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Waiting for a child is perhaps the most serene time in a woman's life. But it is this state that often causes many questions and anxieties, especially when what is happening in this period does not completely coincide with the knowledge and ideas about it. For example, if both pregnancy and menstrual periods exist simultaneously. Is it possible in principle, after all, even schoolgirls know that a sure sign of what happened is a delay? What should I do if the test and the gynecologist confirm that soon the woman will become a mother, but the regular allocation does not stop there? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you better navigate the situation, call for necessary help in time and bring the process to a logical and happy end.

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  • 1 Whether pregnancy with menstruation is compatible
  • 2 Is it dangerous for bleeding during pregnancy
  • 3 When menstruation is dangerous
    • 3.1 Threatening of a miscarriage
    • 3.2 Ectopic pregnancy
  • 4 Absence of pregnancy
  • 5 What to do if pregnancy has gone on a monthly basis

Is pregnancy compatible with menstruation

To understandthis, we should recall the mechanism of the appearance of monthly and their physiological significance. Critical days are a small part of the process designed to prepare the female body for ripening of the germ cell and probable fertilization. Whole it represents cyclic changes:

  • Gradual thickening of the inner covering of the uterus;
  • Maturation in the ovary of the follicle, followed by its rupture and the release of a mature egg;
  • The extinction of the ability to fertilize, if it does not penetrate the sperm;
  • The rejection of the upper layer of the endometrium.

The last stage is menstruation. And the second of these gives the possibility of conception. That is, if it occurs, the cycle is interrupted. The fetal egg is screwed into the wall of the uterus, where the next 9 months will be. This means that all this time the endometrium will not be updated, hence, menstruation and pregnancy are normal - the concepts are not compatible. Minor bleeding, more precisely, simply the allocation of reddish substance in this period is possible only at the time of implantation of the embryo.

menstruation and pregnancy

Whether spotting is dangerous during pregnancy

They do not pose any threat in case of fixation of the fetal egg at the very beginning of pregnancy. At a period of several weeks, a woman can find a secretion reminiscent of the initial stage of menstruation. Their existence, as well as color, is due to the possible damage to the endometrial blood vessels, accompanied by minor pain. However, the process is able to do without these signs.

  1. A fertilized egg may not have time to gain a foothold in the functional layer of the endometrium before the onset of menstruation, and linger for 7-14 days. Although this is extremely rare, but still in this case, the monthly will be at conception. And the next will come after the birth of the child.
  2. Another possibility for the onset of menstruation in the presence of pregnancy is the simultaneous maturation of two female germ cells in both ovaries. When one of them is fertilized and the other is not, it is likely that the reverse development of the latter will cause the rejection of endometrial cells.
  3. Menstruation at the initial stage of pregnancy is also possible due to a minor hormonal disorder. It is a question of an excess of androgens in a woman's body or, on the contrary, a deficit so necessary to preserve this state of progesterone. If both features are not global, there is no danger for the future baby. To correct the situation, it is enough to take the hormone drugs prescribed by the doctor.

When menstruation is dangerous

In most cases, the monthly pregnancy testifies to the pathological changes taking place in the body, which can harm the future baby and the woman herself. If the spotting continues, this can be caused by completely opposite reasons. Attempts to establish a diagnosis based on one's own intuition, stories and advice of girlfriends can cost the life of the child and the woman herself. Therefore, for any incomprehensible signs, especially if they worsen the state of health, one should go to the gynecologist.

Threat of a miscarriage

pregnancy and menstruation Similar happens even at young, gynecologically safe women, if they carelessly treat their new position. Of course, the expectation of a child is not a disease, but the previous economic fervor, excessive work enthusiasm, lack of sleep, stress can put the future mother in front of the question whether pregnancy and monthly are compatible. A brown or reddish smear in those days when the calendar should be menstruating, and not only, signal about an attempt to reject the uterus of the fetal egg. Sometimes it is accompanied by a pain in the abdomen and lower back, but can be limited only to secretions. At their poverty for normalization of a situation there is enough a bed mode, rest. The body will produce the necessary amount of progesterone, which will keep the pregnancy. Worse, if the allocation is abundant, accompanied by shingles. In such cases, a woman is hospitalized, and treatment is prescribed.

There are other reasons, besides those mentioned, for which there may be a probability of rejection of the fetal egg:

  • Tumor formations on the muscular layer of the uterus in the region of its attachment;
  • Endometriosis;
  • Genetic disorders in the fetus.

In almost all the cases mentioned, the pregnancy can not be reported. The first two circumstances cause the fetal oxygen starvation and subsequent death. In the third, nature itself takes care of the fact that an incomplete or non-viable creature does not appear. If the bleeding has occurred after a woman has an infectious disease, it is likely that it caused the changes in the fetus that led to his rejection. The material withdrawn from the uterus is examined to accurately identify all the pathologies, to know what to fear and try to avoid during the next pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy

Critical days during pregnancy

Another possibility to be puzzled, the usual monthly or pregnancy has come, after all, it happens when attaching a fetal egg not in the uterus, but on any part of the fallopian tube. In this case, the test will demonstrate that fertilization has occurred, and the allocation will still not stop. The growing embryo increases in size, filling the narrow space of the uterine tube. Its walls first stretch, causing the woman pain and causing excretion. If the patient does not undergo surgery on time to extract the fetal egg, the fallopian tube may burst, cause internal bleeding. It is dangerous not only for health and reproductive opportunities, but also capable of destroying a woman. Not to mention that the fallopian tube will not be able to return to the previous functions.

Signs of an ectopic pregnancy should be confirmed by ultrasound. Foreign body on the screen is clearly visible, and the diagnosis does not leave experts doubt. The woman is immediately operated on. Intervention is cavitary or laparoscopic, it depends on the capabilities of the clinic. The latter method is preferable, it is more sparing. The fetal egg is removed by making three punctures in the abdomen of the patient, through one of which a video camera is inserted, and in the other two manipulators. This operation significantly shortens the rehabilitation period, leaving virtually no visible fingerprints on the tissues.

Absence of pregnancy

Sometimes an inexperienced woman concludes that she exists, based on her own feelings and the results of her own test. And it can be terribly surprised and alarmed that she has both pregnancy and menstruation. What does not prevent her from staying at home without seeking help, and to be treated with homegrown methods, and even self-selected drugs.
In fact, signs of PMS and the first symptoms of waiting for an infant, especially if a woman so desires it, is easy to confuse. She constantly wants to sleep, periods of gluttony can be replaced by nausea, there are drawing pains in the abdominal area. On nervous grounds, there is a delay, and the pregnancy test is by no means the ultimate truth. It can be spoiled or substandard, give a false result even with multiple samples.

What to do if you have a monthly

during pregnancy. Now that a woman knows that the simultaneous existence of pregnancy and menstruation is impossible, at the slightest manifestation of it, she should immediately contact her doctor. Delay with this because of a lack of understanding of the seriousness of the situation, fear of medicine, unwillingness to go to a hospital can lead to unpredictable and irreversible consequences. It's not just about the threat of interruption of this pregnancy, lethal danger due to the large blood loss for a woman, but also the probable subsequent infertility. The ability to provide the necessary assistance at an early stage of the problem will rather preserve the health of the mother and baby.

If the causes of secretions do not pose a threat, let the doctor confirm it. Then the pregnancy will really be one of the happy periods in the life of the family, devoid of groundless unrest.

Prepare for it is worth it in advance. To postpone a normal pregnancy, and a month before it should be carefully monitored by a woman. Their timeliness, intensity, density, other accompanying symptoms must be recorded, analyzed and, at the slightest deviation, provided information about this to the specialist.