Burdock root is used everywhere! He treats gastritis, defeats the common cold!

burdock Burdock is a large plant rich in medicinal substances. Most often use the root of the plant, which can be bought at the pharmacy or harvested independently.
The application of burdock root, of course, will not relieve all diseases, but in any case will improve well-being. This natural remedy cleans the blood well, restores the digestive tract, which also positively affects the condition of the skin and hair.
In cosmetology, masks and oils are prepared from the plant, which prevent hair loss, improve the skin, help to get rid of acne.

Important: Before starting treatment it is recommended to consult a doctor. Contraindications are possible.

Root agrimony against cancer

Widely used burdock root for oncology and for cancer prevention. For this purpose, use fresh rhizome, juice from it, as well as decoctions and infusions. Fresh root, collected in May, should be rubbed and consumed on the table.spoon 5-4 times / day. For the prevention of tumors with rhizomes and leaves, plants should be drunk tw

ice a year for 1 month in spring and in autumn - during the harvest: from the grated root and cut leaves squeeze the juice and take according to Art.spoon three times a day.

For the treatment of a malignant or benign tumor, you can prepare a decoction. It is necessary to take 2 table. Spoon the mashed rhizome and boil a half-liter of water in a water bath for 15 minutes. It is necessary to take this broth three times a day in the amount of 100 ml.
Tincture of burdock root also finds application in the field of oncology.10 grams of dried raw material to insist for a month in 200 ml of vodka, sometimes shaking the mixture. Take 1 tea.spoon of tincture three times / day.

Weight loss with the burdock root

Burdock root is a good tool for losing weight.
Its usefulness in combating obesity is caused by the following factors:

  • plant helps to reduce excessive appetite;
  • relaxes the stool;
  • accelerates metabolic processes in the body;
  • displays excess fluid.

To lose weight, you need to prepare the infusion according to the following recipe: a table. Spoon rhizomes( crushed) mixed with cold water( 1 cup).Leave the mixture overnight. In the morning put on fire and bring to a boil. Infusion to drink for a day in 4-5 receptions.

Burdock rhizomes for improving hair condition

burdock for hair treatment
Burdock root is successfully used for hair loss

The burdock ingredients strengthen hair follicles and make hair smooth and silky.
If hair falls out, they should be rinsed with broth from burdock. For its preparation for 2 glasses of water you need to take 1 table.spoon dried root, bring to a boil and boil for at least 30 minutes( on low heat).The resulting product should be rubbed after washing the head in the roots of the hair, and then rinse them completely. The procedure should be repeated three times a week.
In addition, the burdock root is used for hair as a burdock oil. This remedy significantly improves the condition of the hair, especially if they are damaged by chemical wave or color. Oil makes them more dense, shiny and even, accelerates their growth.
To make burdock oil, it is necessary to 150 ml of olive or other plant.add 100 grams of crushed burdock root. All mix and leave for 2 days( at a temperature of not less than 20 degrees).
Strengthening and treatment of hair with burdock root can be carried out 2 times a week. To do this, before you wash your head, you need to rub the skin and roots of hair with burdock oil, wrap the head first with cellophane or polyethylene, and then warm it with a towel. Leave for 1-1.5 hours. After this, it is necessary to wash off the mask with a normal shampoo.

Burdock root to treat constipation

To prepare the infusion, take dry rhizomes( 2 tablespoons) and insist them in boiling water( half liter) overnight. Every day for 15 minutes before a meal, drink three quarters of a glass of infusion of burdock root from constipation. He not only gently relaxes the stool, but also normalizes peristalsis of the intestines. About what other folk remedies help to cope with this unpleasant condition, you can learn from the article: Do you want to stop constipation at home? Honey, dried apricots you need to buy!

Recipes of infusions from the roots of burdock

Tinctures can be prepared from fresh and dried rhizomes of burdock, as well as from its inflorescences.

Recipe 1

Put the rhizomes in a dark glass bottle( dry and shredded).Add the vodka. Infuse 10 days in the dark, sometimes shaking. Finished means to filter, wring out. This tincture of burdock roots in folk medicine is used to treat digestive tract diseases, including cancer. Eat three times a day on the table.spoon of tincture, mixed with the same amount of propolis extract, 30 minutes before meals.

Recipe 2

Take 10 g of honey, 10 g of roots and a glass of vodka. Mix everything and put it in a dark place for 10 days.30 minutes before meals table. Spoon the tincture on the root of the mug, dilute with water( 30-50 ml), drink three times a day. Suitable for the treatment of tumors of the stomach and intestines.

Burdock rhizome with female diseases

  1. Mastopathy: 100 g of burdock roots to be rubbed, mixed with plums.oil( 100 g), the mixture is boiled. Add one raw yolk and mix. Take the table.spoon three times a day( a quarter of an hour before a meal).
  2. Uterine bleeding: the roots of a 2-year-old plant( 5 g) collected in the spring will be needed. We need to brew them with boiling water( 2 cups) and insist 12 hours. During the month, three times a day to drink half a glass of infusion, after 10 days break again.

    Advice: the root of the burdock must be crushed before brewing. If it is fresh, you can pass it through a meat grinder, rub or cut with a knife. Dry root can be ground in a coffee grinder. To insist is better in a thermos, so in infusion there will be a maximum of useful substances.

Burden root for face care

You can make a nourishing mask from the burdock root.
For this you need:

  • 1 tsp dry root,
  • 20 cap.lemon juice,
  • 30 g of flaked cereal,
  • a glass of milk.

Milk must be heated to a boil, cover the ground root and leave the mixture to cool. Add flakes and lemon juice, stir. Apply the product on face for 15 minutes and rinse.

Important: if the application of burdock roots in the form of a mask caused redness of the skin, itching or irritation, a rash appeared, stop using the product and consult a doctor. Perhaps you are allergic to the substances that make up the plant.

Mask with burdock root and avocado

avocado This home remedy is suitable for the treatment of acne and acne.
For a mask, the following ingredients are required:

  • boiled oatmeal - 2 table.spoons,
  • avocado( puree) - 1 table.spoon,
  • lemon juice - 20 drops.,
  • root extract of burdock - 3 cap.

Mix all the ingredients together and apply to problem areas of the skin.
Extract of rhizomes of burdock is present in many cosmetic products of industrial production. The wide application of burdock root in cosmetology is due to the high content of useful substances in its composition, which favorably affect the skin.