How to pickle the arrows of garlic: a simple recipe for winter harvesting and not only

Garlic arrows make salads and second courses more original and tasty, perfectly combined with meat, potatoes, pasta and rice. But not many know how to pickle the arrows of garlic for harvesting for the winter. In fact, it's easy and simple. In addition, at low financial costs, you can simultaneously get an independent snack, and an excellent seasoning for various dishes.

The correct collection of

is important. The success of future home preparation largely depends on the timely collection of garlic shooters. You need to disrupt them in any case, otherwise you will not have to wait for large heads of a useful vegetable.

Arrows of garlic
Arrows need to be cut off on time

But not all the arrows are suitable for food. They are good and tasty only when they have a dark green color, and their inflorescences have not yet formed, but only have been outlined. Otherwise, the arrows of garlic are too coarse, fibrous and hard in the dishes.

Traditional way of cooking

If you want to prepare pickled garlic ar

rows, you can offer the following simple recipe, which will surely become one of the most favorite for each housewife.
So, the collected arrows should be washed properly under running water, so that in no case there are pieces of earth left on them.

Advice: wash the raw material for harvesting conveniently in a colander under running water, helping to mix the contents of the dishes by hand.

Then the arrows are cut to a length of 5-7 cm, so they are convenient to eat. And lightly defined buds on young arrows should not be removed, they are quite suitable for food.

Pre-sterilized small cans. At the bottom of each lies 5-8 peas of sweet pepper, and also at the request of 1 bay leaf. These spices make the taste of snacks even richer and more interesting.
Banks tightly filled with arrows of garlic and poured over with boiling water. Leave for 2-3 minutes, after which the water is drained into a pan for cooking marinade.

In marinade for 1 liter of water is added:

  • 2 tablespoons of a large salt;
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar;
  • 1 teaspoon of acetic essence.

Prepared cans are poured with boiled brine, covered with lids. Next, a sterilization process is necessary. Half-liter jars sterilize enough for 3 minutes, liter - 5 minutes. After that, the lids roll up, and the cans are turned over and wrapped in a blanket until it cools down completely.

Harvest for the winter
Pickling garlic arrows is easy

Everything, the snack is ready! It remains only to place it in a cool dark place.

A couple of interesting recipes

You need to get a minimum of snacks from the arrows of garlic at least, but in winter it goes on hurray with fried or boiled potatoes. As a "secret" ingredient, pickled garlic arrows can be added to various dishes. Let's give some examples.

Meat sauce with marinated garlic arrows for spaghetti

  1. Take 0.5 kg of pork or beef, cut into small pieces and fry in a small amount of vegetable oil in a cauldron with constant stirring.
  2. Two large bulbs are cut in half rings and added to meat. There are 2 carrots cut into strips.
  3. If there is a juicy radish in the house, it can also be cut into strips and placed in a cauldron.
  4. Then add 2 diced sweet Bulgarian peppers.
  5. In the last place put pickled garlic arrows( 200-300 g).
  6. Salt, black ground pepper, tomato paste are added to taste.
  7. 0.5 l of water is poured.
  8. Next, everything is cooked under the lid on low heat until it is ready.
  9. Served with spaghetti or pasta, decorated with greens.
Tasty dish
Meat sauce with garlic arrows

In the piggy bank of the best recipes using pickled garlic arrows there are dishes prepared in a hurry. And here is one of these interesting and simple dishes.

Omelette with garlic pickled arrows

  1. 3 eggs are taken and thoroughly beaten with a fork with a pinch of salt.
  2. 0.5 glasses of milk are carefully mixed with the eggs.
  3. A small amount of vegetable oil is poured onto the heated frying pan and 150 g of pickled garlic cloves lie down.
  4. The egg mixture is immediately poured out from the top.
  5. The frying pan is covered with a lid, and the omelet is cooked over low heat for about 5 minutes.
  6. Served both hot and cold.
Omelette with pickled arrows

Of course, housewives, in order to diversify the family menu, it is necessary to adopt the proposed recipes. In addition, the pickled arrows of garlic are not only unusually tasty, but also no less useful than the teeth of a favorite vegetable.
Video on how to pickle garlic arrows: