We apply the stevia actively! To drink tea, for example, is not at all disgusting!

Stevia tea From about the 17th century, Spanish natives were actively interested in a medicinal plant and studied its properties, adding grass to drinks and taking it inside for various pathologies.
Scientists have proved the medicinal properties of stevia much later, after the discovery of the main curative substance - stevioside. This glycoside does not contain calories, but is very sweet. In addition, the plant contains many trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants. The wide application of stevia is explained by its rich composition and the absence of harmful effects on the human body.
Most sugar substitutes are not recommended to take a long time, because they have a negative effect on the human body and cause serious diseases, for example, cancer. Scientific research has proven that stevia is suitable for permanent consumption without significant consequences for human health.

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has decided to put this plant on the list of the most valuable medicinal produc

ts and to use it for medical purposes if necessary.

Stevia grows well as a house flower at home, and in a vegetable garden in the soil, planted from seedlings.

Stevia application

Stevia is used to treat obese patients, diabetes mellitus, stomach and intestinal pathologies, and also to prevent the formation and growth of cancer. Stevia herb is an effective means for losing weight, due to which it is very popular among women.

Common restorative effect of

The healing effect of a plant is its ability to prevent premature aging of body cells, to provide antiseptic and antifungal effects, to optimize the work of the heart, vessels and nerves.
Stevia essential oil contains more than fifty active substances, due to which it has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.
Allergic diathesis is treated for small children by adding plants to food.

Weight loss

The plant has a sugary and sweet taste, so it is called honey grass. In this case, stevia is not caloric. This feature allows you to use the grass as a sweetener to persons who are watching their figure. Stevia leaves are used for weight loss also because it normalizes metabolism, strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, in particular the intestine, stimulating its motor function.

Diabetes mellitus

Regular consumption of stevia in food reduces blood glucose, which is very important in the treatment of diabetes. This also improves the elasticity of the vascular wall, especially in places of increased risk - kidneys, eyes, myocardium, brain, lower extremities.


Stevia nourishes the pancreas and restores damaged organ functions. With pathologies of the biliary tract and liver, the use of the Stevia plant leads to the restoration of impaired functions and the speedy recovery of the patient. Those who suffer from diseases of the pancreas, intestines, biliary tract and other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, we recommend to pay attention to the article: How is tincture of wormwood used in folk medicine? Wormwood, bitter, like stevia, has the ability to significantly improve the functions of the digestive system.

Wounds and injuries

To stop the festering, it is washed with a solution of stevia. This helps to relieve pain and quick healing without scars. A similar solution is treated with burns and trophic ulcers.
Stevia contains tannins that convert proteins of the skin and mucous membranes into strong, insoluble compounds that interfere with the existence of bacteria on them. Due to this plant is used as an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant.
Stevia preparations are used to treat the bite of mosquitoes, bees and mosquitoes. This prevents the development of general intoxication of the body and the appearance of local signs - edema and hyperemia.

Recipes of traditional medicine based on stevia

  1. Why use fresh stevia grass? Fresh leaves are washed, a little wrinkle and apply to the damaged skin. This way of using a medicinal plant helps to cope with burns, injuries, ulcers, boils. Open wounds, especially those that are festering, are washed with a decoction or infusion of stevia.
  2. preparation of national recipes Stevia broth is prepared as follows: take two tablespoons of fresh leaves, tie them in a double gauze napkin, pour a glass of boiling water and cook on low heat for thirty minutes. The resulting broth is poured into a bottle. Napkin with stevia re-poured with boiling water, insist half an hour, poured into the same bottle.
    Leaves are extracted from a napkin and put in tea or other beverages instead of sugar. The broth is placed in the refrigerator and stored for not more than a week.
  3. Tea from stevia is taken internally, they are wiped with age spots on the face and rubbed into the scalp. Take a tablespoon of dry leaves, pour a glass of boiling water, cover with a lid and insist half an hour.
    This tea is used to treat obesity, diabetes, hypertension. The face after rubbing with tea becomes lighter, and the skin is more elastic. This product helps to get rid of dandruff and gives the hair extra volume and shine.
  4. Stevia extract is obtained from dry leaves. They are poured with alcohol, insisted in a dark, cool place, filtered and used instead of sugar in the preparation of confectionery or tea.
  5. The infusion of stevia is cooked in a thermos. They cover twenty grams of dry powder of stevia, pour boiling water and leave for a day. The infusion is poured into the jar, and the raw materials used are poured once more with boiling water, but already with a smaller volume. Leave for eight hours, and then combine both infusion into one.
  6. Stevia syrup is prepared from the infusion prepared according to the previous recipe, which is evaporated over low heat to the consistency of the syrup. Drip the syrup on the plate, if the drop keeps the shape and does not spread, then the syrup is ready. To sweeten tea, you should take just five drops of syrup, because it is a hundred times sweeter than sugar. The shelf life of the syrup is unlimited.