Sleeping rules for menstruation

In addition to other difficulties in the period of menstruation, which is not loved by women, there is a problem of leakage. It is especially important at night, when there is no possibility to control the replacement of hygiene products, and I do not want to get up again. How to sleep during menstruation, so as not to remember them every hour, afraid of getting dirty?


  • 1 Selection of gaskets for sleep
    • 1.1 Fabric gaskets
  • 2 Alternative protection against leaks
  • 3 Selection of linen for monthly

Selection of gaskets for sleep

The problem of permeation worries women in the menstrual period also because they are characterized by lethargy, desire to lie down andin the afternoon. Why do you want to sleep during your periods? This need has a twofold explanation:

  • This mode dictates hormones, more precisely the struggle between estrogens and progesterone. The second substance, if it prevails, makes a woman without a reason tired, passive.
    Hence the desire to sleep, to restore strength and ability to work.
  • Menstruation occurs with loss of blood. Even if its number is small, the body feels it, requires rest, including physical. And with abundant and long discharge during menstruation always want to sleep. As a result of a noticeable loss of biological fluid, the pressure decreases. And if there are other signs of PMS, that is, nausea, irritability, then the appetite also disappears. It is more difficult for an organism to make up supplies of blood. Improves well-being during sleep, which becomes the only opportunity to cheer up a little.

The desire to lie down, coming a few days before the critical, is also explained by premenstrual syndrome.

If you constantly want to sleep before your period, you should check the hemoglobin level in the blood. With abundant discharge, he can fall so much that the doctor will diagnose anemia, which can not do with pads with good absorbency.

Can I sleep during periods? Of course, because without this, a woman is threatened with a breakdown, an increase in signs of PMS.And that the dream was calm, restoring, it is necessary to take care of a choice of linings.

There are several options for nighttime hygiene. In addition to their enhanced absorbency, they have larger dimensions than even Maxi or Super gaskets. Choose from the following brands:

  • "Always" .There is a wide variety of gaskets for this company, intended for night use."Always" have protective side parts that protect underwear from stains. Gaskets differ in that they can absorb the odor, which is unavoidable with a high volume of secretions and is capable of disturbing the sleep of particularly sensitive women. With "Always Ultra" you do not have to get up at night, as they absorb the discharge by 100%.Also it is not necessary to think, in what pose to sleep during monthly. Any position is acceptable.
  • "Naturella" .The difference of these night pads is not only a unique high absorbency, but also a special coating of their contiguous layer. It is impregnated with a hypoallergenic cream that will not allow the skin and mucous to irritate and itch. Sleep with "Naturella", intended for night use, will be serene.
  • "Libresse" .Their top layer is a natural fabric. Therefore, the night "Libresse" will not allow redness and other forms of irritation to appear on the skin. Absorbability and size of these pads at the level of the best hygiene products of this type, and the price is much more modest.

Types of gaskets for women and adolescents We recommend to read an article about the types of gaskets for women and adolescents. From it you will learn about what should be the gasket, reusable and disposable facilities, features of the choice of sanitary napkins.

Fabric gaskets

Do not worry about how you need to sleep during periods, it's easy, if you have an idea about the fabric gaskets. You can make them yourself, so that the size is suitable for a particular woman. Bed and underwear will remain clean at any intensity of the monthly.

But with self-made gaskets it is unlikely to be able to observe their own anatomical features, and someone will not find this option very convenient. There is an alternative - ready-made tissue hygiene products:

  • Lunapads,
  • Naya,
  • Schoon,
  • Sorella Luna,
  • GladRags,
  • In My Pants,
  • Goddans Moons.

Of course, they cost more than disposable, but a wide choice will help to find each woman a suitable form. Fabric pads come from cotton, bamboo, silk, synthetics. They do not slip out of the underwear, give the chance to the owner to choose any comfortable position for a dream.

Alternative means of protection against leaks

It is right to sleep during the months, that is, arbitrarily choosing a pose for this, without jumping every hour to see if the seepage on the sheets has leaked, the combination of several hygiene products( gaskets and one of the following):

Tool Assignment
Tampons These adaptations come in different fillings, which does not prevent them from being used with convenience, not to feel inside. If the allocation is abundant, you can pick up a swab that absorbs them. In size, it will not be much more than usual.
Menstrual cups or cups Despite its awesome name, it is a convenient and hygienic means. The bowl is a small container of a flexible and smooth material that is inserted into the vagina. Discharges accumulate in it( maximum 12 hours), after which the device is easily removed, washed and placed in place again.
Diapers for adults They are designed for easy care of lying patients, but are also acceptable for use and menstruation. The diapers are collected as well as other hygiene products. And also eliminate the need to wash the soiled laundry. After use, they are simply thrown away.

Selection of linen with monthly

The need to choose the position for sleep on critical days is dictated by the majority of unwillingness to dirty underwear and bedding. This raises the question of whether it is possible to sleep on the stomach with a month. In general, the ban on this pose, if it is convenient, does not exist.

But you need to consider that this position of the body stimulates contractions of the smooth muscles of the uterus, that is, it can increase pain and increase the amount of discharge. The latter is not terrible, when it does not go beyond the limits of the norm( maximum 150 ml).

Hygienic products are able to prevent leakage, especially if you use suitable underwear with them:

  • Boxer panties. Tightly fit the body from the waist up to the bottom line of the buttocks, which prevents the pad from moving, no matter how actively the woman does not move during sleep.
  • Special panties for menstruation. They have a high waist, a wide part covering the crotch. The latter makes it possible to tighten the gasket tightly. And if the allocation leaks on the laundry, it can stop them from getting on the sheets.
In general, if it tends to sleep, the position of the body should be chosen comfortable. With reliable hygiene products, you can lie on your side, picking up your knees to your stomach to stop being sick. It is allowed to be placed on the back, and eliminating the leak while this will help 2 gaskets immediately.

On critical days often want to sleep, and weakness does not set back a long time. But if you choose the right hygienic, then you do not have to wake up for this at night. And yet you should always monitor the amount of monthly discharges. Sometimes it is more necessary than a thick padding to have a visit to the doctor and treatment.