idle one. A spell on monthly blood can have consequences not only not quite expected, but also very deplorable:

  • Instead of loving a woman, a man acquires sexual impotence and an abnormal craving for alcohol. At the same time, there is no physiological explanation for impotence. The reasons for his addiction to alcohol man and his family also do not know;
  • Passion can manifest itself not to the one that wants to bewitch a loved one, but to another person;
  • Cooled feelings do not light up with renewed vigor, but are replaced by severe jealousy and aggression towards the woman who used the spell. Sometimes the man's craving is pathological in nature, manifested by wild scenes of finding out the relationship and even assault. She herself is not happy that she has "added" him and wants to move away from such painful love as soon as possible;
  • Both partners can get diseases that were not previously hinted at. In women, this often affects the sphere of gynecology, there are female ailments, one of which is infertility. There may be a loss of interest in the intimate side of the relationship in general or the loved one who has been working for so long, in particular. Men suffer mentally or have difficulties in sex, quickly grow morally and physically, lose their taste for life;
  • The blame for interfering with other people's feelings and trying to suppress the will can lie on the children of a woman who has performed a spell-chat ritual. They with the big problems are born, often have congenital malformations, diseases of the genito-urinary organs, diagnoses in psychiatry, problems with alcohol. They often have an unhappy personal life, especially for their daughters.
To a large extent, the side effects of conspiracies and love spells with the help of a month's blood relate to attempts to beat off another's man. But violence against the will of a free man can give a negative result.

In other cases, the effect is expected, but short-lived. And a month later the ritual must be repeated. But the guarantee that he will help keep the beloved man endlessly, no one will give. And the negative consequences can manifest at any moment.

You can take seriously the conspiracy to monthly and its effectiveness or to laugh at it. Perhaps, the ritual will give the woman confidence in communicating with the chosen one. And in the future, she can build a long-term relationship with him without black magic. It is important not to bet only on privoroty.