Confiture of gooseberries: we indulge loved ones with delicious dessert

Gooseberries are often used in household preparations. Firstly, because this culture usually yields a sufficiently high yield. And, secondly, despite the pleasant sweet and sour taste of ripe berries, it is impossible to eat a lot of them in fresh form. But in the cold winter hardly anyone will refuse a sandwich with a fragrant jam to a hot strong tea. But a special place among the winter blanks takes a confiture of gooseberries. It is very popular with adults and children, melts in the mouth, and perfectly suits as a filling for baking.

Confiture of gooseberries
Confiture of gooseberry - it's unusually delicious!

The fineness of the preparation

The confiture of jam, jelly or jam is distinguished by a thicker and more dense consistency, to achieve which gelling substances are added to the product. In industrial production, it is pectin and agar-agar, and houses are usually gelatin and gelling mixtures based on pectin. They are sold in shops, are inexpensive and are perfect safe for health products. In addition, t

hese condiments significantly reduce the time of making winter desserts, allowing you to save in them useful vitamins.

Mixture for making jelly
Gelling formula will make the confiture thicker

Delicious recipes

So, we go to the kitchen to prepare wonderful sweet dishes, not forgetting to take along gelling agents and, of course, a good mood.

Confiture "Spicy"

To make it, you need 500 grams of gooseberry, preferably dark. The berries must be washed, dried and, after removing the tails, kneaded with a blender in puree. Add the mass to the fire, adding 500 g of granulated sugar. Stir until all the sugar has dissolved. After boiling, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar and 2 tablespoons of fortified wine. Boil for 5 minutes and turn off the fire. Remove the foam. Add in the jam 10 g of gelatin, pre-dissolved in 30 ml of cool boiled water, mix thoroughly. Spread the sweetness of the jars, roll them with metal covers.

This confection of gooseberry with gelatin has, in fact, an interesting piquant taste and, moreover, is well suited for interleaving cakes in cakes and for biscuits with stuffing.

Tip. Those who wish to prepare a traditional delicacy from gooseberry, you can do without adding wine and vanillin. Then the taste of confiture will turn out to be softer and more gentle.

Confiture "Berry Assortment"

  • Gooseberries - 600 g;
  • cherry - 200 g;
  • black currant - 200 g;
  • sugar - 1 kg;
  • condiment for gelling "Confiturk" - 20 g.

Berries sort out, removing stems. Rinse, drain excess fluid. Remove cherries from the cherry. Pass all the fruits through the meat grinder, add the gelling mixture. Bring to a boil with continuous stirring. Sprinkle sugar, and after dissolving it turn off the fire. Wait until the mass cools down, after which it is boiled again for 5 minutes. Remove the formed foam and roll into cans.

Cherries and currants perfectly combined with gooseberry, making the color of the delicacy more beautiful, and the taste - rich.

To the note. In the absence of fresh berries of cherries and black currants, they can be completely replaced by frozen ones.

Gooseberries in orange confiture

With 1 kg of oranges first removed using a grater, then the fruit is peeled and peeled. The resulting pulp is ground with a submerged blender, combined with zest and brought with orange juice( you can shop) to a mass of 1 kg, put on the stove.

2 bags of "Zheliks" or "Zhelinki" with the marking 1: 1, mixed with 4 tablespoons of sugar and added to citrus. Everything is boiling. One kg of pre-prepared large gooseberry is poured into the mass, again boiled.2 kg of sugar is poured. Carefully stirring, it is cooked for 3 minutes, after which the foam is removed, the cans are filled and sealed.

The confection of gooseberry and orange is very fragrant and surprisingly tasty. Try it, you will not regret it!

Berry Delicacy
Confiture of gooseberry with orange - one hundred percent pleasure!

Sweet blanks without gelling agents

If you do not have gelatin or thickening mixtures at hand, do not be upset. You can prepare a confiture of gooseberries, taking on arms less traditional recipes.

Confiture "Simple story"

For harvesting it is better to use gooseberries of green color, slightly immature, but with rather tender flesh. On a clean, uncleaned baking sheet, 1 kg of prepared washed berries is evenly poured out, 300 g of sugar are poured on top. Put in a hot oven. It is heated to a boil, after which it is kept for another 10 minutes. Boiling mass directly from the tray pours into the sterilized cans, rolls up and wraps up for 12 hours in a blanket.

Confiture for sandwiches "Fingers lick"

To prevent spoilage, the products should be thoroughly washed and cleaned. So, it will be required:

  • 1.5 cups of dark gooseberries;

  • 0,5 glasses of black currant;
  • 1 tablespoon of potato starch;
  • 0.5 cups of sugar.

Berries are well kneaded, sugar is added, everything is mixed. After 30 minutes, starch is gently added. The mixture is brought to a boil under continuous stirring and cooled. Confiture is transferred to clean jars and stored in the refrigerator. Perfectly suits not only for sandwiches, but also for baking.

Sweet sandwich
Confiture is unusually good for sandwiches

Confiture "Wonderful Emerald"

5 cups of slightly unrendered berries of gooseberry, approximately the same size, are cleaned and washed.

Take a full handful of freshly cherry leaves, pour 2 cups of cold water, brought to a boil. With a hot solution along with the leaves, gooseberry is poured, cooled and put on the night in the refrigerator.

The next morning 7 cups of sugar is poured with the formed juice, expressed without berries and leaves, and is brought to a boil. In the resulting syrup, the berries taken from the broth are laid. The mass boils for 30 minutes, pours through sterile cans and rolls up.

That's it, easy and simple, and, most importantly, really tasty!