The first signs of menstruation in girls 69

The young organism develops in different ways, it can have features, faster or slower pace. But in any case, the teenage age of the girls begins menstruation.

To tell what constitutes the first signs of menstruation costs long before this. Some manifestations may seem frightening to girls, which can negatively affect sexual development in general.


  • 1 When and how does it all start?
    • 1.1 Changes in behavior
  • 2 Development of the reproductive system
    • 2.1 Difficulties awaiting the first menstruation
  • 3 Manifestations before menarche

When and how does it all begin?

The appearance of the first signs of monthly

Symptoms of the first monthly

The first signs of the appearance of menstruation are found long before their arrival, usually a year or two. At about 10-13 years of age, the girl's figure begins to form according to the female type: the hips expand, the chest is outlined. First, the nipples become more prominent nipples. Then the volume of the breast as a

whole increases. In the armpits and in the pubic region, hair appears. Sometimes the vegetation in a small amount is found on the legs and near the nipples.

The appearance of a teenage girl is often distressing to her. Because of the activation of the sebaceous glands, her skin becomes fatter, can become covered with pimples. Especially suffer from acne face, chest area and back. This is also seen as signs before the first menstruation in girls. The fact is that the period is characterized by rapid growth of bones, and the skin behind it does not have time. Grease is nothing but a defensive reaction aimed at avoiding damage.

The sweat glands begin to function more intensively. All changes in appearance are caused by increased production of sex hormones. Shortly before this, the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, and, after them, the ovaries that produce estrogens and progestins are becoming more active.

It is important to inspire the girl that the changes taking place with her are normal and even mandatory. This also applies to unpleasant manifestations, which pass more smoothly if you carefully monitor hygiene.

Changes in the behavior of

The first signs of menstruation in girls 11 years old - 13 years are not limited to external changes. Great problems can bring her and her family new manifestations of character.

The hormonal balance in adolescence is unstable. His jumps provoke increased irritability, perhaps aggressiveness. They can be replaced by a stormy merriment or causeless at first glance despondency.

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Development of the

reproductive system Symptoms of the first menstrual period in girls are more closely related to the development of reproductive organs. The most notable of these manifest themselves a few months before this important event:

  • Appearance of whitewash. Mucous discharge from the vagina, as a rule, colorless or whitish. They can be yellowish, creamy. The whites are formed arbitrarily, but under the influence of estrogens, which thicken the epithelium of the internal genital organs. In general, the contents of the secretions are cells of the surface of the vagina. The appearance of whites can be noted 2 years before menarche. But the closer to menstruation, the more obvious is this very first sign of menstruation. Beli are made more abundant, they can change the consistency;
  • Soreness in the abdomen. Sensations that are not sharp, but sensitive, can change their strength. Sometimes the pain gives to the lower back. These first signs of an early arrival of the monthly announce themselves periodically, but it is important not to take for them the manifestation of any ailment. Premenstrual sensations should not last long and be intolerable;
  • Breast swelling. Breast growth is a separate symptom. But at some moments its lobules become more pronounced to the touch, painful. The sensation is present when touching it, and the heaviness can be felt in rest;
  • Headache. The first signs of the onset of menstruation are similar to what adults feel immediately before menstruation. Sensations are caused by hormonal "explosion", which provokes fluid retention in the body, squeezing of blood vessels and, as a result, pain in the head. To this group of symptoms it is possible to attribute all the negative manifestations of the character that have already been mentioned, from aggressiveness to indifference to everything.
Manifestations before monthly

Changes in the reproductive system before monthly

Difficulties awaiting the first menstruation

A close teenage girl should know: what signs of the first months were her mother, so they will show up in her daughter. As a rule, the features of sexual development are inherited through the female line. But still they must fit within certain limits.

If the listed manifestations are noted in a hypertrophic form, it is possible that the wrong development of the endocrine system or sexual is probably the fault. The timing of the onset of symptoms of the approaching menarche is also important. The appearance of them before 10 years and later 16 are an occasion for a visit to a teenage gynecologist.

The first signs of menstruation in children, such as leucorrhoea, require special control. They should not smell bad, cause itching, burning. All this - the symptoms of infection, which is capable of falling on the children's body before puberty.

Therefore, to accustom the girl to more a thorough toilet of genitals is necessary from childhood. As well as to ensure that she cared for colds, dressed in accordance with the weather, did not sit on cold surfaces.

What signs before the first monthly, depends also on the situation in which the girl grows. If she often has to be nervous, she feeds badly, endures physical exorbitant loads for her age, manifestations of puberty can be a big problem for her.

All these factors can be a hindrance for him, so that the development of the reproductive system will slow down and the first menstruation will have to wait a long time. A similar effect can be caused by frequent illnesses.

Use of tampons for girls We recommend reading the article about tampons for girls. You will learn about the possibilities of using this hygiene product, their anatomical features, the effect on the microflora and the methods of administration and extraction.

Manifestations before menarche

Signs of the onset of the first menstrual period are clearly evident 2-7 days before the event. To a greater extent, they concern the reproductive organs and the breast:

  • Signs before the first menstruation The mammary glands are thickened, becoming thicker due to the expansion of their components due to hormones. In the chest, tenderness may increase or, at least, discomfort may manifest;
  • There is aching pain in the lower abdomen. It is caused by the widening of the cervical canal, through which the discharge will go. The ovaries also increase, so that there may be a heaviness in the abdomen.

The first signs that soon monthly, will affect general well-being. The girl may have flashes of irritability, or, conversely, causeless tears, as well as drowsiness, apathy. Often dizziness, increased appetite, cravings for sweets, or, on the contrary, nausea and lack of interest in food.

The teenager's mother should take care that the first signs of the onset of menstruation are not unexpected for the girl. Adults should provide it with normal developmental conditions, and for this it is necessary to clearly understand what is happening to it.

A girl should not think that this is connected with something bad. On the contrary, it is necessary to tell her about the routine of what is happening, to help transfer the unpleasant symptoms of growing up in the least losses to the psyche. After all, the state of the nervous system is very dependent and hormonal balance, and hence, women's health.