Classic and not just a recipe for incredibly useful jam from sea-buckthorn

Sea buckthorn contains dozens of BAS, therefore it is recommended to include in your diet both adults and children, to prepare from it juices, fruit drinks, sauces and even jam. Jam from sea-buckthorn has an unsurpassed aroma and original taste, which is very similar to pineapple.

Jam made with sea-buckthorn

Why prepare sea-buckthorn jam?

Biologically active substances of sea-buckthorn berries give it a lot of medicinal properties, among which, first of all, it should be noted anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating. For this reason, jam from sea-buckthorn will become an indispensable assistant in the so-called cold season, because it is much more pleasant, and, most importantly, it is more useful to eat several spoons of delicious and aromatic dainties with tea than to swallow a handful of tablets. In addition, such a procurement is useful to those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, jumps of blood pressure or faced with inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. Do not give up this jam, as well, to those who monito

r the condition of their own skin and want it to be elastic and silky. But in the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including the pancreas of the gallbladder, you should consult a doctor beforehand.

Recipes of

With the traditional recipe for jam from sea-buckthorn, even those who have never done conservation before can handle it, before it is simple. For its preparation it will be required:

  • 2 kg of sea-buckthorn;
  • 2.5 kg of granulated sugar;
  • 2 liters of purified water.

Berries should be carefully sorted, washed under running water and must be dried on paper or ordinary towels. While the sea buckthorn dries you can make sugar syrup. Sugar is added to the pan and water is added, stirring, the syrup is brought to a boil. Dried berries are poured into a bowl and poured with boiling syrup.

Warning! When preparing the syrup, you need to make sure that all the sugar crystals are dissolved.

After 3 hours the sea buckthorn is taken up with a noise, transferred to a pan and brought to a boil. The berries thus heated are poured with the remaining sugar syrup and boiled over low heat until the jam has acquired the desired consistency. Ready jam is laid on sterilized jars and rolled up with sterile lids.

Jam without cooking

Save the maximum of valuable substances contained in berries, you can prepare jam from sea buckthorn without cooking. To do this, 1 kg of fruits are picked, washed and dried. While the sea-buckthorn is drying, a syrup is prepared, warming up 1.2 liters of water with one and a half kilos of sugar. Berries are poured into the syrup. After 4 hours, the syrup is drained and brought back to the boil. As soon as it cools down to about 60 ° C, seabuckthorn is put into it and a little heated on a small fire. The cooled jam is packaged in dry sterile jars.

Important: jam is considered ready when the berries are evenly distributed in the liquid, and a drop of syrup keeps the shape if it is applied to a plate.

You can also do without heat treatment at all, but you should take into account that such jam is stored no more than 3-6 months. To make it, you need to squeeze the juice from the sea-buckthorn berries in a meat grinder, juicer or using a blender and add sugar. A kilo of this juice requires 0.8 kg of granulated sugar. The mass is assiduously mixed and packaged in cans. Keep the jam in the refrigerator. After 3 weeks, the preparation is stratified into 3 fractions, but this should not be feared.

Oil cake
The remaining oil cake can not be discarded, but used for cooking oil

Other recipes

  1. An excellent jam is obtained from sea buckthorn with walnuts. It is made from 1 kg of berries, 150 g of nuts, 1.5 kg of sugar and half a liter of water. The preparation scheme does not differ from the classical one, except that the nuts crumbled in a coffee grinder, a combine or with a rolling pin are covered in boiling sugar syrup and kept at minimum fire for 1/3 hours. Then the sea buckthorn berries are introduced into the mixture and another 20 minutes are kept on the fire, systematically stirring and removing the foam.
  2. A bright jam of sea buckthorn with pumpkin combines the benefits of these two unique products. It will require 3 kg of sea buckthorn berries and pumpkin flesh, 1.5 kg of sugar and 1 orange. Disassembled, washed and dried berries are ground using a blender or a conventional mortar and pestle. The resulting mass is divided into juice and cake through a sieve or gauze.

    Tip: it is better to squeeze the sea-buckthorn juice into a pan at once.

    The flesh of the pumpkin, freed from the rind and bones, is cut into pieces. A well washed sponge with orange is peeled with boiling water and peeled off. In the buckthorn juice add the sugar, bring to a boil and achieve the dissolution of all the sugar crystals. In this mass are introduced pieces of pumpkin and zest, mix and keep on minimal heat, until the pumpkin is softened. Ready jam is rolled into sterile jars.

    Useful treat
    Juice jam is distinguished by an amazing tenderness of taste
  3. A very simple recipe for the winter of sea buckthorn jam with apples. For its preparation take 1 kg of sea-buckthorn, the same number of apples and 1.5 kg of sugar. Fruits are carefully sorted, washed and dried. Once the sea buckthorn has completely dried, it is rubbed through a small sieve and added with sugar. After that, well washed apples are released about the core with seeds, cut into cubes and in a saucepan with a thick bottom is stewed until then with a small amount of water until they become soft. Finished apples are grinded or chopped in a combine. In a saucepan combine the two purees, bring to a boil, remove the foam and immediately remove from heat. Jam is rolled in sterile jars.

Warning! Jam from apples of sweet varieties should be cooked somewhat longer than from sour ones.

You can also prepare jam from sea-buckthorn in a bread maker or multivark. But in this case it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers of such devices, observing the proportions of the products indicated above.

Advice: since the best pasteurized jam is kept, this procedure should be carried out. For 0.5 liter jars enough 15 minutes, for 1 liter - 20 minutes.

Thus, making jam from sea-buckthorn at home is easy, especially since in origin and 100% naturalness of such a billet you can be completely confident. So, why spend money and buy a dubious jam in the store?