How to properly use sage Muscat: the medicinal properties of the plant and its contraindications

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    1. Kinds of sage: variety and features of
    2. What useful properties does the
    3. salve possess? What are the curative qualities of the muscatite
    4. ? Categorical contraindications to the use of clary muscatite

The therapeutic properties and contraindications of clary sage depend on the plant variety used as the medicinal raw material. In its essence, it is the most unpretentious in growing, and at the same time - one of the most useful herbs. Due to these two factors, Muscat sage is widely distributed in the territory of our country. And as a wild grass, and as a decorative ground cover for household plots.

Sage Muscat
The main derivative of sage is an ethereal extract, which is made on the basis of oils and phytoncides, in a large number of plants contained in the juice. They give him a peculiar and intense smell, and they also contain the main useful properties.

Kinds of sage: variety and features

Sage is a herbaceous perennial, and on the whole planet there are many species of

this plant, and, accordingly, their varieties. But the most common are the following:

  • Oakwood;
  • Medicinal;
  • Meadow;

  • Narcotic;
  • Muscat.

These herbs make medicines that are most popular in reproductive gynecology. Broths from sage should be drunk to women who have infertility diagnosed. In addition, the sage and the charges, in which it is included, help in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases. And of course - a seasoning of finely chapped flowers of this herb. It will give a bright taste to any meat dish.

Important: Depending on the type of clary sage, the properties of the essential oil obtained from it will differ. Hallucinogenic varieties are rarely used for medical purposes, and in our region are legally banned from growing.

What are the useful properties of

salve? Since essential oil is the most common type of clary sage extract, it can be purchased at any pharmacy or homeopathic store. Added to a hot bath, in the amount of a few drops, it will greatly enhance the female sexual appeal.

Clary sage oil
Essential oil of sage should be purchased only in certified outlets, otherwise you can get a fake;besides this improperly prepared sage is a poison

What are the useful properties of clary sage? There are a lot of them, and depending on the plant variety, sage-based medications will affect the human body in different ways. Therefore, before the start of treatment, it is necessary to clearly indicate which effect the patient wants to receive from such therapy. It depends not only on the selected variety of sage, but also on the way it is prepared.

Professional homeopaths call muscatia sage mountainous, because of its habitat and inaccessibility in collection. And the confectioners gladly add sage water to sweets and liquors.

Particularly useful plant seeds, because they are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are needed to maintain metabolic processes in the human body. Usually, these acids can be obtained from fish dishes, but in the case of vegetarians - this method becomes inaccessible. Here comes to the rescue tea from sage, which facilitates the penetration of fatty acids into the body and the replication of new cells. Tea is brewed not only from flowers, but also from grass seeds. In addition, tea is a wonderful antioxidant.

In the above-ground parts of the plant contains a large number of antioxidants, so their use ensures the body cleansing of free radicals. If you include tea in the daily diet - you can throw off excess weight, because this drink causes a sensation of a full stomach, and the feeling of hunger disappears for a long time. Seeds are rich in fiber, which helps fight and excess pounds, while gently cleansing the intestines from food decay products.

Beauticians advise the use of Muscat Sage for the treatment of hair. Rinsing with cold decoction is intended to strengthen hair follicles. Rinse your hair after thorough washing. And if you add a few drops of essential oil to your usual mask, you can not only strengthen your hair, but also spur their growth.

What curative qualities is known for the muscatine sage

The healing properties of the clary sage were known even in the times of Ancient Rus. Since that time, the broth of this herb is treated with respiratory diseases and a runny nose. Modern pharmacists for the treatment of cold also offer sage drops. The infusion is prepared very simply: for this, one dessert spoon of grass is brewed with half a cup of hot water, then tightly covered and insisted until completely cooled. You can wash your nose every three hours.

Cough and inflammation of the larynx are treated with rinses. To do this, you need to take two tablespoons of dry raw material and pour 500 ml of boiling water, then insist for thirty minutes. The throat is rinsed every two hours throughout the day. For a long time Hindus have fought with a cough with the help of sage and milk. One glass of home-made milk is warmed, but do not allow it to boil. In this milk put a teaspoon of honey, half a spoonful of ground cinnamon, a quarter of a spoonful of turmeric and a quarter - a clary sage. Mix the mixture well, wait for it to cool to room temperature, and use one cup three times a day. But this can not be treated in more than two days.

Important: if in the process of treatment the ill will not eat well, then preparations from sage can slightly damage the gastric mucosa.

With increased sweating, it is recommended to mix freshly squeezed tomato juice and sage tea. Such an unusual cocktail is taken twice a day. Despite all the seeming absurdity of the recipe, this cocktail significantly reduces the intensity of sweating.

Sage-flavored lollipops are used when softening a strong dry cough. They soften the mucous epithelium lining the throat, and secrete useful essential oil. As prevention lollipops can be offered to heavy smokers who have chronic coughing attacks.

Herbal tea, which includes sage, is prepared according to the most common technology: 2 tablespoons of dried flowers and seeds are brewed 250ml of steep boiling water and all of this is tightly covered. Like all herbal teas - this one should also be for thirty minutes. Then strong tea leaves can be poured into cups and diluted with hot water. It is recommended to sweeten the tea with honey, and not with sugar.

Dried raw materials
Properly dried raw clary sage has an average grind, and parts of the stalk, leaves and flowers of the plant

are clearly discernible in it. In the culinary arts, muscatine sage is used as a spice for meat dishes, as it gives them a sharp and rich smell. The seasoning should be added to the dish five minutes before it is removed from the fire. Then the fragrance will be preserved completely. Freshly picked green foliage of sage is added to salads. In case of abuse, sage can spoil the taste of the dish, as it will smell all other spices and vegetables with its smell. Flowers are often added to cold drinks to give them a special freshness.

Muscatne sage as a remedy for infertility

Muscatine sage has found its application in reproductive medicine and successfully helps women who can not conceive a child. It has a calming effect on the body, which allows you to remove the constant stress caused by problems with childbearing. But to use sage drugs muscatine during pregnancy - is strictly prohibited.

Getting into the female body, sage begins to affect the production of two important hormones - estrogen and progesterone. The first is the most active sex hormone in women, and the second is responsible for the onset of pregnancy. Thanks to them, the process of synthesizing other hormones that are necessary for successful delivery and abundant lactation is started. Sage Muscat preparations depress progesterone synthesis and increase the level of estrogen, which means that pregnant women may have a miscarriage, or after the baby's birth, breast milk will not be enough to feed him.

But this herb is indispensable in the planning of conception. In order to quickly and successfully become pregnant, a woman must make a sage from a decoction, which then begins to syringe the vagina. The broth is prepared as follows: take one spoonful of dry herb sage and pour 250 ml of hot water. After that ten minutes are insisted. The temperature of the broth, suitable for syringing - 37C.The broth should be inside for at least fifteen minutes. The procedure can be done from the fifth day after the seasonal menstruation has ended. The therapeutic course is ten days.

Do not prescribe these drugs without proper consultation with an observant specialist. Since hormone levels can be monitored only in specialized clinical settings. Tracking the optimal days for conception will simplify the process and accelerate the onset of pregnancy.

Categorical contraindications for the use of

clary sage. As mentioned above, you can not take sage preparations during pregnancy or breastfeeding. As an exception to the rules, those situations are considered when lactation must be urgently terminated.
Sage treatment should be avoided in case of deficiency of hormones produced by the thyroid gland. And also with diagnosed myomas, polycystic ovaries and endometriosis.

Before using sage, consult a physician regarding the intensity of growth of the follicles. Otherwise, benign cysts can develop on the ovaries. The growth rate is determined using ultrasound diagnostics.

People with increased skin sensitivity should be cautious about sage muscatine, to avoid individual allergic reactions.