The problem of delayed conception: how to take salvia for medicinal purposes

Sage The birth of a long-awaited child is a great happiness for every woman. But, much to our regret, not every representative of the fair sex can immediately conceive the baby having for this all the possibilities and desire. The cause of this pathology is different circumstances, but infertility is not an absolute sentence. To accept a sage for conception many reproductologists recommend, because preparations on the basis of this means are natural analogues of female hormones.

Treatment should be started as early as possible, and along with drugstores, women are prescribed sage. Often used recipes from traditional medicine, which does not detract from their effectiveness, but on the contrary, guarantees a positive result.

For these purposes, sage has been used for a long time, and modern research in the field of pharmacology has clearly demonstrated that homeopathic recipes are able to help the female body. Sage is characterized by a number of useful qualities. It disinfects, removes inflammation and

fights with adhesive processes, which brings the happy moment of conception closer.

In terms of chemical composition, plant juice is approximated to female sex hormones - progesterone and estrogen, namely, their ability to conceive and bear a child depends on their concentration. Estrogen is necessary for the successful formation of a healthy egg. In addition to the phytohormonal effect, sage strengthens the intensity of the reflex response in the cervix, and this also helps to become pregnant. Homeopaths have long ago appropriated sage status as a phytohormone.

How sage is prepared and how to take it safely

The most common form of sage preparation is a water extract. However, use of sage when planning pregnancy is very accurate, strictly adhering to the recommended dosage. You can buy ready-made preparations in any pharmacy kiosk.

Plant leaf
Sage leaves are the main value of this plant, they are most often used for the preparation of various drugs in reproductive gynecology.

To prepare the broth yourself, you need to use the seeds and leaves of the plant. Take one complete dessert spoon of dry shredded raw materials, and pour boiling water. After that, the broth is set aside and allowed to stand, until it completely cools. There is no need for filtering, since the sage grass practically does not give a turbid sediment. Drink the medicine you need twice a day, preferably before day and night sleep, or after meals for lunch and in the morning, before breakfast. Store the broth in the refrigerator.

This decoction is carried out according to the following principle: it is necessary to wait until the current monthly runs out and then take one teaspoon of the remedy for two weeks, following the above described method. If conception does not occur, then give yourself a week rest and repeat the course. In most cases, three months of this therapy is enough. If the drug does not work, then its action must be supplemented with pharmacy. But before that, let the body rest for a couple of months.

Important: it is impossible to constantly drink sage preparations, because such long-term treatment can cause notable harm. If homeopathic therapy passes uncontrollably, a woman may have inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs.

Strictly speaking, for the conception, sage leaves are applied only when the woman is completely healthy, and has no illnesses in acute or chronic form. Infusion from the leaves of this plant can be washed and douched. For such procedures, one tablespoon of dry raw material is brewed as a regular tea, cooled to a temperature of 37C and used for its intended purpose. The liquid should be in the vagina for at least fifteen minutes.

When it is necessary to immediately stop taking drugs from sage

Once the pregnancy comes - the sage and the funds on its basis go into the category of banned, and their reception stops. Because they increase the production of progesterone, and reduce the production of estradiol. And this can negatively affect the viability of the child to be born.

Important: exceeding the recommended dosage threatens the woman with the development of individual allergic reactions, and in especially severe cases - toxic poisoning. Certain physiological changes will certainly occur, for example - menstrual cycle disorders, malfunctions in the process of ovulation. With a constant intake of sage, the second part of the menstrual cycle will be markedly increased in time.

In which cases the use of sage does not make sense

For example, at the time of breastfeeding, taking sage is strictly contraindicated, since it can inhibit the production of milk.

There is a certain list of diseases in which the use of such therapy becomes meaningless, and sage absolutely ceases to affect the possibility and speed of conception. This list includes the following diseases:

  • Prolonged deficiency of hormones produced by the thyroid gland, that is - manifestations of hypothyroidism;
  • Gynecological pathologies, in which numerous cysts are formed on the outer and inner surfaces of the ovaries. For example, polycystosis;
  • Hyperfunction of the thyroid gland - because there are prerequisites to change the situation for the worse, if the woman drinks sage;
  • A benign tumor that developed inside the muscular uterine layer - myoma;
  • Endometriosis is the proliferation of cells inside the uterine layer beyond its limits.

Before drinking sage for conception, it is necessary to make sure that women who are interested in becoming pregnant have no symptoms of the above diseases. It should be remembered that any phyto-treatment benefits only with moderate consumption. If you have at least one sign of discomfort, which appears after using sage - treatment should be urgently stopped.

Before the start of therapy, it is necessary to undergo a thorough examination and consult a reproductive and gynecologist. Only specialists, by joint efforts, will be able to accurately determine the dosage and the course duration of therapy.