Application of nettle with monthly

Menstruation often causes problems, which can be solved by different means. Sometimes phytotherapy can help. For example, nettles with menses are used in completely different situations. And the effect after use is not the same depending on the methods.


  • 1 What is the use of nettles for relief of critical days
  • 2 Effect of plants on copious menses
    • 2.1 How to stop menstruation with nettle
    • 2.2 Delay menstruation with
  • 3 How to eliminate the delay using nettles
  • 4 Contraindications

What is the use of nettle for reliefcritical days

What is useful for nettles on critical days Nettles are common in medicine in time immemorial. Now it is already known what exactly makes a plant so useful for gynecological health. Nettle, used with menstruation, can cause the following positive state changes:

  • To moderate bleeding. This is possible due to having in the composition of vitamin K. The substance has the ability to stimulate the formation of platelets and plasmin, whi
    ch makes the biological fluid thicker and does not allow it to be quickly removed from the vessels. Therefore, nettle - hemostatic with a high monthly efficacy;
  • Improve overall well-being. The plant contains a lot of iron, which contributes to the formation of hemoglobin. That is, nettle promotes prompt replacement of lost blood, its renewal. This relieves weakness, drowsiness, nausea, often accompanying critical days;
  • Adjust the cycle. Nettle during the months heals the body in general, adjusts the sexual glands for proper functioning, eliminates the inflammations interfering with their work;
  • Reduce the duration of menstruation. If it is delayed, the nettle-based remedy will help regulate the time of the uterine mucosa's renewal. The ascorbic acid and chlorophyll present in the plant help to reduce the fragility of the vessels;
  • Reduce soreness in the renewal of the uterine mucosa. Menstruation occurs with organ contractions that are given especially hard if inflammation is present. Due to a decrease in its influence, the pain also does not worry so much.
How nettles affect the monthly, depends on the way you prepare the means with it, and also the time of use. Good infusions, decoctions, juice of fresh plants, tea.

Whether it is possible to drink nettles at monthly, it is necessary to ask the attending physician. It is not a medication, it has a mild effect on the reproductive system, but in the absence of a physiological opportunity, it is better not to take it.

Influence of the plant on the abundant menstruation

The use of nettle with abundant monthly Drinking nettles with profuse monthly is useful in courses. But it is especially important to do this directly during the passage of critical days. Then the routine contained in it will affect the vessels of the already renewing endometrium, not allowing them to decay violently and thickening the blood at the same time.

How to take nettles with copious monthly amounts depends on the way the medicinal preparation is made with it. Ideal is the use of fresh juice, but this is only possible in the spring, when the plant is easy to find. To get a liquid you need a lot of grass.

For a one-time reception you need 1 tsp of juice, which is diluted with water in an amount of 3 tbsp.l. Drink this mixture three times a day before meals. The course starts on the first day of menstruation, ends at the last. By the number of hygiene products used, a woman will be able to judge how much the amount of secretions has decreased. Nettle with a plentiful monthly will make you feel and improve the general condition, since there will be no significant blood loss, the level of hemoglobin remains stable.

There is a stronger tool based on the plant. It requires a long preparation, but the level of substances that can affect the course of menstruation and the cycle in general, they are higher. Infusion of nettle with monthly can also reduce the intensity of secretions and reduce the amount of blood in them. Make it on water or alcohol:

  • For the first train you need 5 tbsp.l.raw materials and 200 ml of warm boiled liquid. They are connected and kept closed for 2 days. The strained agent is taken 40 ml three times a day shortly before a meal;
  • Another composition needs 200 g of fresh grass and 500 ml of alcohol. Prepare the infusion, combining them in an opaque container, 10 days. The strained means take 1 tbsp.liter, dissolving it in a glass of water. This amount is enough for a day. The course consists of 10 receptions, it begins with the middle of the cycle.

How to stop menstruation with nettles

Nettle for stopping menstruation is used as a decoction, and a dry plant is allowed. The preparation is made from 1 tbsp.l.crushed leaves and 200 ml of boiling water. They are placed in opaque dishes and kept under a lid on a steam bath for half an hour. Do not wait for cooling, the composition must be filtered.

In this case, when using a decoction of nettle with a monthly, how to take is of particular importance. To achieve the effect of stopping menstruation, start drinking the product from the first day in a glass. Every day it must be fresh, take it until the end of critical days.

It is not worth waiting for a quick stop of menstruation. But the fact that it will be less lengthy, you can not doubt. And this remedy, unlike the corresponding tablets, is safe and physiological.

Delayed menstruation with the

plant Nettle for delaying menstruation can be used no less effectively than to reduce their length and abundance. The agent does not have a pronounced effect on the hormonal background, on which the timing of the arrival of critical days depends, so it is practically harmless. But also to alienate them by means of a plant it is possible only for 12-15 hours.

For this purpose it is good to use a decoction, but you need to drink it 48 hours before the critical days in the increased dosage. A day will require 600 ml, they are divided into 3 doses.

How to eliminate the delay using nettles

The use of nettle with a delay of monthly Since the cycle for many women is unstable due to different circumstances, it will be interesting to know if nettle can cause monthly. This is real, if you combine it with tansy, taking equal shares of each plant, and prepare an infusion from the mixture.2 tbsp.l put in 200 ml of boiling water, hold for 8-10 hours and then drink four times a day for 30 ml.

The effect is provided due to the high content in the nettles of ascorbic acid, stimulating the alignment of the hormonal background. A tansy in this tool spurs the metabolic processes, that is, the regeneration of the mucous uterus.

But a more reliable means for normalizing the menstrual cycle, eliminating delays in principle - tea from the leaves of the plant. It is brewed from 1 tsp.and 200 ml of boiling water, stand for 3-5 minutes. You can drink up to several cups a day.

Nettle tea with monthly anti-inflammatory processes, destabilizing the balance of hormones. It fills the body with vitamins, strengthens the nerves. The latter is important because stress often knocks down the rhythm of the reproductive system.

In the absence of contraindications to the use of plants to drink tea from it can be 14 consecutive days, then after a week's pause, the same course is allowed. For this remedy, as well as for water infusion and broth, it is not necessary to collect the grass itself. Nettle at monthly in bags is also suitable for tea and other medicines, except for what is done on alcohol. But in this case it is better to follow the instructions when preparing them.

The use of haemostatic drugs with abundant monthly We recommend to read an article on the use of hemostatic agents in case of heavy menstruation. You will learn about the causes of intense monthly and effective drugs.


It is not correct to think that the careful effect of phyto-drugs makes them universal and authorized for use by absolutely everyone. Nettle is also indicated with the monthly not in every case. Avoid its use should be given:

  • Allergies;
  • Elevated blood clotting;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Renal failure, nephritis.

Do not put too much expectations on the plant in the management cycle and monthly. But in addition to other treatment or with minor problems, nettle is suitable in all the cases listed.