Us Golden - it's like medicine! It strengthens the vessels perfectly!

Calligraphy fragrant Golden mustache is a famous home plant that is used in non-traditional medicine. Calligraphy fragrant is its scientific name. Useful properties of the golden mustache are used for diseases of the ENT organs, varicose veins, allergies, oncological processes, bronchial asthma, etc.
The fragrance can be bought from the pharmacy, but it is possible to grow the plant even at home, especially since it will addpaints in the interior. Small inflorescences produce a pleasant fragrant aroma. The golden mustache resembles corn with fleshy, richly green shoots. Therefore sometimes it is called "corn".

Important: Before starting treatment with calligraphy, consult a specialist.

The chemical composition of the collision

The wonderful healing properties of the collision are in fact due to its chemical composition, to be more precise, biologically active compounds and minerals.
Among them, the following compounds are of particular importance:

  • flavonoids,
  • phytosterols,
  • tannins,
  • pectins,
  • antioxidants,
  • vitamins( A, C, group B),
  • macro- and trace elements( vanadium, manganese, iron, nickel,chromium, zinc, calcium, potassium, etc.).
All components are in the composition of the calligraphy in optimal proportions, which is why the use of a gold mustache is so beneficial for health and well-being.

Golden mustache: healing properties of

Each of the above substances gives the plant special qualities.


The golden mustache is a plant rich in flavonoids: catechins, kaempferol and quercetin. Catechins cause a pronounced antiallergic property, contribute to the purification of vessels and the strengthening of their walls.
Kempferol and quercetin are similar in their biological properties.
They also have antiallergic activity, but they have other important qualities:

  • reduce excessive blood pressure;
  • improve the elasticity of vascular walls, reduce their permeability;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • have choleretic and diuretic effects;
  • relieves muscle spasms;
  • removes toxins from the blood;
  • reduce nervous tension, improve sleep( sedative effect).
young woman
Golden Uso has antioxidant properties

Together with vitamin C quercetin and kaempferol activate the body's defenses. Thanks to this, immunity, including antitumor immunity, is improved. That is, the altered atypical cell immediately undergoes destruction by antibodies or special lymphocytes.
As antioxidants, flavonoids free the body from free radicals, which many consider to be the cause of aging, heart disease, blood vessels and other troubles. This therapeutic property of the golden mustache helps in the prevention of heart attacks, strokes, ischemic damage to the heart, atherosclerosis, hypertension, senile dementia, etc.

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, calligraphy is known as the "youth elixir".It can often be seen in cosmetics - balms, masks, lotions, shampoos, creams. The plant inhibits not only the aging of the skin, but also of other organs - the lens and the cornea of ​​the eye, the myocardium, etc. Therefore, it can be used to prevent cataracts and keratitis.


Tannin tannins have a strong astringent effect and give the plant bactericidal properties. Thanks to tannins, the golden herb grass is a good remedy for various inflammations and ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract.


Sex hormones, glucocorticosteroids( adrenal glands), bile acids, provitamin D can be synthesized in the body only on the basis of sterol. Phytosterols are its plant analogue, so normalize the production of hormones and bile. Also, phytosterols have immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects, remove excess cholesterol and interfere with the development of atherosclerosis. B-sitosterol is a representative of plant steroids, which is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of atherosclerosis, endocrine diseases and oncology.


Pectin, contained in the calligraphy, has adsorbing properties. Therefore, plant based products are used to purify blood from radionuclides, toxins, with various poisonings, chronic intoxications. Pectin, as phytosterols, promotes the excretion of cholesterol. Also, due to the content of pectins, calligraphy improves the functioning of the intestine. Treatment and prophylactic reception of the plant leads to normalization of the gastrointestinal microflora, accelerates the formation of vitamins gr. B( with the help of normal microflora).

Vitamins in the gold mustard

Vitamins are needed by the human body as catalysts for all metabolic processes. As part of the golden mustache there are such important vitamins as C, A and B.
vitamins Vitamin A controls the process of wound healing and collagen synthesis. This useful property of a golden mustache is used for skin wounds and peptic ulcer diseases, uterine neck erosions, stomatitis and other skin or mucous lesions. Vitamin A also increases immunity, prevents the formation of tumors, slows down aging and improves vision. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the genitourinary and digestive tracts, the respiratory system, regulates the exchange of cholesterol and the synthesis of steroid hormones.
Vitamins from group B improve the look of hair, nails and skin, restore the work of nervous structures. They are necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin, and also participate in all kinds of metabolism. Details about the effect of the main vitamins from this group on the body and on their content in foodstuffs read in the article: Vitamin B - it is very useful! And memory will improve, and treats diseases!
The properties of vitamin C are known to almost everyone. It improves immunity, stops bleeding, strengthens vascular walls, has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects.


Despite all its merits, the golden mustache also has contraindications.
You can not accept funds from a calligraphy in the following cases:

  • pregnancy,
  • age younger than 12 years,
  • marked renal or hepatic impairment,
  • prostate adenoma,
  • breastfeeding.

You can not be treated with a golden mustache if there is an individual intolerance to the plant or its use causes allergies.

Can golden mustard harm

Someone considers calligraphy fragrant as a panacea for all diseases. But this is not exactly the right opinion. Take the means based on the plant should be with great care. A slight excess of the dose may cause the appearance of allergic rashes, neurodermatitis, skin irritation and mucous membranes. Like any other medicine, golden mustache can do good and harm. It all depends on the dosage, duration and method of application. Side effects of treatment can be painful headaches.
Important: sometimes calligraphy contributes to damage to the vocal cords, which then recover for a long time. As a result, the voice becomes hoarse. Therefore, it is better to refuse to accept a golden mustache, if your profession depends on the speaker's qualities.