In the turn of the baby, bathe and forget about diathesis

There is a huge number of very different recommendations on how to bathe babies in the early days of their lives. Most often pediatricians advise to use medicinal herbs, such as chamomile, calendula, mint, oregano, dandelion, cones of hops. But the most often used is the turn for bathing newborns.

The sequence will help with diathesis and other allergic reactions

She gently cares for the baby's skin, eliminates allergy manifestations and prevents their reappearance. And the use of this plant is fully justified.

How does the sequence work?

Actually, a string has been used for a long time in folk medicine. Manganese, included in its composition, has an antimicrobial and drying effect, while working very quickly and efficiently. Most often from this plant are prepared decoctions, which are added to the baths when bathing newborns. These agents exhibit the following properties:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • soothing;
  • drying;
  • is a disinfectant;
  • antiallergic;
  • is regenerative.

The sequence is recommended for use in allergies in newborns, which manifests itself in the form of irritations, as well as with diaper rash, dermatitis and milk crust on the scalp.

Interval is very useful for tender newborn skin

Important! This herb can be used for the purpose of disinfection practically from the first days of a child's life, since it is considered a safer means than conventional manganese.

Usage for diathesis

Sometimes it happens that diathesis appears on the skin of the baby at birth. Most often this is due to the improper diet of the mother, who at the time of pregnancy consumed food-allergens or medications that have the ability to cause this disease. When diathesis in babies is well helps to turn. The infusion of this plant is used for baths and gently soothes irritated skin.

In addition, pairs of turns perfectly soothe the child's nervous system. It is for this reason that pediatricians recommend a bathing procedure just before bedtime. As a result, the baby quickly falls asleep and sleeps soundly for several hours.

Tip! If after five days you have not noticed any improvement, then for your baby the turn is not suitable, and for the treatment of diathesis you should look for other medicinal herbs or forms.

How to brew a string?

Now we should consider the most important question - how to bathe the child in a turn. To begin with, you should make the decoction itself:

  • 2 tablespoons of dry raw material put in a container;
  • boil a glass of water and pour the grass;
  • cover and leave for 10 hours;
  • after the specified time, the broth is filtered.

Before bathing, this product must be added to the bathing bath. It is advisable to prepare this broth for the sutra, so that by the evening he has managed to brew.

Important! During bathing the baby in the decoction of the turn, do not use any shampoos, gels and other detergents. And the duration of the procedure itself should not exceed 15 minutes.

Some mothers prefer to use the ready-made infusion string, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Sometimes used to care for the skin of newborns, which include the extract of this plant. As many parents note, this is not only much more convenient, but also safer. Finished products are balanced and do not dry out the delicate skin as opposed to dry harvest.

Baby Bathing
Bathe the child according to all the rules, and the string will take care of its delicate skin

Another important recommendation. Despite the fact that the sequence is an anti-allergenic drug, it is still necessary to perform a simple test before using it. Drip the solution on the skin of the baby, and if after a few minutes no reaction, then you can safely bathe the baby in this broth.

Carry out the procedure with extreme caution

  1. Do not mix with other herbs.
  2. At the first bath with the use of decoction add the minimum amount, each time gradually increasing the concentration.
  3. After such baths, moisturize your baby's skin with special lotions or creams.
  4. Do not bathe a child more often than once a week.
  5. The sequence has coloring properties, so think in advance which towel to choose for wiping.

Bathing a newborn in a string requires compliance with all the above recommendations, and if everything is done correctly, then a positive result is guaranteed to you.